Robo Maestro

Robo Maestro

Robo Maestro is a procedural music toy. It’s a revolutionary new way of creating and experiencing music! You tell it what you want, and then the Maestro automatically generates music that fits that. Playing Robo Maestro requires no music knowledge at all: just have fun and hear what happens! Guide the Maestro and create awesome music together with it!

Maestro Mode

Maestro Mode is the main attraction: a fun, relaxing experience where the music constantly evolves based on your choices. The Maestro generates random options that you can choose from to alter the music. Hear something you like? Store it as a chorus to come back to later, or save it for usage in the editors.

Loop Editor

Build your own loops and define details like instruments, layers, intensity and random seeds. Whatever you do, Robo Maestro makes sure it always fits with the rest of the music!

Song Editor

Combine your loops to create complete songs!

Export your creations

Share your music with friends, or open it in any other music software to continue editing there. What you create with Robo Maestro is yours to use in any way you like!

Optional deep tweaks

You can also dive deeper and define the chords and time signatures yourself. You don’t have to though: Robo Maestro can figure everything out itself, so you don’t need to know any music theory to use it. But if you want, you can get more detailed control.

Jam companion

Jam along to Robo Maestro on your favourite instrument or vocals! This automatic mode will let Robo Maestro endlessly evolve the music, fully automatically, as a backing for your own improvisation. Or enable the full features and just sit back and be surprised by what Robo Maestro can generate!

Advanced automatic composition

Robo Maestro is powered by an advanced procedural music generator. Dozens of algorithms work together to create each aspect of a song: drums, bass, melody, chords, rhythm, notes and much, much more. You can control each step individually, or just let Robo Maestro generate a complete loop and make tweaks from there.

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Robo Maestro on Steam



Cadence is something different: a hybrid of game and music sandbox. Understanding how to bring these two worlds together has been a quest 8 years in the making. It’s now finally here for you to enjoy.

How you spend your time with Cadence is up to you. Some people will enjoy relaxing with the game and solving levels. Tinkerers will enjoy fiddling with music in the sandbox. The crazy ones will program things we didn’t even know were possible.

Game play

You don’t need a sense of rhythm or a good ear to play Cadence - just your thinking cap and a bit of patience will reward you with gentle zen melodies. Puzzles start simple and build up to complex head-scratchers.

Make some noise

If you’ve tried music production you’ll know it’s intimidating. Cadence’s sandbox mode has been meticulously designed so that “time to first sound” is mere seconds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a composer looking for inspiration or you’ve never made a note of music in your life - Cadence is an entirely new and playful way of interacting with music.

Many are better than one

Cadence goes deep: underneath the game there’s a Turing complete logic system and a host of music production tools for you to explore. What’s possible with Cadence is an open question.

That’s why Steam Workshop is deeply integrated with effortless one-click import:

  • play the best community generated levels

  • collectively learn new techniques

  • show off your proudest creations

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Cadence on Steam