The Great Chicken Thief

The Great Chicken Thief


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Time to Get Crackin’

The flashlight held between your teeth casts a dim light on the combination locks in the otherwise pitch-black vault. Near-inaudible clicks tap out the rhythm of the delicate dance of your heist as your trembling hands coax the discs into place with precise movements of the dials. The silent alarm was tripped minutes ago and the police are on their way. But you’re not backing out now — you came for fortune, and you’re not leaving without it.

Revelation is an intense arcade-style puzzle game from Krisalis where you spin color-coded interconnected dials inside clockwork locks to match colors and create chain reactions to open each safe. Thinking ahead is crucial, as each lock will affect adjacent locks when spun. These tricky puzzles would be difficult on their own, but they’re made even more challenging with the addition of a timer counting down the time until you’re caught red-handed breaking in. Keep one eye on the dials, and another on the lookout for collectibles that appear on the screen to give you additional time, stop the clock, and more. Finish each puzzle before time runs out, grab the loot, and get out of there!

  • Over 80 puzzling stages of increasingly complex safe-cracking gameplay, including bonus stages where you have ten seconds to figure out the one move which will solve the entire safe. Choose wisely!

  • Quickly solve each stage to plunder the safe for valuables — some of which can be used to help you in later stages

  • Break in alone, or with an accomplice in two-player mode

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Heist Simulator

Heist Simulator

Lights, Camera, HEIST! Grab your perfect team then hack, unlock, solve and disguise your way to stealing England’s finest tat and treasures. Once you’re a master thief, take our tools into your own hands and create your perfect heist!

Use Heist Simulator’s level editor and build the burglary, story or even home plan of your dreams! Draw up your ideal location, then fill it to the brim with thousands of props, decorations and interactables, then share your masterpiece with the world by uploading it to HeistCloud!

  • Steal treasures, valuables and questionable knick-knacks from all over England

  • Build your dream heist from a library of over 8,500 assets

  • Make your own puzzles and fiendish traps to outwit your friends

  • Breathe life into your world with NPCs and other interactive elements

  • Play through a whole host of community built campaigns and levels

Browse the Heist Cloud for campaigns and levels uploaded by other players. Rate them, recommend them to friends or take inspiration for your own designs and make your heists the best in the world!

Plan your way around lasers, guards and hundreds of other obstacles, while using every tool at your disposal to steal away the valuables. Once your plan is in place, set your team going and watch your heist take place in real-time, showing you every exciting moment and close call!

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In Search Of…

In Search Of…

You are trapped in a room and the only rational thing is to open a safe, in the hope of being able to escape. Surely you were looking for something…

You will have to manage to open the safe through strange mechanisms with objects scattered in the room.

The only tool that you cannot separate yourself from is your hands, I hope you know how to use them wisely.

What will be inside ?, is the question that does not let me sleep at night. Whatever, I hope you find it.

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Larcin Lazer

Larcin Lazer

Larcin Lazer is a puzzle game in which your memory is put to the test. Each level is filled with lasers that disappear as soon as you start moving. Move discreetly, relying on your memory to get to the end of the course. Be careful, lasers are not the only dangers standing in your way!

Larcin Lazer also come with:

  • Guards, teleporters, locks, but also ghosts, giant lasers, weird buttons and a whole bunch of obstacles to put your memory to the test!

  • More than 150 screens to explore and solve

  • 5 worlds with unique visual and sound atmospheres

  • Super hard bonus levels, for players with the best memory

  • Jazzy music to delight your ears

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System Zero

System Zero


In this game you will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start.

Game Content











Nowadays lots of people know what dark web is. You must get into dark web and find new codes to get deeper. You will find important tools and lots of information. You must use hacking tools wisely and hack the computers you want. There is no person in the world who reached to the final layer of dark web. YET. Maybe you will be the one who reached to final layer of dark web or maybe you will get caught by FCI or get murdered by hitmans.


If you need some money and if you want to give some break for main story line, you can check your mailbox. There will be clients who want their dirty business done by a hacker. There are more than 200 side missions and doing every one of them will take more than 8 hours. There is no so much difference between side missions but we will make them unique after few updates.


This feature will be added to multiplayer as well. You can make peace and ally treaties or decleare war to other clans. Every clan will have their own areas and you can attack to other clan’s area to capture them. You will start as newbie but eventually you will be the leader after you 1v1 with the current leader. There are 6 game mode in clan wars:








You will have plenty of hacking tools which are included in owl os operating system:










There are also night owl operating system for advanced hacking.







Also you must delete the logs to prevent tracking.


You will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start but after your journey to becoming a black hat starts you will realize it is much more complicated than everyone can imagine. FCI’s breath will be on your back everytime. After your main target company, you will realize there is much more to do. You will bring justice and equality. You will be the judge so let the judging begin. We don’t want to spoil anything so it would be better if you play and see.


In game you must upgrade your computer to use your computer faster. There is also level system and fan base. After you complete your missions you will gain some fans which will increase your reputation BUT there are some positive and negative effects of gaining reputation. YOU WILL BECOME THE TARGET OF FCI.


There is features you must discover yourself like data mining or buying new estates.

System Zero on Steam

A House of Thieves

A House of Thieves

Its got potential, you could add some more things like more AI. Different multiplayer houses, this game is pretty good. You could make it a little scary like adding scarier music and more of a not cartoon vibe. its scary at some parts but yeah this game is n i c e

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

Its pretty good but how do i play public co op

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

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Otti: house keeper

Otti: house keeper

This is a funny game with puzzles (sometimes too hard to solve it from the first try). Some levels can be completed very quickly, but before passing some I had to think carefully. In some places, you need to act fast enough. Nice puzzle for a few nights, also can be a great family game.

10/10 screaming thieves :D

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

A very creative puzzle game. Defend treasures from thieves by strategically placing traps around the house and scare them away. Each thief has its own phobia but some thieves aren’t scared easily!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Welcome to Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Join a gang of mutant animals and embark on a series of hilarious heists under the guidance of Tony, the mad scientist and getaway driver as he tries to pull off his master plan!

Play as one of 8 different Filthy Animals, each with their own unique special abilities! Unlock characters & variants throughout the levels by gaining experience points, releasing caged animals, and collecting special serums.

Orchestrate 8 unique heists across 22 individual levels. Raid a bank vault, take part in a nuclear-powered train robbery, plunder an ancient temple full of magic avocados, and launch into SPACE!

Solve puzzles, fight enemies, and unlock new playable characters, abilities, and weapons along the way! Find the hidden sugar skulls to unlock Remix Heists to replay completed heists with an entirely new twist!

Work alone or with your friends to overcome enemies and obstacles which scale to the number of players! Help your friends to their feet if they fall, decide for yourself whether to steal their loot bag first!


• Up to 4 players in Local and Online co-op!

• Physics-based puzzle/combat!

• Active-Ragdoll Player Characters and NPCs!

• Bonus levels / Minigames!

• The funkiest original soundtrack out there!

Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator on Steam

Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl is a 2D point-and-click adventure game for mobile, PC and console.

The game takes place in France in the mid-Sixties. The story, mood, and style of the game are inspired by the city of Paris, Belgian comics and Sixties cinema.

The late teen tomboy Monique lives as a cat burglar in Paris. After a heist gone wrong, she ends up in jail where she meets an enigmatic prisoner. They escape prison together, and agree to venture on a spectacular heist for a precious diamond. Thus begins a quest that takes our heroes through a catholic monastery, a Parisian metro station and the Catacombs.

The game focuses on story and atmosphere. The gameplay mixes elements of stealth, discovery and puzzle solving.

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