The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt is an action RPG with fast-paced combat requiring use of strong offensive and defensive mechanics across multiple modes (Story Mode, Endless Dungeon, Onslaught, Conquest, Heist). Fight your enemies up close, use buffs/debuffs/status ailments to gain an advantage or place effects like tornados, fire, water, death forests, black holes and more onto the battlefield.

The Mittu star system enjoyed a long period of prosperity, and was watched over by three powerful beings who shared their unique skillsets and technologies across three worlds for millenia. From out of nowhere, a Demon Army of immense power appeared suddenly and began invading these planets, slaughtering countless innocents and causing fear and paranoia in the godlike rulers of each world. On the planet of Altair, the first spacecraft in Mittu’s history has been constructed, with the hopes that its crew can find something in the Mittu star system to end the war against the Demon Army.

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The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt on Steam

Blood of Titans

Blood of Titans

So i see most reviews are from people with 2 hours so i will be the first actual player to write a real review, let me start by saying the game is free, you can choose to play for absolutely nothing, now that being said, just like any other game released on steam, you can pay for more, are there expensive single cards in the shop? yes. do you need to buy them? no. should you buy them? no.

This is a strategy game, if you aren’t good at strategy you will lose a lot, the strategy lacks a lot of depth but it is there, and you can really notice the difference once you figure out a play style and learn to counter different things. it is the general nature of a card game to know that one specific card will not beat another, if you cannot learn this you will not find success in this game.

Real player with 836.1 hrs in game

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Hmm were to start ?

First at all it not really PTW it has elements like the most games in steam , you can reach even all cards ( right now common , uncomman , rare , epic , legandary ) in only playing the story line , with all i mean even the legendary and you have to pay nothing for … its right that there are cards with 15 $ or 30 $ , but do you have to buy them - no … so before act like a cry baby ( as a read the most negativ reviews with not really a background ) , try to get some knowledge over the game , before speak up again , to pay for a game and think you would be NO.1 will never work without knowledge , … so in all - its a nice game not perfect , its new , the art style is awsome you can collect card pieces (copie from your card) to make your card stronger and the animation changes too , there permanent new events - the are allways free , give it a try ; )

Real player with 101.3 hrs in game

Blood of Titans on Steam

Transfer Of Essence

Transfer Of Essence

Tactical RPG meets Dungeon Crawlers in Transfer Of Essence!

Choose a character, then fight, hide, and explore Vamprett’s manor in search of the fabled treasure!

Play the story from each character’s point of view to experience the story through their eyes.

Dynamic Action Point system. Think carefully and create your own play experience!

Remember you can Fight, Hide, or Run to advance, the choice is yours!

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Transfer Of Essence on Steam

Troll and I™

Troll and I™

Before this game, I had nothing. My family threw me out on the cold, summer streets of Chicago. All I had was $5 in Walmart gift cards (yes, multiple) and my desktop PC in hand. Although this game cost more than $5 and this is not Walmart, I somehow managed to acquire a copy. That’s when my life changed for better or for worse. When you’ve hit the lowest point, there is nowhere to go, but up. Troll & I was my, “up”. This game is an emotional journey from start to finish. The relationship between the player and the troll is reminiscent of the brilliant character development and relationship displayed in Michael Bay’s Transformers™ franchise between Optimus Prime and whoever the hell Shia LaBeouf played. Never before has a form of media touched my heart like this game has. Thanks to this game, I cleaned up my act, my family took me back and my wife forgave me for whatever I did. I’m still not really sure, she gets pretty irrational when she’s angry, I’m not gonna lie. If you were hesitant to buy this game, because of the low reviews, do it anyway. For your $30, more or less depending on the seasonal sales, you will gain a deeper understand of yourself, those you care about and trolls. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may or may not experience minor gastrointestinal discomfort. Troll & I is truly the perfect video game. If you’re a fan of Super Mario 64, Dark Souls and/or Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies for GameCube (I haven’t, played the other versions, but I really enjoyed that one. I also hear the version on GameBoy Advance was pretty good.) you will love Troll & I. 5/5 Stars. HIGHLY recommend!

Real player with 499.5 hrs in game

Troll and I has a bit of a reception for being a notoriously bad game, and while it is indeed a game, I don’t believe it deserves the low reputation it has; far from it. The game tells the tale of a forlorn teenager named Otto, like the bus driver in The Simpsons, and a monstrous looking eponymous troll as they work together to return back to their families. You fight, solve puzzles and collect secrets through beautiful Scandinavia while the villain Nico and his men hunt the troll down. It isn’t just man that threatens you, it’s also the diverse nature hazards and the hostile mountain goblins that use a variety of weapons to hurt both you and Troll.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

Troll and I™ on Steam

Village Fest: Digging

Village Fest: Digging

Village Fest™: Digging is competitive (PvP) casual-action game set in medieval period.

Dig as much as you can gold and bring them to the collector before time runs out or someone steals it.

Key features

  • multiple play styles (dig, loot, steal or mix any of those)

  • defend your gold

  • variety of potions that provide power-up to player (shield, speed, strength)

  • up to 4 players (local and online multiplayer)

  • variety of maps to choose from (green plains, quarry, hills…)

  • procedurally generated props on map

Ways to play


Collect gold by digging specific spots. You have chance to find golden bar here which has much greater value than coins. Downside is that it can take a while until is found, or you may be in luck to find it quickly. You never know!


Smash props (chests, barrels…) to find gold. You may find potions as well. Pretty easy to get, but not very rewarding.


Track players with lot of carrying gold or wait until someone finds golden bar. Then reach them before they manage to bring gold to collector and take it for yourself.

Village Fest: Digging on Steam



This is where it all began and where it might have just ended. The word “Final” in “Final Fantasy” really meant a Final stretch for Square at the time. This title was either going to be a success or the nearly bankrupt company would be no more. Well we all know how that ended. Final Fantasy is a flagship for Square Enix for decades and this title started it all.

To be clear, you’re not really getting the original experience with this release. The old pixel art Final Fantasy games have been re-released and re-made so many times by now on various platforms, each making some changes to how the game works, a lot of people have different favorite and are ultimately going to be disappointed when another release does something differently. The original FFI came out on NES and GBA and if you want a real authentic experience, you’d turn to those. The game on NES was significantly harder and it’s what any purist really wants to play. My very first experience with FF I was actually on a Java phone back in 2007 or 2008 if you can believe that exists. The pixel remaster series we have here are far from the original feel. So what do we have on our hands anyway?

Real player with 36.5 hrs in game

I’ve never played FF1 before now. It was an enjoyable experience, overall… There were times the next step in game-play was unclear, & I traveled the entire map, so it became a real grind battling the same monsters over & over again, & I still didn’t find any clue as to where I needed to go next. I ended up needing to refer to online forums to eventually figure it out, & I needed to do that many times after that, so I took the fun out of discovery, (but it was either that or continue grinding seemingly endlessly). There is a feature that allows you to battle automatically, but it isn’t without its flaws; it follows the last choices you made were, which may or may not be ideal for the monsters you’re battling. It became boring toward the end, but I eventually made it to the final mega-boss. By then I had become lazy & died the first try, but soon discovered the final boss was a real challenge, which once again made the game interesting. Of course I wouldn’t want every fight to be as challenging as that, perhaps it would have been better if there weren’t as many monsters while wandering dungeons, or perhaps the fight dynamics could have been more unique to make it more interesting. I also like to be able to complete all challenges, but for as thorough as I thought I was, somehow I missed some treasure chests & some beasts, that was disappointing, because I really don’t want to play this game from the beginning again.

Real player with 33.8 hrs in game


Barbarian Legend

Barbarian Legend

Too Long Didn’t Read Version

| Recommend | ✔Yes, on sale, or part of a bundle |

| Adult Content | Animated scenes |

| Acts | Anal, Vaginal✔, Domination✔ |

| Censorship? | Yes, Mosaic |

| Hours of Gameplay | Many hours |

| Difficulty | Normal - Hard |

| Graphics | Good |

| Art Style | Anime |

| Bugs |

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Strategy sim + capture generals + mechanics = Grow and manage your barbarian army to take over the lands. Pillage, recruit, train, invade, adventure, sacrifice and fight. For the horde!

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Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Barbarian Legend on Steam

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Why would I recommend it:

  • great community, especially on Hood discord

  • beautifully made maps (Mountain and Outpost definitely my personal favourites)

  • great range of skins

  • beautifully designed characters on a visual level

  • great fun playing as sniping Robin

What needs urgent development and fix:

  • allowing cross play invites

  • better marketing and more frequent communication with players

  • listening to the players suggestions about bug and character fixes (Eidaa’s dodging, Marianne perks, perks descriptions inaccuracy, Robin razor attacks perk being too OP).and implementing them.

Real player with 149.0 hrs in game

Any new players reading this - you will not be able to find a game, there is no player base

great fun game but spend your money elsewhere, not an exaggeration to say no one plays it anymore

maybe if they make it free to play more people will get it

Real player with 32.5 hrs in game

Hood: Outlaws & Legends on Steam



Amazing graphics, great gameplay, fun game overall. 10/10 if you have friends coming over and an extra controller to play with them :D

Real player with 77.4 hrs in game

amazing game i loved the shit out of this game cause you can keep fighting for hours apon hours at a time and keep trying new combos

Real player with 76.3 hrs in game

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 on Steam



Thief is an Action/Adventure/Role-Playing/FPS (First Person Sneaker) game, set in a Victorian Gothic world but, with primitive electric lights and machinery typical of the early 20th century, as well as some unique and very imaginative devices. The characters are a blend of aristocracy, soldiers, commoners and beggers, some with British accents and, some who sound like they came from the streets of Brooklyn. The theme casts a hint of paranormal hope in a disease-ridden city of despair. The player is a thief named Garrett, who lost his female counterpart, Erin, in an accident which resulted in Garrett’s near death. After his recovery, amnesia swallowed most of his memories of the past year. So begins his search to find out what happened to him and, to learn Erin’s fate.

Real player with 1322.5 hrs in game

I really wanted to like Thief - and so, in a way, I did. But it helped not to think of it as a Thief game but rather more Batman - if Batman couldn’t fight and also was a relentless kleptomaniac.

The game is a quick eight chapters, some better than others. For example, one takes place in a brothel, and is so predictable with its silly attempts to be lurid that it’s laughable. Another takes place in an abandoned asylum and is actually unnerving. The deeper into the game you go, though, the more pat the levels are, the less finished they feel, and the less engaging they are. And the less you care because the character development is so lackluster, and the dialog so poorly written, that you cannot get involved in the story, even if you want to.

Real player with 161.0 hrs in game

Thief on Steam