Wild Gun

Wild Gun

this is the best vr cowboy shooting, just need some update,like what to do with the money after you win ,and also some gun upgrades

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

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I recommend this, but with a caveat. There’s a lot that needs work here and it is laughable rough at times. From the whole sections where you are walking your horse sideways to the boss fight in the middle that is so unbalanced that you die within seconds no matter what you do (Sunset Tracking).

When this works, it is fun.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Wild Gun on Steam

Chess Knights: High Noon

Chess Knights: High Noon

Incredible game!! This is definitely the most fun game in the Chess Knights series! I love western movies and this game has the perfect western vibe! In the other games, you could only survive, escapingfrom the enemies, but now you are a badass gunslinger and you only advance if you eliminate all enemies on the level! The puzzle continues with the same quality from Minimol games, but now we have the addition of Duel mode, which forces you to think and act very fast, just like in a real duel! I can’t wait for the full release!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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I really like the games in the Chess Knights series. When I saw this game announced with this theme I confess that I found it unusual.

Well, what I can say is that this game just became my new favorite in the series.

In addition to the game being beautiful like the others, and counting very well elaborated puzzles (ranging from the simplest ones that present the mechanics, to the most challenging ones), the theme was very well implemented, including the duel, which is very well incorporated gameplay dynamics in a way I didn’t imagine for a game inspired by chess.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Chess Knights: High Noon on Steam

The Smugglers

The Smugglers

You will smuggle goods or protect the law. Assemble a team and take on the role of a cunning smuggler or an honest law enforcement officer once per turn. Compete against an opposing team on one of many boards. Just like in real life, each team has different victory conditions, completely opposite, making you quickly identify with your new role. Will you tactically pursue victory or will you pull out the gun and settle the matter in a rather violent manner? Remember that the decision belongs to the whole group, and you won’t be able to win alone.

Each playthrough begins with smugglers landing in a cargo drop zone, and the law guards are tasked with melting down and stopping the smugglers from making their final escape. Cover your tracks and defend your loot or try to track down and stop the smugglers from escaping. Think your side will always win? Remember that in every gang there will be at least one agent who will certainly mess up the whole game…

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The Smugglers on Steam



One of the best open world stealth games i’ve ever played solid mechanics and motions the game is just a blast to play gameplay is fun and tense the ai is really smart and are pretty accurate but also not to hard besides a few missions, this is deffi one of the best metal gears gameplay wise, but yes it leaves a phantom pain since the game is not completly finished but is still a long game the story is great what there is of one and although other metal gears in the series outshine it in that sense none compare to the gameplay/graphics and lack of bugs this game has, this game has one of the best ports u will EVER see the optimization is crazy even if u are below the minimum requirements u should be able to run this game and well.

Real player with 332.4 hrs in game

This game, in my opinion, is fantastic.

The open-world stealth, and flexibility to handle situations how you want is very refreshing.

It does feel incomplete, and that seems to be somewhat controversial to the playerbase. Its pretty obvious that Konami rushed Kojima to box this up and ship it out for that holiday season, while demanding to split the game into two games (Ground Zero’s as the “prequel”).

Metal Gear Online is DOA, dont even bother.

The singleplayer is where you will get the quality from the purchase.

Real player with 238.9 hrs in game