Mushroom rain

Mushroom rain

Fun game, great relaxing, great graphic design.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

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A fun and point and clicker game. Very relaxing and if you like Steam Achivements this is for you. Thanks for all the hard work on this guys.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Mushroom rain on Steam

Scale Enchanter

Scale Enchanter

I’ve been trying to play this game and for the most part its very “easy”, which is nice. But the issue lies in the gameplay, as sometimes when I try to insert a note into its proper place on the scale, it ends up appearing in the wrong part, which is extremely annoying. I don’t know if the dev listens to feedback but this should be fixed, and maybe i will think about changing whether I recommend the game or not, depending on if I forget.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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Well, inexpensive and useful educational devices are hard to dislike.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Scale Enchanter on Steam

Rolling Cube

Rolling Cube

This is a real good game with simple rules. Supports both English and Chinese. The developers try really hard exploring the field which is really awesome. Hope they could keep their work and continue making awesome games!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Rolling Cube on Steam

You You N Music

You You N Music

the developer deserves every penny that i paid to play this game

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Video of what this described.

don’t buy this.

I have no idea idk if this is some sort of meta joke, but this game is an abomination.

the graphics are ugly, there’s literally no UI - you walk tiny chibi characters to start the levels.

so the game is 6k sort of like Dj MAx respect.

the first song i tried had about 1100 notes. and went on for an eternity. There were mega advanced note patterns for the first song you’ll likely play as a player. 4+5 note at times, multiple times, in a row. But i never failed out; despite missing 360 notes, and it ran fine.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

You You N Music on Steam

Pop This Pop-It

Pop This Pop-It

Game about Pop-It, what could be better?

In general, the music is good, sometimes the game freezes and needs to be restarted, but I think it will be repaired soon (the game is only 1 day!) The font is pleasant, both in Russian and in English.

I advise you to play this game for a few hours to sleep)

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Pretty barebones Rythm keys game, but its nice, good soundtrack and relatively challenging at times.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Pop This Pop-It on Steam



I do not recommend this game. This is because firstly, it’s controls were created with mobile playing in mind, not computer. This causes trouble when you try to scroll with your mouse which will provide an infinitesimal amount of help. Secondly, the amount of work you have to do to earn money in the game is ridiculous. One click equals a ten thousandth of a bitcoin. At the beginning of your play session the value of one bitcoin (in the game) is ~$12,000. That means one click equals ~1.2 dollars at that time. The cheapest upgrade to buy is a GTX 1050ti for 750 in-game dollars. That graphics card in the game gives you 0.0005 bitcoin/minute. An approximate average click-speed per second is ~6. So for 625 clicks, you receive 5 free clicks per minute. If you apply that average 6 clicks per second without factoring fatigue for 625 clicks, it would take you 104 seconds. You can have about 10 graphics cards at one time, but their is yet another problem that happens with the GPU’s. Thirdly, the game is saturated with bugs. The biggest ones are when you TRY to replace a graphics card or processor. If you used up all of your GPU slots with crappy GTX 1050ti’s, you cannot swap them out for GTX 1080’s, or any graphics card for that matter. You are stuck with your 0.005 free bitcoin/minute with all of this GPUs combined. Also, the game lets you downgrade your CPU! Another bad thing about this game is that it is purely optimised for mobile gameplay, even though it is a desktop game! Although i am not even half empty with the salt this game has provided me with, i have decided to give up on criticising it because i don’t care enough about it. I cannot recommend this game.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

I’d advise to wait until this is further developed, there is so little choices I found it more fun using an autoclicker :-(

by limited (as of now, they will be added a lot more)

your selection

1 motherboard.. 2 cpu’s since the first you get automatically… 5 video cards.

by the way apperently these guys think amd cards are twice the price of Nvidea… hope the dont make asics cost so much

my auto clicker beats it.

looks to be fun but after 10 minutes its just too primitive as of right now, it will get better I have no doubt..

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Bitcoin on Steam

Music Racer

Music Racer

Today is May 24, 2020. I recently realized that my review for Music Racer was probably not written in the best state of mind, so I’m back with a good night’s rest under my belt. I opened the game up in non-Legacy mode.

Grading Criteria:

non-Legacy vs. Legacy (pre 5/27/19 update)

I. Graphics

II. Gameplay

III. YouTube plugin works?

IV. Replay Value

The non-Legacy version is the version of the game made after the 5/27/19 update, which broke the game for a lot of users at first (but now it’s fixed, so +1).

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

You may be confused why I’m reviewing this game with barely any playtime. It’s because I’ve played the mobile version of this game, and after just a few minutes of playing I can see the pros and cons of the PC version.

I recommend this game, however, I will give a rather critical review.

This game in a nutshell: Beat Sabre with cars.

This game in an essay:

You have to choose a car, the colors of the rims and the body if you’d like, a map, and a song from either your computer or YouTube. I recommend using local files, as some songs may not show up on the YouTube option.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

Music Racer on Steam

Chill Corner

Chill Corner

Please wishlist to get news in the future!

This is just an idle game for chillout and relaxing.


  • Beautiful rooms with chilling atmosphere and weather

  • More than 50 lo-fi, acoustic and other genre of music for chilling, relaxing or focusing

  • Customizing your character and pets

  • Taking a rest by do several in game quest

  • Decorating your room

  • Creating and manage your task

  • Creating and customize your favorite playlist

Chill Corner on Steam

Music Band Manager

Music Band Manager

Verdict: 3/10

Becoming a mix of band manager and music band becomes in reality a click feast that tests your patience and resilience in a very simple simulation environment. Better look somewhere else or buy with a huge discount.

PrivateJoh’s personal (re)view:

Personally, I feel Music Band Manager is lacking in many aspects. Gender possibilities are not really explored. 2D graphics are generic at most, and not particularly engaging. Initially, the humor might bring a smile to your face, but it becomes old really fast.

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Wanted More

So i bought this game when it was on offer at £2.69 (or there about) and to be honest it is only worth this much!

What i wanted was in band augments, broken instruments, band members leaving, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!!

What i got is a very tame game in so far as no one falls out with anyone no one gets tired EVER!!! There is no time management in fact you can have you “band” work every day of every week of the year and they never drop from fatigue (i would recommend that you DO work them every day), on top of this you can get them to rehearsal and write songs (as they say no rest for the wicked).

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Music Band Manager on Steam

Animals Memory: Horses

Animals Memory: Horses


Real player with 67.4 hrs in game


I just wanted to click something ridiculous for a few minutes and this game delivered on that.

30 easy achievements if you’re a collector, but it can be confusing because the images are of horses.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Animals Memory: Horses on Steam