FBI Agent Simulator

FBI Agent Simulator


Enter the city of sin and corruption and find your way around it. Stroll down the grey streets, trying not to get lost in this this sad, concrete town, and be prepared to be called into the field office. Murders, thefts, kidnapping, drug businesses, mafia and organized crime – all of these cases are your daily bread, but it’s high time they were no more.

Are you ready to face the ugly truth and deal with the consequences?


What kind of agent do you want to be? In this game you will be able to choose your approach and follow your instincts. Should you put the arm on the suspect or pretend to befriend him? Or maybe let him loose, only to follow him and make an ambush? It’s up to you, but remember – time is of the essence and the lives of the people hang entirely on your success… or failure.

So, are you going to be a good cop, or a bad cop after all?


As soon as you receive the call – pack all the high-tech stuff and examine the crime scene. Who could do it better than an FBI agent, right? Especially since you are well-prepared and own a bag full of specialized tools that will allow you to look for the finger prints, test the blood samples, hack into the devices or instantly look through the police records. Gather all the evidence from the crime scene and take them to the lab!


After running through the evidence, you have to try to find a pattern. Maybe it’s about the look of the victims? Or the location of the crime scenes? Or the suspect’s background? The reason behind the murder is different each time and solving the puzzle requires both analytical thinking and perceptivity. Use the old-school, cork board mind map and look for the similarities. The more evidence you have, the easier the task will be!


If you have enough data, it’s time to narrow down the list of the suspects and set up some interviews. Prepare yourself and don’t lose your nerve. The culprit may want to put you off your stroke! Decide on the right approach and choose the dialogue options that will allow you to find out more about the crime and define whether the person sitting across the table is guilty or not. You may use the polygraph to help you out!


Having found the culprit? Great! All you have to do now is to arrest them and put them behind bars. Let’s just hope that you have done everything right! It would be such a shame to frame someone… However, even if you manage to choose the right person, you cannot rest on your laurels. As soon as one criminal lands in jail, the other one just starts doing atrocious things. The job of the FBI agent is never done… So you’d better brace yourself and brew some coffee!


Try to prevent the crimes from happening by using the information provided by the counterintelligence and infiltrators, but be prepared for the worse. And when it happens - solve the puzzle and find the criminal by connecting all the dots. Interview, accuse and put them in jail to make sure, that they never hurt anyone again.

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FBI Agent Simulator on Steam

American Theft 80s

American Theft 80s

It’s the 80s, so put on your nostalgia glasses (even if you weren’t there)!

From the creators of Thief Simulator.

Every house, bank, shop and museum can be robbed with the right tools, you just have to know how to do it.

Earn your way up in a county full of corruption and crime while discovering what the residents are hiding.

That’s right, if you see a house, bank or a shop you can get inside, but learn about the tenants first. You don’t want to get caught.

Remember VHS, cassette players and CRT TVs? No? Well now you can get to know them. Tenants will surely share them with you, albeit not knowingly.

Earn cash and reputation in the underground world filled with corruption and crime.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is get in the car and drive as fast as possible. But be careful, the cops are not playing around and will chase after you.

Make sure to bribe the police to avoid being wanted.

There are many classic styled minigames available. Beat the highscores and get achievements for it!

Use tools like crowbar, bolt cutters or lockpicks to help you in your jobs.


  • steal from houses, trailers, banks, shops, mansions and more

  • use lockpicks, crowbars and other tools to break in

  • finish shady jobs for cash and reputation

  • drive around seamless sandbox

  • buy and steal cars

  • buy houses and decorate them

  • disguise yourself as an electrician or a policeman to fool tenants

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American Theft 80s on Steam

Game Of Mafia

Game Of Mafia

Wonderful pixel art game! Nice music and beautiful art surprised me. I enjoyed playing this game. It’s a pity that I spent a little time on it, since I finished the game.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Avoid this, like you avoid drinking alcohol in the mornings

1920, New York. Bootleggers, bruised knuckles, and the smell of moonshine in the air. And of course, a man with the American dream. You see, the glitz and glamour of a proper mobster story is right there. However, it takes way more than just an appreciation of The Godfather or Goodfellas to create a game with gangsters at its center. At a glance, I knew Game Of Mafia was intriguing but not to be taken seriously, yet it is a botched opportunity for a simple, retro adventure title.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Game Of Mafia on Steam

Mafia Gangster City

Mafia Gangster City

the game does not respond I do not reply to the e-mail I have played tens of hours and they do not care at least if they sent me an e-mail for technical support I also sent photos from my e-mail everything still no response. Well thank you

Real player with 223.1 hrs in game

nice game i like it

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

Mafia Gangster City on Steam

Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai Gullies is inspired by the amazing contrast of life in Mumbai city. A city where the landscape changes every few meters. At one glance you could see towering skyscrapers and on the other you see miles long slums. This is a city where life is more than what meets the eye.

Mumbai, the city of dreams has a lot to offer. It’s the city that never sleeps and is packed with action 24x7. With Mumbai Gullies you will get to experience this city in all it’s glory and prime while exploring 3 different eras of gameplay and an action packed storyline as well as an open world to explore every nook and corner of Mumbai city.

Mumbai Gullies on Steam

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress

This game exceeded my expectations by a mile, featuring some solid character writing with its development of the three main heroines. This, coupled with great supporting characters and pairings where both the MC and the girls work equally hard to succeed made for a very satisfying experience. Only minor complaint would be that one of its lovable supporting characters(Kaname) does not have a route of her own.

Real player with 50.6 hrs in game

This is a pretty good visual novel with a lot of passion. There are too many H-scenes in my opinion, and some of the expressions don’t change as much as they could in my opinion. The ambiance is well done in this story and the side characters are cast well. The manner in which the text displays the thoughts of characters aside from the protagonist can be confusing at first.

[Light spoilers about plot theme]

I will talk about how I believe the voice actresses were well chosen for their roles.

Kurusu probably has the most generically lovely voice out of voice actresses. In a way, her voice is the polished type that the anime industry wishes to utilize for female leads. She gets a lot of jobs because of this.

Real player with 50.2 hrs in game

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress on Steam

Hobo: Tough Life

Hobo: Tough Life

I was hesitated about buying this game due to some review and topic said the Dev has abandoned this game. Let’s me clarify this. They just put a new update in this game, and also there will be a patch which add mod support to the game according to the dev. And after 90 mins playing, so far I don’t see any bug glitch in this game. Everything work pretty smooth, game optimization is very good imo. Here are some Pros and Cons.


  • Save on exit. You can exit the game anytime you want without worry about losing your progress.

Real player with 186.5 hrs in game

So, after surviving 3 consecutive winters, I have a fair grasp on the game—which did not come without cost. The first ~10 hours was learning how to balance the needs of the character, and learning the city (the latter being the slightly more difficult part).

Expect to die. Expect to die a lot. This game is ruthless, and it will sht on you: you will starve, you’ll be told to “pss off”, you’ll smell like a porta-potty, you may end up involved with a Satanic Cult, you’ll get blitzed so badly that you’ll feel like you have to hold on to the pavement to keep from falling off the face of the planet…and then you’ll sh*t your pants.

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

Hobo: Tough Life on Steam

Reina and Jericho

Reina and Jericho

Caught unprepared and unarmed, Reina must find a way to rescue a prisoner and break out of the underground fortress they are both trapped within. Carrying a powerful artifact she didn’t know existed, she must master its abilities and defeat the evil tyrant standing before her freedom before it’s too late.

Find powerful artifacts through exploration or by defeating adversaries. Travel back through time to previously impassable obstacles and overcome them with the knowledge and abilities Reina has acquired. Create the perfect chain of cause and effect. Find a Way.

  • Explore multiple environments, time-travel, and the impact different choices have on the future

  • Solve time-bending puzzles that rely on the player’s ability to manipulate cause and effect

  • Fast-paced melee combat that allows for expressive play by combining Reina’s diverse combat abilities

  • Exciting platforming action

  • A touching story about love, loss, and finding the strength to push forward

  • Player-influenced story developments, a built-in randomizer, and speedrun mode provide endless replayability

  • Original piano-driven soundtrack with acoustic and synthetic instruments

Reina and Jericho on Steam