Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2017

ºWhat to say to Just Dance 2017?,in short, is another bad game of Bugsoft.

-Control (phone) disconnects ALL TIME, there is not 40 seconds connected to the computer (sometimes).

-In addition to paying $ 49.99(R$ 99,99), you DO NOT HAVE ALL THE MUSIC RELEASED TO PLAY, some you buy with the Ubisoft currency, some you need to have Just Dance Unlimited.

-Just Dance 2017 looks Just Dance Now, ridiculous.

-I did not ask for a refund because I am hopeful that they will solve the problems of this game soon.

Real player with 2093.2 hrs in game

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Pros :

  • One of few games in Steam that makes you do workout instead of sitting all day.

  • Many selections of songs (about 50 built-in + more than 200 from Just Dance Unlimited).

  • The respond and accuracy is very good (better than Just Dance Now).

  • You can pay for Just Dance Unlimited subscription either from Credit Card or Steam Wallet (I like the latter option, since I don’t have credit card). The subscription price is more or less same than Just Dance Now subscription price.

  • Many modes, so pretty high replayability (apart from that many songs selection).

Real player with 83.2 hrs in game

Just Dance 2017 on Steam



Buckle up for a hacking rhythm game about saving the colorful world of Cyberspace! Move to the beat, groove your way through security systems, and fight the nasty virus that corrupts friendly Cyberfolk (also in local co-op!). Make your own levels using your own music or the official tunes!

Move to the Beat!

  • Feel the rhythm! Move left and right with only two buttons - and pick your weapon of choice: keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or even a DDR dance pad!

  • Vibe with over 20 electronic tracks by AceMan, an award-winning demoscene musician!

  • Develop your own hacking strategies and stay alert! The levels are constantly changing and are filled with pesky glitches!

Save Cyberspace!

  • Embark on an exciting journey with DAB and Dr Melody! Visit strange places, solve mysteries from the past, and put an end to the virus threat that endangers Cyberspace!

  • Meet goofy characters from different regions of Cyberspace, who have been infected and now wreak havoc all over the place. It’s your job to free them from the corruption and make friends with them!

Discover the Game!

  • Embark on a journey through Cyberspace in the Adventure mode.

  • Pick a song and play however you like in the Arcade mode. Awake your inner completionist and master each level in a set of challenges.

  • Test your endurance against a gruelling music marathon in the Boss Rush mode.

  • Feeling competitive? Go for hand-made Elite Levels and try to get to the top of the leaderboards.

  • Customize your experience with accessibility options. Make your own color palette or enable easy controls, which don’t require you to be so rhythm-precise!

  • Unlock achievements, special keepsakes, and many cosmetic items (Rainbow!)

Get Creative and Make Your Own Levels!

  • Gain access to our tools and create awesome custom levels with the in-game editor!

  • Get crazy with block setups, game modifiers, or even visual effects.

  • Upload your own music or use the official soundtrack!

Double the Fun!

  • Join forces with your friends and experience every part of the game in local co-op! No virus will stand against such a hacking duo. It’s super effective!

DAB’S NOT DEAD contains a lot of rapidly flashing lights and colors which may affect players susceptible to photo sensitivities. Stay safe!

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Control both Holy and Shadow vessels at the same time using a controller or a keyboard and use their different interactions with golden objects to overcome challenges. However, don’t separate the twins too much! They are connected with the spiritual bond and one cannot go far away from the other. If you don’t want to play alone, bring a friend, and enjoy the game as a Co-op adventure.

  • Solve mind-bending puzzles

  • Defeat scary bosses and overcome difficult platforming sequences

  • Master the control over 2 characters at the same time using a controller or a keyboard.

  • If controlling 2 characters at the same time seems hard or confusing, bring a friend to help you and enjoy the game as a Co-op adventure, where teamwork becomes a key to success.

  • Play Co-op with 2 controllers, in an old-school way, using one keyboard or Steam Remote Play Together feature.

  • Help twin vessels solve and fight their way through 5 different zones.

  • Hand-painted zones, from grassy and peaceful hills to the depths of the scary caverns and spiky hellish lands and even to the nearly destroyed landscape that defies laws of gravity.

  • This adventure contains 60+ levels, with most of the levels containing multiple parts and puzzles.

  • Enjoy the game’s amazing soundtrack, containing relaxing, haunting, scary, but also inspiring tracks.

  • Collect over 20 collectible pieces and uncover the story of this strange world

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Ascendum on Steam

Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard

Before reading: this review is about Beat Hazard Ultra, meaning the basic game + dlc. While I still recommend Beat Hazard on its own, it is more simplistic and lacks online co-op that the Ultra version provides, so I strongly recommend this game to be played with DLC.

Beat Hazard Ultra is a fast paced space shoot’em up with bright colorful graphics. At first sight it does not look like much, however it has several features that have made it one of the most pleasant surprises in my library.

The graphics look amazing at first, they tend to tire out your eyes pretty easily however, so it is not recommended to play for long sessions. There is an option to scale them up (!) or down inside the game menu though.The battle is fluid despite the abundance of color, enemies and the genral chaos that takes place on your screen especially on the higher difficulties. I have even played this on a linux netbook -yes it plays on linux and mac as well- with minimal capabilities and I was honestly surprised at its smoothness. Gameplay is fluid as well, regardless if you are playing with a controller or a mouse and keyboard. In fact, I even find myself preferring the mouse and keyboard mostly because the mouse provides more precise aiming than thumbsticks. The difficulty curve is just right, meaning you can choose from 5 different difficulty settings (easy, normal, hardcore, insane, suicidal) and play in whatever mode you feel comfortable with. This makes the game equally enjoyable for both hardcore shmup players as well as people who are new to the genre, or not particularly skilled. There is also a nice “perk” system implemented, where you can buy upgrades, such as a few special attacks, more multipliers, etc.

Real player with 56.8 hrs in game

I have played Audiosurf for a long time and I was not sure if Beat Hazard was a game that could stand out for me as a music-based game. I finally decided to give Beat Hazard a try after it was available for several years on the market. It feels like a game inspired by the classic game Asteroids, but with songs from your music library playing while you control your spaceship. So the basic premise of the game is you maneuvering a spaceship while avoiding asteroids and many enemy spaceships of varying types and sizes. There are many games of this genre in a crowded market, but Beat Hazard carves out its own identity with its challenging action and allows you to take on numerous enemies and other hazards as you enjoy the rhythm of the songs of your favorite artists and built-in songs.

Real player with 46.3 hrs in game

Beat Hazard on Steam



If you have played Dropmix, it is very much like that, but on steroids.

2/19/2021 Edit: This review has been redone to currently reflect the game post 1.3 patch update.

Personally, I love this game, the hours played represents that, and personally, I grew up with Harmonix and their music games so t heir marketing is nothing new to me. Each DLC song is 1.99/USD and is purchased separately, which while is a shame there are no packs available, it does allow you to pick and choose which songs you wish to use in the game. The initial set is enough to get you going and through several hours on their own. The mixing itself is very intuitive for a game and I daresay you can entertain a small party or gathering by playing this game. I’ve done twitch streams that were several hours long just jamming to the games Freestyle mode with a custom crate I assembled with different songs, instruments, and sound effects/modifiers. The game comes with 4 main modes, Campaign, Freestyle (and Coop Freestyle where people play together and if the lobby is big enough, a small audience that can make requests of songs or instruments or genres), Battle, and Social Events. The game comes with an integrated mix capture option where you can record up to 128 bars and export it as a video format to share on social media, YT, Twitch, etc.

Real player with 392.9 hrs in game

### Overview Frequency****Amplitude

| Genre | Rhythm game |

| Campaign | Yes |

| Game length | 8 hours |

| Difficulty modes | 5 |

| Wikipedia Page | Link |

Real player with 162.2 hrs in game

FUSER™ on Steam

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered

Does exactly what it says on the tin, makes learning guitar more fun for beginners and assists with memorizing new songs or just getting the rust off at any experience level. I put hundreds of hours into this game and the original on xbox back in college, it’s gotten worlds better with all of the DLC though. There are more than 40k songs you can download from Customsforge too, the only drawback is you need a realtone cable if you don’t want to miss notes all the time.

10/10, really has no limits in terms of tunings, timing signatures, techniques/alterations like capos, etc. and tons of replay value in co-op and bonus lead/rhythm/bass arrangements. I’m still consistently surprised by the eclectic mod community uploads and even the published DLC, and once you learn how to transcribe tabs yourself it’s really limitless. Only thing that could make it more perfect would be an option to turn on master mode for specific songs/phrases so you don’t have to play a song 3-4 times to get the notes to disappear

Real player with 243.0 hrs in game

Whether just picking up a guitar for the first time or coming from a musical background, this guitar-playing game is just pure fun with 1000+ songs to choose from in the extensive DLC selection.

Real player with 121.3 hrs in game

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered on Steam

Cube Color

Cube Color

In this game there is a secret mode

Real player with 1156.2 hrs in game

I don’t even know what to say

Watch te first video of this game in the store.

There is nothing else to it. If you like it - buy it, if not - don’t.

Easy as that. Unlocking all 3 achievements will take 3 minutes.

I had to idle this game to be able to write a review.

Buy it only on sale, it’s not worth more than $0.5.

☑️ Easy 100%

❌ It’s just meh..

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Cube Color on Steam

Jim is Moving Out!

Jim is Moving Out!

A Game-design Masterpiece

Take one simple game mechanic, and make the absolute most of it – that’s exactly what the developers of Jim is Moving Out did, and it worked really well! The core of this game is stunningly simple: a few little boxes (furniture) inside a big box (Jim’s house), one or two flying fellas (the players) and a physics engine. Think about the most creative ways you could make this into a game. Anything you think about, this game did it. What if you had to squeeze through narrow holes without breaking too much furniture? It’s in the game. What if the room had wheels? Yep, it’s there too. What if one of the walls was missing and you had to avoid losing the furniture? The whole co-op is about this. Zero gravity? Yes, even that is in the game.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

fun chill game, lots of levels, can be frustrating at times

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Jim is Moving Out! on Steam

Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats

When I first played this game it was just to impress my big brother on a like $500 vacation but now iv’e gotten pretty addicted. The games really good amazing story line and a very hard set of songs. And now that iv’e played the lost chapter the story makes a lot more sense. The ending blew my mind not giving any spoilers but some people may know what I mean. Also Annihilation is insane. But when it comes to making a game using square as the main character I was not expecting this much work and progress put into this. If you haven’t played this game yet and are just reviewing it play it know you won’t be disappointed. Well that’s all I have to say can’t wait for the next update!

Real player with 76.4 hrs in game


Real player with 72.0 hrs in game

Just Shapes & Beats on Steam



This game is great to have fun with some friends. If you are playing with friends, I would suggest using controllers so that the keyboard isn’t cramped. When playing solo, some of the characters are much better at certain levels, so I would suggest you switch characters if you can’t figure the level out with the one you are using.


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Observers on Steam