Open Mod

Open Mod

Open Mod is a free-to-play, tactical first person shooter that, for the time being, revolves around the bank robbery game mode. Being a team of two, we focused our attention on the game mechanics and customizability, having as a main goal providing our players the opportunity to personalize their experience on as many levels as possible.

The gameplay consists of, as expected, a bank robbery, where one team must rob the bank and escape with the money through certain routes, while the military must eliminate them before they do so.

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Open Mod on Steam

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4

Zelly’s Discount Reviews

This review is based on the idea you are only considering the game at mass discount, not full price, it isn’t ever gonna be worth full price.

The short version: Game breaking bugs and performance issues really drag this down from being a discount bin hidden gem. Other wise it would be fine as a discount game, for a more detailed break down, keep reading.

The game that ended Dead Rising as a series, is it really as bad as people say? Largely yes, there are fun points however to this game and you could really have a fun time with the game at a large discount if not for massive game breaking bugs that can permanently ruin your save file. As for the game it itself if you get the the season pass there’s several modes you can play through, each with their ups and downs.

Real player with 155.4 hrs in game

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Before this review begins I just want to say this is coming from a guy who LOVES the Dead Rising franchise. I played tons of Dead Rising 1 on the Xbox and got it on pc the release date and consider it my favorite game of all time. I also played over 200 hours of Dead Rising 2:OTR without modding it.

I think I have played this game thoroughly enough to write a review for this product (Beating the game once and grinding to level up and collect everything such as blueprints, mysteries etc. etc.) and boy where to begin. Dead Rising 4 is really a unique game. Reaching a ridiculous amount of controversy and complaints. I’ll be the one to say it was a pretty fun game to play…But not in the way it should of. Dead Rising 4 had the potential to be absolutely PHENOMENAL, but Capcom Vancouver shunned out the fans of Dead Rising and handed us a product that was such a disgrace to the series, which led to the result of Dead Rising 4. Every complaint you’ll see about this game is almost completely agreeable, but a lot of it is also a bit too excessive and heated that it just makes CV look like they murdered your dog. So I will make this this review completely fair and civil listing the Pros and Cons of this game.

Real player with 58.2 hrs in game

Dead Rising 4 on Steam

RAID: World War II

RAID: World War II



WHAT TO EXPECT: Payday meets World War 2. Solo and coop stealth or combat gameplay. Objective oriented maps. Immersive WW2 atmosphere. Authetic looking setting and locations. Steam inventory mission cards. Good range of maps, weapons and playable characters. Good character customization. Very good writing and voiceovers. Minor base and cosmetic upgrades. Average AI. Fairly balanced gameplay. More enemy types would have been nice. An almost dead community. Long endgame grind. Very limited healing mechanics. Needs good players for hardest difficulty.

Real player with 867.0 hrs in game

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First off all: I did not buy this game, but I won it during a giveaway on a stream where people were playing it. I’ve had it for quite some time, but I only decided to pick it up recently. In hindsight I should’ve played it right away when the game was still actively being developed, but unfortunately I can’t change the past. Or fortunately? I don’t know. They tend to mess things up in the movies. Anyway, time for the actual review.

RAID: World War II is one of those games you go in with low expectations: bad overall reviews and a low active player count. But the game actually surprised me. Sure, it’s nowhere near perfect, but there is potential. The biggest issue however is this player count. It’s designed to be a co-operative game, but you’re lucky to find even a single lobby to play in. Your chances are slightly higher when you think the “normal” difficulty is acceptable, but you’re usually out of luck despite the recent influx of players. I’m afraid that even if the developers would unexpectedly fix many of the issues the game has, it still wouldn’t get the players it so desperately needs. It is very much playable when you’re alone, but more on that later.

Real player with 472.1 hrs in game

RAID: World War II on Steam

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief

This game is basically a criminal game. It is simular to the ‘Unorginised Theif’ but it has guns in the game. Unlike the ‘Unorginised Theif’ you don’t need to rob important items in a checklist.

Although this is a ‘Early Access’ game, you get to rob peoples stuff which will add to the money at the top of the screen. If you have enough money, you can go to your escape vehicle to finish the level. Normally in each level, there is a ‘safe’ or a ‘vault’ which will require a ‘passcode’ or a ‘password’. You will have one try or multiple tries. If you fail, a alarm may be heard which then the owner or the gaurds will shoot you. Some safes or vaults may have traps like example, lasers or trip wires. Going through the lasers will trigger the alarm sound while the trip wires may kill you.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

I actually really enjoy this game its not perfect by any means but it is fun especially with the recently added multiplayer mode. In sneak thief you are a thief who must go and steal money and other valuables while trying not to die by the police or swat cops. Theirs tons of maps to choose from like a bank, someones home, a manison, a farm, a univeristy and even a nucular base where you set off a freaking missle. While the game mainly focuses on single player their recently has been added a multiplayer mode for you people who want to take your stealth and stealing skills online. The multiplayer offers game modes (currently theres only 1 but there will be more later). Cops and robbers is where you have a team of theives against a team of cops. The theives try to steal the required money to escape while defending them selfs from cops that try to foil there plans. The multiplayer has 2 maps so far the bank and the neigborhood of course there will be more.

Real player with 49.9 hrs in game

Sneak Thief on Steam

Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Prologue

Anarchy: Wolf’s law : Prologue

Before leaving your review, I want to draw your attention: the game is presented in a demo version.

So, in short, the game is a single-player shooter with RPG elements where we need to capture production points.

I liked the HUD (although I would change the fonts in it to something less angular), I liked how the weapon behaves when firing, but the recoil is not very clear. The weapon shakes all over the screen, but the Y-axis movement itself is rather strange. The terrain in the game is not very well developed in terms of graphics, but I think this is due to the fact that we are playing the beta version.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

This is just from the single player side that i have played so far. It reminds me a lot of deadside but harder. The biggest difference between the games is everything is much closer and you are not running for 10+ min to get somewhere to look for something and finally there is cars! Why other large games like this have not put in vehicles still blows my mind.

I had no issues with running the game at all no crashes, stutters, sound problems, controls were smooth ( needs some more customization in the future), from what i could tell hit detection seemed to good but I was only able to get in about an hour so I may update this in the future.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Anarchy: Wolf's law : Prologue on Steam

Master Magistrate

Master Magistrate

Master Magistrate surprised me a lot. In a very positive way. When I purchased this visual novel I imagined how it was going to be having already played similar games. But it was very well written and when the whole plot came together it blew my mind. Didn’t expect what happened. The story is very good and entertaining, the art is beautiful and both the music and character voices complement the game.

The main story is divided in 4 cases/chapters. There is also a bonus chapter and it’s called Fanservice [for that reason, lol]. It can be found in the chapter selection at the menu. It’s short and can be played in any order because it doesn’t relate in any way to the main story and no important information is presented. Each one of the 4 cases consist of novel/investigation/trial parts. Case 4 is the only chapter with story choices that lead either to the True Ending or the Alternate Ending. The adult patch add 2 scenes to the Alternate Ending. That’s the only adult content available in the main story.

Real player with 84.8 hrs in game


Full game has been released, and with it a very meaty free patch that adds like 10+ hours of additional story and 5 character routes (plus a ton of R18 content…):

The game completely works without it, but the added epilogue and additional routes add a lot to the gameplay. Plus it’s free!

Disclosure: I helped test a pre-release version of this game. I did this outside of Steam so my play time is not accurate.

Real player with 62.7 hrs in game

Master Magistrate on Steam

Just Cause 4 Reloaded

Just Cause 4 Reloaded

Just Cause 4 is the video game equivalent of Junk food. It’s fun in small doses but after a while everything feels like a chore. I know looking for plot in Just Cause is like watching a porno for the character development but the story is really bland , the villain generic and the entire game is bogged down by an ungodly amount of mini events that genuinly becomes a chore after a few hours. That said flying around the world using the jet-powered wingsuit is still fun. Also two of the DLCs (Los Demonios and Danger Rising ) are pretty fun.

Real player with 74.0 hrs in game

Got this at 90% off. It’s a cash-grab sequel to a game series that reached its natural narrative conclusion, but for $15 I’ll pick it up, sure. Basically Just Cause 3: Another One.

Real player with 70.9 hrs in game

Just Cause 4 Reloaded on Steam

Call of Duty®: WWII

Call of Duty®: WWII

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10

This rating is based on the single-player experience only!

| ########## | ####### | ############################### |

| Quality | 8/10 | Generic, but solid mainstream game |

| ======== | ===== | ============================= |

| Performance |

Real player with 10563.5 hrs in game

Definitely not worth full retail price.


  • Campaign levels are incredibly short. 60 minutes and I had already completed 5 stages on hardened

  • Enemies are all deadshot, even behind cover at any difficulty (difficulty only changes the rate at which they shoot you with 100% accuracy). Hell, they are even accurate when blindfiring from cover.

  • Because of how accurate enemies are at any range with any weapons, mounted weapons are really fustrating to use, especially madatory mounted weapon sections where you absolutely can’t dismount the weapon you are forced to use. There’s no cover, and you can’t take cover . Worse still, the gun requires a somewhat lengthy reload after just 50 bullets (some uses a cooldown system).

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Call of Duty®: WWII on Steam

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 - is this a game for you?

Right now, the game is undergoing a spell of patching after a very poor PC release. The game worked for some, but not for many, and so your mileage will vary depending on your PC (not necessarily how powerful it is either - but how balanced, how much VRAM you have and such). As most reviews already centre around performance issues, I won’t spend too much time on those because I’d rather review the game itself but please bear them in mind (they are mentioned in the ‘not so good’ section below)….

Real player with 111.9 hrs in game

My experience with this game can be summed as thus: every update I found myself testing the changes, nodding in satisfaction, then quitting the game to await the next update.

Arkane knows how to make a good game. No question. But if you film an Oscar-worthy movie and the lens is smudged while filming, you can’t judge what’s underneath without acknowledging what’s been marring your experience the entire time.



Everyone is aware of the performance issues, and these still persist to this day. It runs much better than at launch, where it was literally unplayable, but that’s because the game looks worse than before - the most noticeable change being the extremely aggressive LOD scaling. Out of the corner of your eye you notice the shapes of window frames and posters on distant buildings morphing in shape, or the furniture at the opposite end of a long hallway suddenly blinking into existence. FPS dropped to 15 when stabbing a gravehound, so they simply removed the inky visual effect that was causing the problem instead of optimizing it.

Real player with 111.0 hrs in game

Dishonored 2 on Steam

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 tried too much to break out of the single path sniping origins, by cribbing elements from open world games. However, the result is a mixed bag and reminds one far too much of Far Cry 3.

As a special operative for the US government, you are sent into Republic of Georgia (former Soviet Union) to disrupt the separatists who, with help of criminal elements and outside support, terrorized the local government and military into leaving, and occupied the area in the midst of power vacuum. You are given objectives to accomplish, which usually means go into an area, kill a lot of bad guys, do your mission (whether it’s to kill someone, or to find/rescue/retrieve something) and get out safely. You are free to approach the mission any way you wish… Open world. Approach the target from any direction that is available to you. Occupy the hill across and shoot down, sneak in and knife the guards in the back, it’s all possible.

Real player with 82.5 hrs in game


The review section, oh dear. Definitely not the game of 2017, but this is far, FAR from the disaster people make it out to be. An extremely fun, challenging and rewarding game that I thoroughly enjoyed more than I should have.

Unlock, upgrade and customise your gear to set out and traverse extremely large expansive maps. Snipe enemies from afar, infiltrate secret bases, or use all out action to complete your objectives from any angle at any time.

If you aren’t swayed by public opinions plus enjoy flawed yet fun games, snap this one up. For COD fanboys and people who enjoy AAA chores, sorry this isn’t for you.

Real player with 53.4 hrs in game

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 on Steam