Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Imagine if old GTA games, Chip’s Challenge, and Oceans 11 all stumbled into a blender owned by a Lego man.

Boy what a mess that would be. Thankfully, Monaco is ‘not’ a mess, but rather, a stealth heist game in which you and up to three other thieves band together to plunder the money of a variety of facilities in and around Monte Carlo, everything ranging from Casinos to Hospitals to High Security Prisons, being represented.

The game’s two virtues are its deceptive level of gameplay depth, and its humorous design aesthetic. It’s the personality hidden behind the neon pixels that at first attracts one to this game–the perplexingly simple yet expressive character designs go along with the frantic piano ragtime and silly french NPC voices, to be extremely memorable. You’ll laugh as your little colorful lego thief pees in a toilet, wiggles their hands to hack a PC hollywood style, or hugs a wall and takes deep, ragged breaths after being shot–to the accompaniment of bloodied footprints left in their step. And as your little Mr. Pink dies from that one guard who peaks just inside your hiding place to bop you with a wrench, they explode into a neon pink colored skeleton, and the music thuds to an abrupt halt–only for the music to pick up again where it left off, once your fellow criminals put your guts back in (to the sound of hilarious squishing noises).

Real player with 2575.5 hrs in game

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Probably one of the best co-op (local or online) games out there. The stealth mechanics manage to fit well with the generally arcadey feel, as the guards aren’t super perceptive, so they can be avoided if you’re careful (and sometimes if you aren’t!). Stealth playthroughs, especially in singleplayer, are satisfying and tense. However, Monaco is just as fun when you don’t try to be stealthy, as you can get into crazy and action-filled situations as you’re forced to escape oncoming guards after you trip an alarm or get caught. The AI can be punishing, though, and some enemies, such as shotgun toting Gendarme, are not to be taken lightly. Multiplayer tends to lean towards the more wild approach unless you’re working in a two-man crew or everyone is trying to stay on the down-low. You’re given the pick of (once you unlock all of them) eight thieves, each with their own unique abilities, all of which are useful. This is another reason why the game shines in multiplayer, because each thief can tackle different situations that others would have trouble with. There’s also a good number of equipments which provide the player with some tool that can get help them get the job done, like smoke bombs, shotguns, C4, and EMPs. Monaco has a ton of standard campaign levels with unique settings and good variety, and there’s also hundreds of user-made levels, some of which are almost as good as the standard ones. The level editor itself is fairly easy to use once you understand the basics, and there are a couple of really extensive guides on the community page which can help get you started. It’s also got a sweet noir style piano soundtrack by Austin Wintory, the guy who made the Journey soundtrack.

Real player with 761.7 hrs in game

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine on Steam

Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Welcome to Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator

Join a gang of mutant animals and embark on a series of hilarious heists under the guidance of Tony, the mad scientist and getaway driver as he tries to pull off his master plan!

Play as one of 8 different Filthy Animals, each with their own unique special abilities! Unlock characters & variants throughout the levels by gaining experience points, releasing caged animals, and collecting special serums.

Orchestrate 8 unique heists across 22 individual levels. Raid a bank vault, take part in a nuclear-powered train robbery, plunder an ancient temple full of magic avocados, and launch into SPACE!

Solve puzzles, fight enemies, and unlock new playable characters, abilities, and weapons along the way! Find the hidden sugar skulls to unlock Remix Heists to replay completed heists with an entirely new twist!

Work alone or with your friends to overcome enemies and obstacles which scale to the number of players! Help your friends to their feet if they fall, decide for yourself whether to steal their loot bag first!


• Up to 4 players in Local and Online co-op!

• Physics-based puzzle/combat!

• Active-Ragdoll Player Characters and NPCs!

• Bonus levels / Minigames!

• The funkiest original soundtrack out there!

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Filthy Animals | Heist Simulator on Steam

I Am the Captain Now

I Am the Captain Now

I’ve had a lot of fun playing this with my husband and daughter. We love being able to work together, make mistake, give each other orders, and just goof off. You basically need to collect treasure, but each level is different on how you collect them; following clues or just dexterity.

Definitely take a look into it!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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Cute little pirate game with a unique spin on co-op. First level the captain ran away and left the rest behind. We demoted him in the next voting. The next level the captain was much more considerate and really tried to get everyone to like him. But that made us too slow and we failed the mission so we demoted him too. The further into the game we came the better collab we had, but there also showed up more opportunities to steal votes and pact. In the end no one trusted anyone, which was hilarious. Cool concept, cute graphics and definitely worth the low price. Recommended.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

I Am the Captain Now on Steam

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™

Played this and Dog Days back when they originally released on XBox 360, starting in 2007. This is a fantastic couch co-op and a fun single player experience too! I don’t understand the criticism levied at these games, as 7/10 isn’t a terrible score; it is slightly above average. People, I am assuming post 2000 birthday “havers”, are the ones I see doing this.

1. The cover system is janky, it does it automatically. Guess what?! This was a cool mechanic at the time and pushed the envelope.

2. The story is almost so violent it is comical. Not true, it is gritty and this story was well written and I would watch a movie of it….OH WAIT, we all have!! John Wick. Think about the story, and even GTAV with Michael and Trevor’s relationship. They broke ground in this game.

Real player with 24.4 hrs in game

SPOILER-FREE (more like this on )

TL;DR: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a cover-based Shooter in a mostly urban setting.

The story follows the ex-mercenary Kane, who wants to save his family from death, which technically isn’t anything you haven’t seen a million times before, although the narrative shows a fair share of potential.

Sadly, it is presented so badly that it has no way of really telling the player anything.

The game mechanics work (not great, but they work), but fail to bring anything new or exciting to the table. Standard cover-shooter stuff.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men™ on Steam

Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits

While it is quite a fun and chaotic game, especially with friends, some things need to be addressed. First off, server downtime or overload of players at one go. It’s a pain wanting to go online with random players only to find yourself unable to do so. Second, and related to my first point, when you do get into an actual online game, it upsets me that players will disconnect JUST before I get my win. Wouldn’t be an issue in general, but the fact that you don’t get the money NOR the “level up” is very, very disappointing. This has happened to me twice in a row, and I’m absolutely furious! I don’t mind the money bit, but I want to freaking level up!

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

It’s okay, I just hate how the matchmaking is not like how it is in the prologue, where you wait in the jail cell and other people join and appear in the cell too, then everyone has to escape the cell to start the game. It was cool to be able to continually play with the same people over again, or they leave and new people join in and replace them. And they removed in-game chat from the main game as well, even though it was in the Prologue which is also frustrating, to remove a feature like that, that was in the prologue is misguiding and disappointing. The in-game chat made coordinating games easy and allowed some form of character to translate through the people your playing with, instead of just playing with random unknowns all the time that might as well be AI since there’s so little of form of communication. Fix the online to that form and this game will be much better. The online is just not generous or flexible like the Prologue which to me is like false advertising.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Rubber Bandits on Steam



My little siblings enjoy playing this dumb looking game.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

This is a really fun game to play with the people you’re quarantined with! It’s got a phenomenal art style and really easy mechanics. But tbh, it’s definitely the great art style and 3d models that hold this game together. It’s a little short and there’s a chance that it might get boring after a while, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you find yourself browsing through random steam games.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Kidgilantes on Steam



overall 3/10

badly designed and implemented game.

after first few minutes interest to play is gone.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

An excellent shooter where we play as mafia cats.

There are a lot of different opponents in the game, namely: jackals, mice, wolves and many others.

And the best part is that the game is not very demanding with the characteristics of a computer.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

CatMafia on Steam

HEX Hacking Simulator

HEX Hacking Simulator

Love the game. although i have to admit i don’t like solo mode that much although it is kind of handy if no fiends are available. i love multiplayer mode and i love the fact that you need to communicate to beat the levels and the fact that there is a limited amount of time makes it so much more thrilling. I would recommend this game as a team building activity. i personally feel this game works on communication and also motivates people to get out of their comfort zone. Well done To the team of Solace studios, i am really impressed

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game



//HEX is an incredibly fun, addictive and adrenaline packed Bank Hacking Game which is Perfectly designed for CO-OP.

To become a successful hacker you need to be able to Master a series of progressively more complex mini games in order to gain access to the money vault; That’s just where your problems begin!

There are 2 views to this game, controller and Hacker. You can play in single player mode and switch between the two views by pressing TAB, but for the ultimate experience you will want to be in CO-OP mode.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

HEX Hacking Simulator on Steam

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2

Warning: Ignore ALL troll reviews that will downvote this game just because it’s missing X-Men and Fantastic 4. If you’re going to read a review, it should be from someone who isn’t stuck on the characters that are missing but the quality of content and the actual experience the game provides.

How many hours does my hard-earned cash get me?

If you played the first game, you probably know that it easily gave you 40-100 hours worth of stuff to do. I’m happy to say that this game goves you 120-200 hours worth of stuff if you want to 100% the game. The game basically has twice the content of the first game.

Real player with 97.5 hrs in game

Not quite Secret Wars, but this’ll do

This is a fine entry in the long running series of Lego games which serve dual purposes. On one hand, the Lego games are easy pick up and play action games that can really be enjoyed by any age, from little kids to grown ups. On the other hand, the main franchise from Traveler’s Tales also serves as fanfare for a number of intellectual properties, ranging from DC comics to Jurassic Park to Star Wars, and more. And of course, Marvel comics.

This entry is stacked. With a roster of over 230 characters in the base game to unlock, and an additional 60+ characters with the DLC added, there is bound to be some superheroes and villains in this game that might pique even the most jaded Marvel fanboys interest.

Real player with 76.5 hrs in game

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Steam

Snack Tick

Snack Tick

The game is allot of fun and really makes me ask the question ; " man have i been killing aliens by mistake my entire life?".

jokes aside the game is really fun the simplicity is very refreshing. my favourite upgrades are magnet, and speed.

but i have one Gripe.

The grass man is just too much. it kills my Frame-rate.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Its not a bad game

The idea is very creative, taking inspiration from bugs and the games becomes more fun trying to complete more frustrating challenges. My only complaints with the game is the bottom character of bugs have a bugged movement in the fire stasge( the last stage).

The Stage where there is 2 separate lawns with a hammer or something crushing you, I have a big problem with this. The Hammer descends too fast and the fake/harmful food needs a better visual hint to show they are harmful like a black aura surrounding them.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Snack Tick on Steam