Maniac Path

Maniac Path

An addictive game with excellent graphics and varied levels.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Pretty boring.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Maniac Path on Steam

Ruthless Water

Ruthless Water

Was a kawaii chatroom, changed to parkour overnight. ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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1. This game’s thumbnail is clickbait

2. optimization is doodoo fart

3. Slender man can walk through walls

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Ruthless Water on Steam

A House of Thieves

A House of Thieves

Its got potential, you could add some more things like more AI. Different multiplayer houses, this game is pretty good. You could make it a little scary like adding scarier music and more of a not cartoon vibe. its scary at some parts but yeah this game is n i c e

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

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Its pretty good but how do i play public co op

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

A House of Thieves on Steam

Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark

The author was definitely trying to scare me, well, he did it. The game turned out to be quite original, but with some technical flaws. It’s too dark and a lame flashlight that doesn’t shine a damn thing.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

I really enjoyed this game. It wasn’t super scary but had a good horror atmosphere throughout it. The story was also pretty good as well. It was still rough in a few spots and I think it could benefit from a note or something at the beginning that lets you know the controls like crouch, interact, and tasks. Overall for the price I would recommend this game. If you want to see some game play you can check out my video below.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Whispers in the Dark on Steam

The Break-In

The Break-In

The Break-In is a 1-4 player, VR and non VR, co-op burglary game about sneaking in, taking everything, and then sneaking out. Infiltrate houses, bank vaults and museums to earn money and upgrade your thief gear. Take on special contracts to extract high-value items from dangerous locations and go from petty burglar to high-tech agent of stealth.

Multiplayer allows for a range of different roles and play-styles, from leading communications from your van to being the first to the break-in from the roof, opening the route for your team.

  • Wide range of gadgets: Equip yourself with items ranging from old ladders to high-power grapple guns.

  • Natural climbing system: Clamber up drainpipes, squeeze through windows, or make your way to the roof and enter through the chimney santa-style.

  • 1-4 player co-op: Bring your friends along for extra pairs of thieving hands. Just make sure they’re quiet, or they’ll alert the residents.

  • Randomised level generation:. Hit a brand new house each time you play, so you’ll always have to be on your toes.

  • VR / non-VR crossplay: VR adds an extra layer of immersion, but you can play fully without it too! Cross-play allows you to play alongside VR players, even in flatscreen mode.

The Break-In on Steam

Seven Days

Seven Days

So… Seven Days, or Seven Days With You: The Most Precious Memory in Our Lives… sigh … It’s all too bittersweet…

A friend of Shuuichi’s gives him a cursed Blu-ray disc and asks him to watch it and see if it’s actually cursed. Well, as it turns out, an evil girl ghost comes out and tries to possess him, only to be exorcised by his childhood friend Murasaki. It’s then that the ghost turns into a normal looking girl named Chiyako, who in turn reveals that she had died and that there are souls of six other girls in her who had also previously died. But a ghost can only remain in the mortal realm for 49 days, give or take a few. So it’s decided that these seven girls will divide the time they have left between themselves, leaving everyone a week to do what they want with the small bit of life that was left to them before they disappear for good.

Real player with 48.0 hrs in game

A mysterious adventure well-worth embarking on.


Seven Days tells the tale of Shuuichi Kanzaki, a young man who, thanks to his rather peculiarly resourceful classmate, Masaru Kinokuniya, stumbles upon a cursed video. The man of reason he sees himself as, Shuuichi takes his friend’s “dare” and decides to watch the video, only to realize shortly later, to his own bewilderment, that he was not quite exactly being bamboozled. Out spawns a creature from an otherworldly plane of existence and assaults the protagonist. The bleak situation comes into speculative resolve by a Shinto priestess, and his good childhood friend, Murasaki Sairenji, as she attempts to exorcise the begrudged spirit, the result of which is far from the expected one. Both Shuuichi and Murasaki have to deal with a body which, although now bereft of former hostility, still serves as a vessel to souls of seven girls whose lives ended far too prematurely and who as such harbour profound grievances against the world that has abandoned them. Will Shuuichi be able to grant them their postmortem wishes and the ends they desire?

Real player with 45.4 hrs in game

Seven Days on Steam

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief

This game is basically a criminal game. It is simular to the ‘Unorginised Theif’ but it has guns in the game. Unlike the ‘Unorginised Theif’ you don’t need to rob important items in a checklist.

Although this is a ‘Early Access’ game, you get to rob peoples stuff which will add to the money at the top of the screen. If you have enough money, you can go to your escape vehicle to finish the level. Normally in each level, there is a ‘safe’ or a ‘vault’ which will require a ‘passcode’ or a ‘password’. You will have one try or multiple tries. If you fail, a alarm may be heard which then the owner or the gaurds will shoot you. Some safes or vaults may have traps like example, lasers or trip wires. Going through the lasers will trigger the alarm sound while the trip wires may kill you.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

I actually really enjoy this game its not perfect by any means but it is fun especially with the recently added multiplayer mode. In sneak thief you are a thief who must go and steal money and other valuables while trying not to die by the police or swat cops. Theirs tons of maps to choose from like a bank, someones home, a manison, a farm, a univeristy and even a nucular base where you set off a freaking missle. While the game mainly focuses on single player their recently has been added a multiplayer mode for you people who want to take your stealth and stealing skills online. The multiplayer offers game modes (currently theres only 1 but there will be more later). Cops and robbers is where you have a team of theives against a team of cops. The theives try to steal the required money to escape while defending them selfs from cops that try to foil there plans. The multiplayer has 2 maps so far the bank and the neigborhood of course there will be more.

Real player with 49.9 hrs in game

Sneak Thief on Steam

Zombies In The Dark

Zombies In The Dark


From time to time, I like to take a chance on a super-cheap indie title that I find on Steam. I generally like top-down shooters and spooky games, so Zombies in the Dark fit the bill. Although I saw a few negative reviews, these were from when the game was in early access. I had hoped that the most prominent issues were fixed by the time the 1.0 release rolled around.

Unfortunately, I was incorrect. There are a lot of issues here that make Zombies in the Dark unpleasant to play:

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

I bought this game when it was on sale, It was interesting to play and it does remind me of the old resident evil games with the fixed point of view. I know its in early access, I’m hoping for more to be added.

The controls are very sensitive and it makes it a little hard to play. Its best to use the keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. I got further with the PC controls than I did with the console controls.

I like the old style of the game, so I’m not complaining.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Zombies In The Dark on Steam

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4

Zelly’s Discount Reviews

This review is based on the idea you are only considering the game at mass discount, not full price, it isn’t ever gonna be worth full price.

The short version: Game breaking bugs and performance issues really drag this down from being a discount bin hidden gem. Other wise it would be fine as a discount game, for a more detailed break down, keep reading.

The game that ended Dead Rising as a series, is it really as bad as people say? Largely yes, there are fun points however to this game and you could really have a fun time with the game at a large discount if not for massive game breaking bugs that can permanently ruin your save file. As for the game it itself if you get the the season pass there’s several modes you can play through, each with their ups and downs.

Real player with 155.4 hrs in game

Before this review begins I just want to say this is coming from a guy who LOVES the Dead Rising franchise. I played tons of Dead Rising 1 on the Xbox and got it on pc the release date and consider it my favorite game of all time. I also played over 200 hours of Dead Rising 2:OTR without modding it.

I think I have played this game thoroughly enough to write a review for this product (Beating the game once and grinding to level up and collect everything such as blueprints, mysteries etc. etc.) and boy where to begin. Dead Rising 4 is really a unique game. Reaching a ridiculous amount of controversy and complaints. I’ll be the one to say it was a pretty fun game to play…But not in the way it should of. Dead Rising 4 had the potential to be absolutely PHENOMENAL, but Capcom Vancouver shunned out the fans of Dead Rising and handed us a product that was such a disgrace to the series, which led to the result of Dead Rising 4. Every complaint you’ll see about this game is almost completely agreeable, but a lot of it is also a bit too excessive and heated that it just makes CV look like they murdered your dog. So I will make this this review completely fair and civil listing the Pros and Cons of this game.

Real player with 58.2 hrs in game

Dead Rising 4 on Steam

HPRZ: The Syndrome

HPRZ: The Syndrome

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HPRZ mentions the end of the apocalypse for some time, where it is necessary to resist in the world devastated by a deadly syndrome, which quickly mirrored the human race. Parallel to the disease, a war breaks out among humanity’s last immune survivors, in a dispute over scarce territories and resources.


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Explore in an open world with * 64 km², with rural areas, factories, military bases and several other points of interest, contained in farms, villages, cities and connected by tracks and roads.

To survive the syndrome and war, players will have to develop basic survival technologies, such as culinary, pharmaceuticals, clothing, and weaponry from items collected in public areas now transformed into war zones.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/openw.png [/]

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Differentiated sandbox experience in exploring the HPRZ world, through realistic graphics provided by Unreal Engine, with plains, mountains, edens and also dark and possibly inhospitable places.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/base.png [/]

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/line.png [/]

Base building system never seen in survival games, extremely intuitive with a logic similar to the real world. And against a magnificent work, there will always be a big explosion through a spectacular invasion, with explosives.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/vehicles.png [/]

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Equipping a vehicle with armor and a war weapon in the body will be incredible. Much more than a simple vehicle for exploration, but a real “war machine” modified and prepared for combat.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/pvp.png [/]

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/line.png [/]

Wide variety of customizable weapons for all tastes, as well as accessories and explosives that will not let the war end. Based on an innovative group formation system, which will provide absolutely tactical and dynamic battles.

{STEAM_APP_IMAGE} /extras/survivalspirit.png [/]

HPRZ is being developed by gamers from the community itself, and fans of games of the survival genre. Therefore, we will always be aiming for a balance between logic and reality, where success in the evolution of the game will be based on dedication and a spirit of survival, as ideal for our players.

Survival Spirit, is a term given by the developers of HPRZ: The Syndrome, regarding the gameplay and immersiveness mechanics directly applied in the multiplayer experience.

Soon you will have the opportunity to enter the HPRZ world, and encourage the Survival Spirit that lives within you!

HPRZ: The Syndrome on Steam