FBI Agent Simulator

FBI Agent Simulator


Enter the city of sin and corruption and find your way around it. Stroll down the grey streets, trying not to get lost in this this sad, concrete town, and be prepared to be called into the field office. Murders, thefts, kidnapping, drug businesses, mafia and organized crime – all of these cases are your daily bread, but it’s high time they were no more.

Are you ready to face the ugly truth and deal with the consequences?


What kind of agent do you want to be? In this game you will be able to choose your approach and follow your instincts. Should you put the arm on the suspect or pretend to befriend him? Or maybe let him loose, only to follow him and make an ambush? It’s up to you, but remember – time is of the essence and the lives of the people hang entirely on your success… or failure.

So, are you going to be a good cop, or a bad cop after all?


As soon as you receive the call – pack all the high-tech stuff and examine the crime scene. Who could do it better than an FBI agent, right? Especially since you are well-prepared and own a bag full of specialized tools that will allow you to look for the finger prints, test the blood samples, hack into the devices or instantly look through the police records. Gather all the evidence from the crime scene and take them to the lab!


After running through the evidence, you have to try to find a pattern. Maybe it’s about the look of the victims? Or the location of the crime scenes? Or the suspect’s background? The reason behind the murder is different each time and solving the puzzle requires both analytical thinking and perceptivity. Use the old-school, cork board mind map and look for the similarities. The more evidence you have, the easier the task will be!


If you have enough data, it’s time to narrow down the list of the suspects and set up some interviews. Prepare yourself and don’t lose your nerve. The culprit may want to put you off your stroke! Decide on the right approach and choose the dialogue options that will allow you to find out more about the crime and define whether the person sitting across the table is guilty or not. You may use the polygraph to help you out!


Having found the culprit? Great! All you have to do now is to arrest them and put them behind bars. Let’s just hope that you have done everything right! It would be such a shame to frame someone… However, even if you manage to choose the right person, you cannot rest on your laurels. As soon as one criminal lands in jail, the other one just starts doing atrocious things. The job of the FBI agent is never done… So you’d better brace yourself and brew some coffee!


Try to prevent the crimes from happening by using the information provided by the counterintelligence and infiltrators, but be prepared for the worse. And when it happens - solve the puzzle and find the criminal by connecting all the dots. Interview, accuse and put them in jail to make sure, that they never hurt anyone again.

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FBI Agent Simulator on Steam

Eco Warrior Simulator

Eco Warrior Simulator

Gather support and save our planet!

Eco Warrior Simulator gives you a chance to experience the thrill of launching large-scale protests against non-eco-friendly companies.

Plan spectacular protests and draw attention to environmental concerns. Whether you try to protect whales or save forests, always plan ahead. Gather intel on your target, assemble your supporters, and prepare the right equipment.

Lead infiltration missions into the heart of heavily-guarded facilities. Avoid getting spotted before you’re ready for the big reveal. Plant your banners where they’re most visible or disrupt the operations of companies unfriendly to mother nature.

Get ready to run once your task is complete. Balance public support and your notoriety. Don’t anger the law enforcement too much or your operations will shut down. Spread your message, gather activists, and save the planet!


  • Various types of protests to organize

  • Singleplayer campaign

  • Mission sites on every continent

  • Infiltration mechanics to sneak into any non-green facility

  • Sabotage (when necessary) - delay the companies and gain more time to gather larger support

  • Notoriety mechanic, leading to an eventual arrest of overzealous campaigners

  • Mission planning, scouting, and equipment management

  • Public opinion system

  • Unlimited fun

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Eco Warrior Simulator on Steam

Maniac Path 2

Maniac Path 2

good music

amazing plot

classic favorite 2d game

you can bring down a couple of dozen police patrols

10/10 life in Moscow in the light of recent events. the game is similar to postal + Hotline Miami

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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An excellent 2D game about a maniac who kills many people. You have to kill your victims from various weapons, and all this with a good soundtrack. I recommend everyone, an excellent time killer.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Maniac Path 2 on Steam

Mission Z

Mission Z


☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Nothing special

☐ Okay

☐ Bad


☐ Masterpiece

☑ Beautiful

☐ Good

☐ Will do

☐ Bad

☐ Awful


☐ Amazing

☐ Very good

☑ Good

☐ Decent

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad


☐ Kids

☑ Teens

☑ Adults

☐ Everyone


☐ Lovely

☑ Good

☐ Average

☐ Not great

☐ None


☐ Just press a bunch of buttons

☐ Easy

☐ Significant brain usage

☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Not so easy

☐ Difficult

☐ Dark Souls


☐ Nothing

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game


The game is a survival singleplayer game, where you feel thirsty and hungry, and has a few vendors scattered around, where you can buy or find items all over the map. The map is large and allows for extensive exploration. It has 10 missions where you must fulfill various types of objectives, from assassinating targets, cleaning areas, recovering items, etc. As I really like this type of game I decided to give it a try.


The environment of the map is just incredible, it´s very difficult to find such a well-developed indie game, the sounds, the scenery, the items, the collectibles… Everything is perfectly done, which left me stuck for a few hours exploring and contemplating all this.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Mission Z on Steam

Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl is a 2D point-and-click adventure game for mobile, PC and console.

The game takes place in France in the mid-Sixties. The story, mood, and style of the game are inspired by the city of Paris, Belgian comics and Sixties cinema.

The late teen tomboy Monique lives as a cat burglar in Paris. After a heist gone wrong, she ends up in jail where she meets an enigmatic prisoner. They escape prison together, and agree to venture on a spectacular heist for a precious diamond. Thus begins a quest that takes our heroes through a catholic monastery, a Parisian metro station and the Catacombs.

The game focuses on story and atmosphere. The gameplay mixes elements of stealth, discovery and puzzle solving.

Midnight Girl on Steam

HEDE Game Engine

HEDE Game Engine

Stars received: 2/10

Overview: junk to make even more junk xD

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

HEDE Game Engine wants to be the next “easy” game maker out there. While it might be easy, it is so extremely flawed and absolutely terrible! Between missing features, glitches, annoying features, and just how lazy this engine is makes this a hard pass!

All you need to know why to avoid this is this posted on the store page.

“At the current state, you can’t make a build of your game. You can play it only inside our game engine."

Let me just say, that some the artwork assets included in this are actually pretty good! No real complaints there, other than there is not a whole lot to pick or choose from. Half of the assets shown in the store page are not in here, so be warned with that… Here’s the thing though. It’s all just repackaged Unity Store Assets. With very little looking you can just find them all there.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

HEDE Game Engine on Steam

The Chameleon

The Chameleon

Ok, I liked this game, might even speedrun it, but I have to give it a negative review because it’s exactly as I feared: it’s just the demo but double length.

For the price point it just ends too soon and feels like it doesn’t explore its concept enough. Also considering this was in the haunted ps1 disc this year, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably played the demo, which means you’ve experienced the best this game really has to offer already and you don’t need to buy it. You get the blink power in that demo and then it ends soon after.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Really fun stealth game!

As a massive Splinter Cell (Chaos Theory) fan, this scratched that itch.

It’s super cheap, but it is rather short (beat it in a little over 3hours), however I think with the price, and just how fun and well designed The Chameleon is, it was definitely worth the price. I think I might even feel like replaying this at some point.

Liked the story, if there ever were a DLC expansion, or just a sequel, I’d buy it.

The atmosphere, visual style, modern effects complementing the retro style, just feels great. There’s neat dynamic lighting, a cool dithering effect on high pixelation, lots of moody coloured lighting, details all around, notes to read to enhance the setting, charming humorous touches.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Chameleon on Steam



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It is a rainy evening. Your job doesn’t pay well. On your way home, you pass the very expensive stores with items you could only afford when you were doing less honest work. Finally you arrive home, which looks even worse than your mood. There’s no desk, stuff is everywhere. Then it hits you that you will go back to your old ways, at being a pro thief.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

This game has appealing graphics and nice background music. The goal is to solve puzzles in order to steal everything in a level without getting detected. There are sometimes multiple solutions for a level and overall the game is not too difficult. In each level, you’ll have to steal two things in order to get 100% completion: money and items.

The challenge is to study the routines of the guards and time your movement. This game is surely good for a couple hours of fun. The minus is that once you know how to beat a level, it is too easy to replay that level.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Picklock on Steam

The Break-In

The Break-In

The Break-In is a 1-4 player, VR and non VR, co-op burglary game about sneaking in, taking everything, and then sneaking out. Infiltrate houses, bank vaults and museums to earn money and upgrade your thief gear. Take on special contracts to extract high-value items from dangerous locations and go from petty burglar to high-tech agent of stealth.

Multiplayer allows for a range of different roles and play-styles, from leading communications from your van to being the first to the break-in from the roof, opening the route for your team.

  • Wide range of gadgets: Equip yourself with items ranging from old ladders to high-power grapple guns.

  • Natural climbing system: Clamber up drainpipes, squeeze through windows, or make your way to the roof and enter through the chimney santa-style.

  • 1-4 player co-op: Bring your friends along for extra pairs of thieving hands. Just make sure they’re quiet, or they’ll alert the residents.

  • Randomised level generation:. Hit a brand new house each time you play, so you’ll always have to be on your toes.

  • VR / non-VR crossplay: VR adds an extra layer of immersion, but you can play fully without it too! Cross-play allows you to play alongside VR players, even in flatscreen mode.

The Break-In on Steam

Doomsday Dispute

Doomsday Dispute

customer service dont respond to you and they deleted all their social media

Real player with 138.3 hrs in game


After playing for several days i can tell there is no content. I mean the content this genre had 10 years ago is present, but not improved at all. You can lvl up base to 25 and that’s it. The only activitity for you is to try and beat others in different rankings, which is impossible due to existance of whales who can pay 10k+ $ monthly. Just in 2-3 days the ammount of time to upgrade or research something reached 20+ hours, so without constant speed ups there is nothing much to do about it. And by speeding up you pretty much cheating levels and reach end-game in hours, after which there is nothing else to do.

Real player with 21.3 hrs in game

Doomsday Dispute on Steam