Time Leap Paradise SUPER LIVE!

Time Leap Paradise SUPER LIVE!

This 3D simulation concert and PC benchmarking tool features 1 anime girl and 2 girls as backup dancers singing and dancing with a choice of 2 Japanese songs with vocals and lyrics in the free to play base game. With the Encore Pack DLC, it features up to 5 anime girls with further customization options to feature any of them in a solo concert or group dance concert of 3 characters, 10 additional songs and additional costumes and headgear with fanservice. The frames per second(FPS) counter and score given to your computer will be shown while playing and at the end of each concert performance.

– Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Time Leap Paradise SUPER LIVE! is a simple in which you pick a character and back-up dancers, their outfits, the music and backgrounds and then leave them to dance.


-Cute characters and dances on offer.

-It’s free


-No real point to it, gets boring rather fast as there is no objective in mind and a limited set of characters, songs, etc without buying the rather costly DLC.

Overall, if want to watch an anime character dance for free, go for it. Otherwise rather save yourself the download.

– Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Time Leap Paradise SUPER LIVE! on Steam