Music Racer

Music Racer

Today is May 24, 2020. I recently realized that my review for Music Racer was probably not written in the best state of mind, so I’m back with a good night’s rest under my belt. I opened the game up in non-Legacy mode.

Grading Criteria:

non-Legacy vs. Legacy (pre 5/27/19 update)

I. Graphics

II. Gameplay

III. YouTube plugin works?

IV. Replay Value

The non-Legacy version is the version of the game made after the 5/27/19 update, which broke the game for a lot of users at first (but now it’s fixed, so +1).

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

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You may be confused why I’m reviewing this game with barely any playtime. It’s because I’ve played the mobile version of this game, and after just a few minutes of playing I can see the pros and cons of the PC version.

I recommend this game, however, I will give a rather critical review.

This game in a nutshell: Beat Sabre with cars.

This game in an essay:

You have to choose a car, the colors of the rims and the body if you’d like, a map, and a song from either your computer or YouTube. I recommend using local files, as some songs may not show up on the YouTube option.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

Music Racer on Steam

Mafia II (Classic)

Mafia II (Classic)

Mafia II is one of the best organized crime games, especially if we take realistic games with organized crime as the main theme. It’s also one of the best third-person shooter, and aged very well, even a decade later, it still feels as good as back in 2010.


You play as sicilian immigrant, Vito Scaletta, whose family traveled to the USA looking for a better life, but reality turned out to be more grim and harsh than Vito’s parents imagined. Seeing how his father lives a miserable life and became a drunkard due to his hard job and poverty, Vito decided to not repeat his mistakes. His father eventually dies during the accident at the docks. He met Joe, a local bully and a cool guy, and eventually, due to lack of jobs and poverty, the two decided to become a small time criminals, thieves, essentially, during one such operation, Vito got caught, and between going to prison or helping USA with the invasion of Sicily, as a native italian speaker, he decided to go to war. And that’s only the beginning of his life path.

Real player with 105.5 hrs in game

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Welcome to Empire Bay. Sunny place full of opportunities for those who can take them. Yes, I’m talking to you Vito & Joe. Yes, you too Mr. Vinci. I see you over there Alberto Clemente. Yeah, that’s right Carlo Falcone. I can keep on naming these fellas over and over again because this game was filled with gentlemen like these.

Vito Scalleta got tired of bureaucratic bullsh*t so he got shot right in the butt, that he could leave Europe and go straight back to Joe, so these two can put in the work, get up in the Mafia hierarchy, sky rocketing up in the mob family ladder so he can get what they all want - THAT GREEN THING.

Real player with 62.2 hrs in game

Mafia II (Classic) on Steam