Build and Discover: America

Build and Discover: America

Build & Discover: America

Building simulator based on the history of the United States.

You will take part in the first moments when the conquistadors arrived on the new continent.

For centuries, you will participate in developing the

  • political

  • economic

  • cultural foundations of the new continent

That will lead you to the signing of the constitution, the establishment of congress, and industrial cities.

How does the story start?

Explorers are approaching unknown areas, which in the future will turn into something they cannot imagine.

They do not know what to expect and what they will encounter on their way.

The areas are vast and unpredictable.

The reality of the Wild West, unknown environment and countless possibilities.

The game is based on a true story but a lot depends on you!

Will you manage to collect all 50 stars?

The game presents historical challenges that encourage players to make decisions and experience real-time management and develop political skills based on understanding the needs of citizens.

Develop trade, modernize, arrange transport, conquer new territories and face unexpected threats. The atmosphere of the Wild West, international trade, new spices and food, the clash of cultures and undiscovered land await you.

Features of the game:

  • economic and political development of the new territory

  • building a strong state based on three pillars: transport, law and industry

  • changing latitude-dependent environment

  • storyline based on historical events

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Build and Discover: America on Steam