Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Prologue

Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Prologue

Before leaving your review, I want to draw your attention: the game is presented in a demo version.

So, in short, the game is a single-player shooter with RPG elements where we need to capture production points.

I liked the HUD (although I would change the fonts in it to something less angular), I liked how the weapon behaves when firing, but the recoil is not very clear. The weapon shakes all over the screen, but the Y-axis movement itself is rather strange. The terrain in the game is not very well developed in terms of graphics, but I think this is due to the fact that we are playing the beta version.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

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This is just from the single player side that i have played so far. It reminds me a lot of deadside but harder. The biggest difference between the games is everything is much closer and you are not running for 10+ min to get somewhere to look for something and finally there is cars! Why other large games like this have not put in vehicles still blows my mind.

I had no issues with running the game at all no crashes, stutters, sound problems, controls were smooth ( needs some more customization in the future), from what i could tell hit detection seemed to good but I was only able to get in about an hour so I may update this in the future.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Anarchy: Wolf's law : Prologue on Steam

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Really good start, but needs a lot more input and very soon. Silenced rounds ripping into flesh - together with all round realistic sounds accompanied by eerie tunes. Excellent graphics, sound range of weapon upgrades and silencers but something like the M203 in addition, would be even better!!!! An LMG is already in place but could also do with something like an ACOG Scope. Or how about the GLOCK G44 which also uses 5.56mm rounds, which you could then twin with other 5.56mm rifles?

Really good start, but needs something else to happen, apart from pirates suddenly appearing in front of you and they have taken over the business without firing a shot????

Real player with 63.2 hrs in game

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Disclaimer: This review will focus on ‘Single-Player’

Describing this game in one sentence would be: An extremely generic version of Tarkov.

There is only one map and on that map there are 7 “strong-holds” in the city, which you have to capture them, which is essentially how you will make the most money. Looting is suppose to be an important aspect of the game, but honestly, capturing the strong-holds, gives you an abundance of money, where looting simply becomes obsolete.

Speaking about obsolete looting. Once you’ve manage to capture all of the 7 strong-holds, well now my friends, you have the pleasure of continuing to “defend” them, because why yes, the AI can take them back. You will constantly, and I mean constantly get notified about one of your strong-holds being raided or taken over by the AI. Which essentially means, you don’t really have any time for looting, because while you’re looting, the AI could be taking one of your strong-holds.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Anarchy: Wolf's law on Steam

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4

Zelly’s Discount Reviews

This review is based on the idea you are only considering the game at mass discount, not full price, it isn’t ever gonna be worth full price.

The short version: Game breaking bugs and performance issues really drag this down from being a discount bin hidden gem. Other wise it would be fine as a discount game, for a more detailed break down, keep reading.

The game that ended Dead Rising as a series, is it really as bad as people say? Largely yes, there are fun points however to this game and you could really have a fun time with the game at a large discount if not for massive game breaking bugs that can permanently ruin your save file. As for the game it itself if you get the the season pass there’s several modes you can play through, each with their ups and downs.

Real player with 155.4 hrs in game

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Before this review begins I just want to say this is coming from a guy who LOVES the Dead Rising franchise. I played tons of Dead Rising 1 on the Xbox and got it on pc the release date and consider it my favorite game of all time. I also played over 200 hours of Dead Rising 2:OTR without modding it.

I think I have played this game thoroughly enough to write a review for this product (Beating the game once and grinding to level up and collect everything such as blueprints, mysteries etc. etc.) and boy where to begin. Dead Rising 4 is really a unique game. Reaching a ridiculous amount of controversy and complaints. I’ll be the one to say it was a pretty fun game to play…But not in the way it should of. Dead Rising 4 had the potential to be absolutely PHENOMENAL, but Capcom Vancouver shunned out the fans of Dead Rising and handed us a product that was such a disgrace to the series, which led to the result of Dead Rising 4. Every complaint you’ll see about this game is almost completely agreeable, but a lot of it is also a bit too excessive and heated that it just makes CV look like they murdered your dog. So I will make this this review completely fair and civil listing the Pros and Cons of this game.

Real player with 58.2 hrs in game

Dead Rising 4 on Steam

Doomsday Dispute

Doomsday Dispute

customer service dont respond to you and they deleted all their social media

Real player with 138.3 hrs in game


After playing for several days i can tell there is no content. I mean the content this genre had 10 years ago is present, but not improved at all. You can lvl up base to 25 and that’s it. The only activitity for you is to try and beat others in different rankings, which is impossible due to existance of whales who can pay 10k+ $ monthly. Just in 2-3 days the ammount of time to upgrade or research something reached 20+ hours, so without constant speed ups there is nothing much to do about it. And by speeding up you pretty much cheating levels and reach end-game in hours, after which there is nothing else to do.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Doomsday Dispute on Steam

Zombies In The Dark

Zombies In The Dark


From time to time, I like to take a chance on a super-cheap indie title that I find on Steam. I generally like top-down shooters and spooky games, so Zombies in the Dark fit the bill. Although I saw a few negative reviews, these were from when the game was in early access. I had hoped that the most prominent issues were fixed by the time the 1.0 release rolled around.

Unfortunately, I was incorrect. There are a lot of issues here that make Zombies in the Dark unpleasant to play:

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

I bought this game when it was on sale, It was interesting to play and it does remind me of the old resident evil games with the fixed point of view. I know its in early access, I’m hoping for more to be added.

The controls are very sensitive and it makes it a little hard to play. Its best to use the keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. I got further with the PC controls than I did with the console controls.

I like the old style of the game, so I’m not complaining.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Zombies In The Dark on Steam



As a lover of the Egyptian mythology and playing little tower defense games this was a quick buy for me. Also the achievement list is a sweet bonus as well.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Well its kinda playable and fun. Theres even boobs…

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game


Call of Duty®: WWII

Call of Duty®: WWII

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

This rating is based on the single-player experience only!

| ########## | ####### | ############################### |

| Quality | 8/10 | Generic, but solid mainstream game |

| ======== | ===== | ============================= |

| Performance |

Real player with 10563.5 hrs in game

Definitely not worth full retail price.


  • Campaign levels are incredibly short. 60 minutes and I had already completed 5 stages on hardened

  • Enemies are all deadshot, even behind cover at any difficulty (difficulty only changes the rate at which they shoot you with 100% accuracy). Hell, they are even accurate when blindfiring from cover.

  • Because of how accurate enemies are at any range with any weapons, mounted weapons are really fustrating to use, especially madatory mounted weapon sections where you absolutely can’t dismount the weapon you are forced to use. There’s no cover, and you can’t take cover . Worse still, the gun requires a somewhat lengthy reload after just 50 bullets (some uses a cooldown system).

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Call of Duty®: WWII on Steam

Dead Alliance™

Dead Alliance™

I’d just like to coment on the general response to this game as people are crapping all over it, the hit reg is bad, there are some glitches and there’s not much depth in content. These are all valid issues and fair enough, but to the people saying, enraged zombies are overpowered, stop. The zombies need to be powerful or you might as well just go play cod. To the people saying you cant sprint and strafe at the same time, of course you cant, that would be op and is in no good games. To people saying you cant run fast, I see plenty of people in light classes bomb past me so fast I cant even ADS on them. Please moan about valid issues, there are plenty to choose from including spawns to name but one, but please stop bitching about stupid stuff because you are bad at the game.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Maximum Games once again brings us an awful, broken, and downright boring game that they threw out onto Steam and then abandoned immediately. Zero support post-release, as is tradition from those fine folks.

This PC port is pretty abysmal, and as usual with Maximum Games' releases you can’t rebind your keys. This time they at least let you change a few graphic settings, though. As far as audio options go, you can only change a few volume sliders.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Dead Alliance™ on Steam