Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

Aerial is a brand-new 3D auto-runner, indie-platformer that features a colorful world in a sci-fi setting. Here you get to take on the role of the silent protagonist Wally, who is running as fast as possible to outrun those who are trying to catch up with him.

During the game, you will get to experience a stylish none-combative platformer that goes through very linear gameplay with the character having quite a few awesome semi-pro parkour tricks up his sleeve.

*– [Real player with 13.8 hrs in game](*




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--- So I just beat the game and the whole time I felt like I was playing a Jet Set Radio Future spin off. Which is a good thing for someone like me since that Sega classic is a top three favorite of mine. The stylistic cel-shaded aesthetic and the rhythmic jazzy hip-hop musicality feed into the rebellious atmosphere of the game and the protagonist perfectly. Especially as they attempt to escape from the clutches of a shady organization that attempts to capture or destroy them for reasons the game hopes you artistically interpret. *– [Real player with 5.8 hrs in game](* --- ![Holodance]( "") ## Holodance I've tried a few of the popular VR rhythm games: Beat Saber, McOsu, Airtone, and Holodance ### Music selection Holodance and McOsu support osu! beatmaps, and Beat Saber has its own unofficial library of songs (requires a mod). Only McOsu does not include any songs, and only Airtone does not support custom songs. With Holodance, I usually used the ability to select a random song within a difficulty range. ### Gameplay With custom songs, Holodance provides three ways of hitting notes: *– [Real player with 363.3 hrs in game](* ---

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--- At 71 years old I'm quite certain most other players of this VR game are considerably younger than I am. I just started playing it yesterday. I've logged in 2.2 hours of play so far, gathered 10,200,000 points, and am enjoying it a lot. I exercise close to 3 hours a day, and this game will now add a bit more to that. Primarily arm exercise of course, but arms need exercise too. This game is different in that you are not just hitting targets flying at you, you have to use your brain too. You need to quickly determine what type of target is coming and where you need to hit it, and then move your arm in the correct direction to capture that orb and get the points for it. Plus you have very little time to make these determinations. *– [Real player with 46.1 hrs in game](* --- ![ARK-ADE]( "") ## ARK-ADE ARK-ADE! where you get transported into arcade machine [retro FPS] [fast pace] equip gun that looks cool, shooting down enemy, protecting the ark and get as high score as you can and get your name on the leaderboard and ofcourse have fun seriously though i had alot of fun even when i died a ton of time on higher difficulty and finding secrets. Pros: it has a mixture of pistol whip and super hot power-up are cool especially the laser gun! Cons: accidentally reload when you have power up throws away your current weapon back to default *– [Real player with 8.0 hrs in game](* ---

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--- I've played several hours of this & I was pleasantly surprised. Which is why I kept coming back for more. This game is definitely a fast paced shooter, somewhere between the realms of Super Hot & Pistol Whip. You get to move around freely, explore the different paths & the secrets within each level. There's power- ups to choose from & a bullet time mode. One of the reasons I kept coming back was the insane Boss battles near the end. I couldn't stop playing until I prevailed. This game allows you to just jump in & play, not worrying about stories or saving - it's an arcade shooter after all. Very fun. *– [Real player with 5.6 hrs in game](* --- ![Lithium City]( "") ## Lithium City | [Follow my curator for more great game recommendations!]( | Lithium City is a wonderfully atmospheric isometric twin stick action game. You play as a female warrior working her way higher and higher up in the city towards a final battle. The game utilises guns, melee and thrown weapons and at times you will need all three. All will need to be used and due to the scarcity of ammunition you will frequently have to change weapons on the fly. Shooting is tight and easy and the various guns have the weight you’d expect. Even when everything feels far too hectic you can usually get back on top with judicious weapon use and occasionally running away! The controls are simple shoot/stab/punch with one button and dash with another, that’s it. Though the dash can be a little imprecise at times. *– [Real player with 7.5 hrs in game](* A lot of people are comparing this game to Hotline Miami, which is true in a way. You enter a room with a pre-set enemy placement, and try to kill everyone in there, learning and adapting to where they are and what weapons they drop and the best way to plan your assault through it. That being said, there's a few stark differences between the two. Hotline Miami is focused more on larger levels, entire floor plans and buildings you have to clear out, whereas Lithium City has smaller rooms. Lithium City is a bit shorter, and each level has more of a specific concept it goes with, whether it's utilizing moving floors or defending a single room with waves of enemies running in. The biggest complaint I have in regards to gameplay would be that Lithium City is short, with only six chapters it shouldn't take you more than five hours to beat. Which is fine, for the price, but I found myself wanting more stages that were fully open, which don't really come in until near the end of the game. It's also isometric, which works really well with this kind of gameplay. *– [Real player with 5.0 hrs in game](* --- ![Rhythm 'n Bullets]( "") ## Rhythm 'n Bullets This is an amazing game that makes you feel so powerful. At first I was a little confused about what was happening, but i quickly go on and had lots of fun. The style of the game is just so amazing. I will be playing this game a lot and have fun doing it. It would be nice to see a power up that is a trap that you can put down, and if the bad ships hit it they blow up. -Eliot *– [Real player with 0.6 hrs in game](* --- ![epic maze]( "") ## epic maze *informational review Procedural 3D maze TPS - needs polishing + interesting concept = A unique TPS maze with several customizations per game mode. Play quick 4x4x1 to large 15x15x15 mazes. I liked the options to play, but they were a bit confusing at first since you just jump into it without much explanation. Could use more enemy types for variation. Pricing is the same as AAA games with 25+ hours of content, so there either needs to be much more content or a more reasonable price. ### [Follow our curator for similar games]( *– [Real player with 1.2 hrs in game](* --- ![Rise 2.0]( "") ## Rise 2.0 Nice and simple game, great music and concept. It would be a very good game for its scale if it got some more polish in the way how the controls work and how the game communicates its concepts. Some feedback for the developer(s): 1) To jump I drag my mouse pointer and that's fine. What's weird is that it seems like the game tracks not how I drag the pointer on the screen, but how it moves in the game world. Meaning that if i fall down my arrow starts pointing down and I have to cancel my attempt. *– [Real player with 0.3 hrs in game](* --- ![RUNOUT]( "") ## RUNOUT RunOut is a dynamic runner-platformer with logical riddles in the setting of the future. Midcore-Hardcore. ![]( As a result of a hacker attack on the servers of the corporation 'MFS', which produces exoskeletons, most of the carriers of exoskeletons were killed. In addition to crashing, some exoskeletons have certain options: shooting, time freeze and acceleration … All this makes us a valuable target not only for policemen, but also for criminals. The player always runs, when he collides with any obstacle, he turns in the opposite direction. He has to jump, shoot, speed up, slow down time and solve logic riddles that will allow him to pass the level. Find the culprit of all this chaos and save the world. ---