Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

TL;DR: A fun, yet disappointing game with a questionable future that at the end of the day does disservice to both Marvel and Capcom brands.

The Marvel vs. Capcom series is one that I hold dear in my heart. And this game’s gameplay is a deserving continuation of that series' tradition of fun, frantic and chaotic fighters with immense depth.

Unfortunately it would be remiss of me to recommend this game in its current form, at its current price, even with the current discount at the time of this writing. The game just simply doesn’t have anything besides its gameplay, with a lacklustre cast of characters mostly imported from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, tremendously disappointing and at times just plain ugly graphics that pale in most regards with its predecessor, mediocre soundtrack with a complete disregard to the series' legacy and some remixes that are… not good and questionable at best UX decisions, with menus that appear to be placeholders and yet still somehow manage to cause lag.

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

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Don’t waste your money on this game. It’s already discounted for 33% off because of poor sales; but if you want the full game you’ll need to drop a ridiculous amount of money on DLC anyway, so what the discount actually saves you is closer to 2%.


The game is actually pretty fun. They dumbed down some of the controls from previous installments, but it adds a new instant tag out system and still boasts an extraordinary amount of depth. Unfortunately, not all of the new inclusions are as fun in higher level play.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on Steam

Village Fest: Digging

Village Fest: Digging

Village Fest™: Digging is competitive (PvP) casual-action game set in medieval period.

Dig as much as you can gold and bring them to the collector before time runs out or someone steals it.

Key features

  • multiple play styles (dig, loot, steal or mix any of those)

  • defend your gold

  • variety of potions that provide power-up to player (shield, speed, strength)

  • up to 4 players (local and online multiplayer)

  • variety of maps to choose from (green plains, quarry, hills…)

  • procedurally generated props on map

Ways to play


Collect gold by digging specific spots. You have chance to find golden bar here which has much greater value than coins. Downside is that it can take a while until is found, or you may be in luck to find it quickly. You never know!


Smash props (chests, barrels…) to find gold. You may find potions as well. Pretty easy to get, but not very rewarding.


Track players with lot of carrying gold or wait until someone finds golden bar. Then reach them before they manage to bring gold to collector and take it for yourself.

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Village Fest: Digging on Steam