Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure

Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure

It would be in my best interest to give a glowing review since I want to see this game completed but I need to be honest about the progress made so far. I do realise this game is considered Early Access and I know the budget for this game is pretty small, and you should keep that in mind too (if you end up reading the in-depth review linked below), but ultimately, is it something I would recommend to my friends or the gaming public in its current state? Considering the artwork still needs some touching up, bugs were encountered way too frequently, the UI needs fixing and the first chapter is way too short, probably not. I’m hoping that Adventure Mob will eventually prove me wrong though, as I really want this game to succeed.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Bolt Riley is a well-intentioned but uniformly misguided proof of concept.

Presumably the developers naively underestimated the effort required to achieve the level of quality best suited to their vision. Instead, they opted to release an embarrassingly short and painfully butchered appetizer.

One should be easily inclined to forgive unrefined details in Early Access but no update in over a year severely burdens the game’s credibility.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure on Steam



Play Everhood!! (and nominate the game for best soundtrack!)


How did this slip my radar?

How are none of my friends talking about this game?

Every year if I am lucky I come across a game so good I wish I could go back in time just to play it for the first time again - and that game always becomes by Game of The Year. That game for me this year is Everhood. And I knew that within 30 minutes of playing the game. I’m nominating the game for Best Soundtrack – cause the OST is amazing and I feel it has a better chance of winning a nomination in that category but it was hard not to vote it as GOTY just from my personal experience with the game.

Real player with 23.2 hrs in game

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Everhood is probably one of my favorite games I’ve played this year!! I’m nominating it for best soundtrack because oh my god. There is not one song in this game’s OST that I actively dislike.

The character design and writing is SO good and I found myself liking almost every single one I’ve encountered.

This game can be so weird and funny but at the same time I’ve cried just thinking about the ending!!!

It’s just… REALLY good, I can’t think of much else to say. Putting things into words is really hard for me, but I hope this got my feelings across well.

Real player with 21.1 hrs in game

Everhood on Steam

Klang 2

Klang 2

Playing this game for 59 hours, I definitely can say I adore this game. Being the first person to review this game (probably), along with getting the first two PFC’s on 60hz on two of the hardest songs in the game on fast mode (in beta release), the gameplay is insanely addicting and the music is a real banger.

The gameplay is incredibly simple with only swipes, taps, and holds, but has a fairly deep and challenging execution, especially on keyboard and mouse. Fast mode accentuates this even more, with tight timings and fast-approaching notes.

Real player with 68.6 hrs in game

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[Won a beta key in a wishlist milestone giveaway, did some pre-launch testing.]

I have been waiting for this game to come out for five years, and did it meet my expectations?

holy fuck yes it did

Klang 1 held a very special place in my heart for mostly sentimental reasons, along with it feeling like a one of a kind experience. I have no idea how to properly express how that game makes me feel, but it was incredible. However, it lacks polish; a playthrough without encountering any bugs whatsoever is probably impossible.

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game

Klang 2 on Steam

Little Cube Trip

Little Cube Trip

You wanna hurt yourself, play Little Cube Trip

Little cube trip is a hardcore platformer that will make you sweat. If you complete this game, it will not leave you indifferent. The plot develops in the world of program code, where the cube begins its journey. Will the little cube be able to defeat the enemies and reach the End?

  • Each level is filled with terrible monsters and traps that threaten the small cube with early death.

  • 30 different levels that will not be easy for you, each one needs its own approach.

  • Nice player movement mechanics that will not leave you at the most important moment.

  • Beautiful voxel-cube graphics.

  • Unusual gameplay.

Be careful and vigilant, the game is more difficult than it seems.

Little Cube Trip on Steam

Old School Musical

Old School Musical

I’d recommend the base game, but wouldn’t recommend the Chicken Republic DLC.

The base game is very short but provides a fun experience with a story full of gaming references and jokes. The highest difficulty could be a bit more challenging as I found myself easily breezing through (as an experience rhythm game player) but overall the balance is correct. The soundtrack is excellent, although the very first track of the game is quite possibly the weakest, in a style that contrasts heavily with the rest of the game. However OSM suffers from a few issues that I found easy to overlook in the main game, but absolutely detrimental in the DLC.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Old School Musical

The video game parody equivelant of Excel Saga, and if you know what I’m even talking about you know you’re in for a treat. Non-stop blisteringly funny and self-aware gamegeek humor with a constant barrage of grin-inducing references, which should tell you enough to know if this is your jam.

Old School Musical is the kind of arcade purist rhythm-game that could give Groove Coaster a run for its money, easily. Does it have the legendary and iconic musical pedigree of game composers the likes of Zuntata? Not quite. But it does have the energizing and nostalgic chiptune jams of modern day chiptune pioneers like Zabutom, Dubmood, and Hello World and that’s -almost- just as good.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Old School Musical on Steam



Having debuted at this year’s Comiket96, URO2 is the latest beatmania style game from Japanese indie developer AECRNIA. Stuffed with a hefty 100+ electronic, dance, and house tracks to play, audiophiles will get their money’s worth, if you can look past its confusing English translation.


  • Sizable catalogue - 100 tracks means a mere 0.15$ per song at retail price

  • Adjustable difficulty (Easy, Medium, Expert, Master) for challenge seekers

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

URO2 on Steam



Game needs a ‘place multiple units’ hotkey (this genre generally means holding down shift key).

Needs a way to auto-select tower priority (it’s very irritating to place an outpost, then edit the tower targeting, then place an outpost, change tower targeting, etc). Same for placing the individual towers.

Auto-rebuild option for the fleets would be nice, or at least a ‘queue all’ or ‘select all’.

I enjoy upgrading the ‘towers’, which is persistent across games, but it’s a bit repetitive at this point - start game, build a bunch of generators and storage, let the base blow up, invest in upgrading towers, repeat. You want to use a lot of outposts. Everything else pretty much requires that as the ‘base’. since the actual Base has a limited number of slots for buildings it can support (four buildings baseline, 8 when fully researched). The outpost also can be researched to increase your resource cap, generate resources, generate energy, and start with defensive guns, so it covers pretty much everything you need for farming upgrades.The ‘power node’ will also let you expand, but doesn’t have built-in defenses, doesn’t increase your resource cap, and doesn’t generate resources or energy. and has to be placed within an existing sphere of influence. It technically has one more control point than the outpost, but unlike the outpost, another power node consumes a previous control point slot so that’s more or less a wash. It is, at least, more compact than the outpost.

Real player with 24.1 hrs in game

I just played this game for 9 hours straight. It is a fun tower defense space game.

As you play it it becomes clear it’s a work in progress. It’s just one big level and the story is when you get blown up you retain the earned knowledge of your level or something and you can use resource points to level up your weapons. That’s cool, I think it took me about an hour to discover the research page cause I just kept restarting.

The good:

It’s got the right mix for tower defense: simple but varied. The level has random asteroid placement so it has a replay factor

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

Chronostation on Steam



this is a nice game although alot of typos in the english translation but thats not enough to warnt a refund this game is worth the price for it also in my opinion red king had the best music

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

URO is a great little rhythm game, as long as you keep it on easy. If you go further than that it becomes convulated and hard to play. Now this game has performance issues that clear up if you run it at the lowest resolution in full screen. Doesn’t really effect gameplay and I barely noticed it’s smudginess and actually felt like it added charm. It starts of really simple but by the end on Easy I was failing some challenges. I would recommend if you’re looking for something more casual while supporting a publisher that seems to be bringing some really niche interesting titles to the west.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

URO on Steam



Just a great time! Chill out, solve puzzles and get lost in a wonderful experience!!

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

A fun little puzzle game, simple to understand and a lovely clean interface. Click on up to three tether points to suspend your glow ball over the black hole. Most levels are fairly straightforward, but then you hit one that stumps you for a few minutes as you try one combination after another.

I try to do the daily puzzle every morning, then one of the packs later in the day, and if I have some time on my hands there are the endurance modes for (potentially) infinite play.

There’s a free demo available to try before you pay, so why not give it a go?

Real player with 25.0 hrs in game

Triversal on Steam

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

I have waited my whole life to hear Charles Martinet say, “soft, bulbous bosom.”

Runner2 is rather interesting. I wasn’t a fan of the original BIT.TRIP RUNNER. But I love Runner2. And the reason is almost everything about it. Runner2 gets nearly every single thing that it does right, and excels in all of those places where RUNNER fell flat. If this is what happens when the BIT.TRIP devs are able to refine and reinvent their own series, I’d like to see them do it more often.

Runner2 opens with our narrator, the legendary Charles Martinet (who you will probably recognize from his famous roles as Ray Trace in Space Quest 6, Civilian Male in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Police Station Reporter #1 in The Dead Pool, and of course MC Ballyhoo in Mario Party 8), introducing himself and the game, before taking us on a journey through the repressed imaginations of the disturbed.

Real player with 74.9 hrs in game

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is an amazing game. IT is a straight upgrade from the original game, and it addresses most of the first game’s faults, mainly difficulty. In the first game, if you got hit in a level, you would go all the way back to the start. In Runner 2, there are now checkpoints that save your progress after reaching the halfway point in the level. And this is where the game really shines. If you dont want to use checkpoints, or want that original Bit Trip feeling, you can jump over checkpoints and skip them, which even awards you bonus points for doing so. And if you find the game too easy, you can change the difficulty.

Real player with 46.9 hrs in game

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien on Steam