Gangs of Rikton

Gangs of Rikton

You’re back in Rikton City, six months after your parents died and you were charged with murder. You are free thanks to a mysterious stranger who now expects you to pay him back. For this, you will have to make a place for yourself in the middle of the underworld of Rikton City. What will be your destiny? Fortune and power? A return to prison? Or a one-way trip to the morgue?

You have to start with little profitable petty theft to earn enough money to invest.

  • Steal money, items and ID from passers-by’s wallets. Then resell the stolen goods to the pawnshop!

  • Create fake bank accounts using IDs and embezzle money from consumer loans!

  • Rob the neighborhood stores, but watch out for armed cashiers!

Become the biggest pimp in town !

  • Take the girls working in the streets under your protection

  • Earn their loyalty by effectively protecting them, giving them little gifts, or drugging them…

  • Or scare them by threatening them and eliminating the most rebellious. Who said the crime was moral ?

  • Invest in massage clubs that will serve as hidden brothels, and send your most beautiful girls as escorts !

The most profitable business, but also the most dangerous

  • Produce yourself weed and synthetic drugs like methamphetamine and ecstasy !

  • Buy from stores and from unscrupulous employees or wholesalers

  • Import cocaine and heroin through dynamically generated contacts, which can try to scam you.

  • Cut and retail drugs on the streets, but get ready to face the competition !

Your gang and the management of your territory are very important functions. Increase your production, your income and decrease the micromanagement.

  • Eliminate local gangs to appropriate their territory and no longer suffer from their competition !

  • Recruit lieutenants and entrust them with pieces of your territory, they will deal for you and will also find other activities to bring you small bonuses

  • Watch your men ! Maybe they will betray you to start their own gang or maybe they are undercover cops !

The police watch and remember!

  • Take care ! It won’t be enough to hide 30 seconds for the police to let you go. Every crime you commit may be added to your file. If this becomes too important, you will no longer be able to avoid your arrest… You will then have to undergo a long and expensive trial.

  • Use corrupt officers to diminish the importance of the case against you !

  • Don’t spill blood unnecessarily ! In addition to increasing your file, it will increase the police presence in the city.

  • Bet on fights, maybe your trusted men and girls will hear tips…

  • Buy and manage your Night Club !

  • Indulge yourself by buying the most beautiful villa and show your success

Gangs of Rikton is a game developed by one developer. Even if, the graphics design is decent and creditable, the emphasis was put on the gameplay. It is essentially a game for mature people, which has a detailed conception and is wide-ranging. You have been warned !

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