The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time

The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time

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Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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Noot noot noot!



Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time on Steam

HEDE Game Engine

HEDE Game Engine

Stars received: 2/10

Overview: junk to make even more junk xD

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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HEDE Game Engine wants to be the next “easy” game maker out there. While it might be easy, it is so extremely flawed and absolutely terrible! Between missing features, glitches, annoying features, and just how lazy this engine is makes this a hard pass!

All you need to know why to avoid this is this posted on the store page.

“At the current state, you can’t make a build of your game. You can play it only inside our game engine."

Let me just say, that some the artwork assets included in this are actually pretty good! No real complaints there, other than there is not a whole lot to pick or choose from. Half of the assets shown in the store page are not in here, so be warned with that… Here’s the thing though. It’s all just repackaged Unity Store Assets. With very little looking you can just find them all there.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

HEDE Game Engine on Steam

Thief Shop

Thief Shop

Thief Shop is a 4-player party game made by students. Players act as merchants and thieves who steal each other’s goods in a chaotic marketplace.

Choose which thieving vendor to play, and try to be the one with the most coins at the end of the game!

You have to collect resources that appear periodically in the center of the market, carry them to your shop and sell them to the customers.

But beware! All the while, the other players can directly steal the stuff you stored in your shop, so keep their paws off your goods!

Have fun, play fair (or don’t), and may the best of you thieves win!

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Thief Shop on Steam

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Anarchy: Wolf’s law

Really good start, but needs a lot more input and very soon. Silenced rounds ripping into flesh - together with all round realistic sounds accompanied by eerie tunes. Excellent graphics, sound range of weapon upgrades and silencers but something like the M203 in addition, would be even better!!!! An LMG is already in place but could also do with something like an ACOG Scope. Or how about the GLOCK G44 which also uses 5.56mm rounds, which you could then twin with other 5.56mm rifles?

Really good start, but needs something else to happen, apart from pirates suddenly appearing in front of you and they have taken over the business without firing a shot????

Real player with 63.2 hrs in game

Disclaimer: This review will focus on ‘Single-Player’

Describing this game in one sentence would be: An extremely generic version of Tarkov.

There is only one map and on that map there are 7 “strong-holds” in the city, which you have to capture them, which is essentially how you will make the most money. Looting is suppose to be an important aspect of the game, but honestly, capturing the strong-holds, gives you an abundance of money, where looting simply becomes obsolete.

Speaking about obsolete looting. Once you’ve manage to capture all of the 7 strong-holds, well now my friends, you have the pleasure of continuing to “defend” them, because why yes, the AI can take them back. You will constantly, and I mean constantly get notified about one of your strong-holds being raided or taken over by the AI. Which essentially means, you don’t really have any time for looting, because while you’re looting, the AI could be taking one of your strong-holds.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Anarchy: Wolf's law on Steam



This game is wonderful.

From the satisfying explosions & realistic lighting and weather, to satisfyingly destructive fire and physics, Teardown is by far the most amazing game I have played in 2021. I may be a bit late to the party, but Teardown has the potential to hold up for the future. If this ever gets ported to next-gen hardware, it would be magnificent. Everything in the game is so amazingly satisfying. Teardown, I must say, is the ultimate stress reliever. There is something so magical about seeing semi-realistic destruction, with no real consequences. Don’t even get me started on the infinite stream of modded weaponry, maps, and random features I didn’t know I needed.

Real player with 156.3 hrs in game

The destruction in this game works incredibly well. It may disappoint some, what with it still abiding by the logic of even a few blocks connected to something can prevent a structure from falling apart, but I ended up viewing that as a useful tool to better break the environment the way I needed to more than a negative. Additionally the first part of the campaign got a bit heavy on timer based missions in which you set up and then have a minute to grab various objectives then escape the level, but these definitely are less common in part 2 and when they do show up they’re different enough from the first ones you get to justify their presence. Overall though, the destruction is great and it combined with the objectives of each mission makes for some very rewarding gameplay.

Real player with 62.8 hrs in game

Teardown on Steam

Gangs of Rikton

Gangs of Rikton

You’re back in Rikton City, six months after your parents died and you were charged with murder. You are free thanks to a mysterious stranger who now expects you to pay him back. For this, you will have to make a place for yourself in the middle of the underworld of Rikton City. What will be your destiny? Fortune and power? A return to prison? Or a one-way trip to the morgue?

You have to start with little profitable petty theft to earn enough money to invest.

  • Steal money, items and ID from passers-by’s wallets. Then resell the stolen goods to the pawnshop!

  • Create fake bank accounts using IDs and embezzle money from consumer loans!

  • Rob the neighborhood stores, but watch out for armed cashiers!

Become the biggest pimp in town !

  • Take the girls working in the streets under your protection

  • Earn their loyalty by effectively protecting them, giving them little gifts, or drugging them…

  • Or scare them by threatening them and eliminating the most rebellious. Who said the crime was moral ?

  • Invest in massage clubs that will serve as hidden brothels, and send your most beautiful girls as escorts !

The most profitable business, but also the most dangerous

  • Produce yourself weed and synthetic drugs like methamphetamine and ecstasy !

  • Buy from stores and from unscrupulous employees or wholesalers

  • Import cocaine and heroin through dynamically generated contacts, which can try to scam you.

  • Cut and retail drugs on the streets, but get ready to face the competition !

Your gang and the management of your territory are very important functions. Increase your production, your income and decrease the micromanagement.

  • Eliminate local gangs to appropriate their territory and no longer suffer from their competition !

  • Recruit lieutenants and entrust them with pieces of your territory, they will deal for you and will also find other activities to bring you small bonuses

  • Watch your men ! Maybe they will betray you to start their own gang or maybe they are undercover cops !

The police watch and remember!

  • Take care ! It won’t be enough to hide 30 seconds for the police to let you go. Every crime you commit may be added to your file. If this becomes too important, you will no longer be able to avoid your arrest… You will then have to undergo a long and expensive trial.

  • Use corrupt officers to diminish the importance of the case against you !

  • Don’t spill blood unnecessarily ! In addition to increasing your file, it will increase the police presence in the city.

  • Bet on fights, maybe your trusted men and girls will hear tips…

  • Buy and manage your Night Club !

  • Indulge yourself by buying the most beautiful villa and show your success

Gangs of Rikton is a game developed by one developer. Even if, the graphics design is decent and creditable, the emphasis was put on the gameplay. It is essentially a game for mature people, which has a detailed conception and is wide-ranging. You have been warned !

Gangs of Rikton on Steam

I’m a cowboy: Western Shooter

I’m a cowboy: Western Shooter

I’m a cowboy: Western Shooter - a hardcore top-down shooter with an indescribable atmosphere of the wild west.

Each shootout can be the last. You need a great reaction to defeat your enemies.

Revolvers, rifles, dynamite and even machine guns - you can use all this in battle.

Adrenaline-pumping gameplay, one-on-one duels, challenging shootouts, horse chases, all this awaits you in this game.

Main character

Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Horn, they tried to hang a lot of dirty things on me, but you know what, buddy? I’m not like that. I know I know you’ve been told about me. They said that I killed the kid and a lot of other people for money, but it’s all nonsense. I was a deputy sheriff, I didn’t kill anyone for bucks and I never touched children. Sit back, I’ll tell you my story.

Main features:

  • Unique graphic style;

  • Adrenaline gameplay;

  • Hardcore shootings;

  • Various game scenarios (capture of a train, horse chases, siege of a ranch with bandits, etc.);

  • One-on-one duels with gang leaders;

  • Timed survival mode;

  • 6 unique types of weapons;

  • Multiplayer with modes 2 by 2 and deathmatch;

See if you can kill them all.

I'm a cowboy: Western Shooter on Steam

Clou - Roll & Heist

Clou - Roll & Heist

Clou - Roll & Heist is a digital roll & write game, in which you have to use the abilities and tools of your thief character skillfully to get the most loot out of your heist. From the kiosk around the corner to the Tower of London, from the cash box to the crown jewels, make the perfect burglary!

Each turn you roll 3 dice, which you have to use on your character sheet to activate their abilities and make progress on your heist plan. Combine your dice skillfully in combinations or use specials to manipulate the results. But you also have to fulfill the security conditions and use all of your dice or you will leave traces or trigger the alarm.

Clou - Roll & Heist on Steam

Sneak Thief

Sneak Thief

This game is basically a criminal game. It is simular to the ‘Unorginised Theif’ but it has guns in the game. Unlike the ‘Unorginised Theif’ you don’t need to rob important items in a checklist.

Although this is a ‘Early Access’ game, you get to rob peoples stuff which will add to the money at the top of the screen. If you have enough money, you can go to your escape vehicle to finish the level. Normally in each level, there is a ‘safe’ or a ‘vault’ which will require a ‘passcode’ or a ‘password’. You will have one try or multiple tries. If you fail, a alarm may be heard which then the owner or the gaurds will shoot you. Some safes or vaults may have traps like example, lasers or trip wires. Going through the lasers will trigger the alarm sound while the trip wires may kill you.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

I actually really enjoy this game its not perfect by any means but it is fun especially with the recently added multiplayer mode. In sneak thief you are a thief who must go and steal money and other valuables while trying not to die by the police or swat cops. Theirs tons of maps to choose from like a bank, someones home, a manison, a farm, a univeristy and even a nucular base where you set off a freaking missle. While the game mainly focuses on single player their recently has been added a multiplayer mode for you people who want to take your stealth and stealing skills online. The multiplayer offers game modes (currently theres only 1 but there will be more later). Cops and robbers is where you have a team of theives against a team of cops. The theives try to steal the required money to escape while defending them selfs from cops that try to foil there plans. The multiplayer has 2 maps so far the bank and the neigborhood of course there will be more.

Real player with 49.9 hrs in game

Sneak Thief on Steam

Chess Knights: High Noon

Chess Knights: High Noon

Incredible game!! This is definitely the most fun game in the Chess Knights series! I love western movies and this game has the perfect western vibe! In the other games, you could only survive, escapingfrom the enemies, but now you are a badass gunslinger and you only advance if you eliminate all enemies on the level! The puzzle continues with the same quality from Minimol games, but now we have the addition of Duel mode, which forces you to think and act very fast, just like in a real duel! I can’t wait for the full release!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

I really like the games in the Chess Knights series. When I saw this game announced with this theme I confess that I found it unusual.

Well, what I can say is that this game just became my new favorite in the series.

In addition to the game being beautiful like the others, and counting very well elaborated puzzles (ranging from the simplest ones that present the mechanics, to the most challenging ones), the theme was very well implemented, including the duel, which is very well incorporated gameplay dynamics in a way I didn’t imagine for a game inspired by chess.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Chess Knights: High Noon on Steam