Heist Simulator

Heist Simulator

Lights, Camera, HEIST! Grab your perfect team then hack, unlock, solve and disguise your way to stealing England’s finest tat and treasures. Once you’re a master thief, take our tools into your own hands and create your perfect heist!

Use Heist Simulator’s level editor and build the burglary, story or even home plan of your dreams! Draw up your ideal location, then fill it to the brim with thousands of props, decorations and interactables, then share your masterpiece with the world by uploading it to HeistCloud!

  • Steal treasures, valuables and questionable knick-knacks from all over England

  • Build your dream heist from a library of over 8,500 assets

  • Make your own puzzles and fiendish traps to outwit your friends

  • Breathe life into your world with NPCs and other interactive elements

  • Play through a whole host of community built campaigns and levels

Browse the Heist Cloud for campaigns and levels uploaded by other players. Rate them, recommend them to friends or take inspiration for your own designs and make your heists the best in the world!

Plan your way around lasers, guards and hundreds of other obstacles, while using every tool at your disposal to steal away the valuables. Once your plan is in place, set your team going and watch your heist take place in real-time, showing you every exciting moment and close call!

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Heist Simulator on Steam



This is a great stealth puzzle game. The art, the sounds and the music all give the game a great mood.

There are so many ways to do better in each level giving you excellent replayability. The multiple paths through a level combined with checkpoints mean that you can always crawl your way through a more difficult level to get to the finish, but that leaves you room to come back and find a new way to get through the level even faster.

HEIST is easily in my top 10 favourite indie games of all time.

Real player with 27.1 hrs in game

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So most of the reviews on this game are like 3 years old, so a slightly more recent one, game is brilliant. gameplay is a lil iffy at times but if you love stereotypical noir shit this game is brilliant for it and it has probably the best soundtrack I’ve heard on a video game. idk if its worth the money but defo worth the play. 10/10.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

HEIST on Steam

Zombies In The Dark

Zombies In The Dark


From time to time, I like to take a chance on a super-cheap indie title that I find on Steam. I generally like top-down shooters and spooky games, so Zombies in the Dark fit the bill. Although I saw a few negative reviews, these were from when the game was in early access. I had hoped that the most prominent issues were fixed by the time the 1.0 release rolled around.

Unfortunately, I was incorrect. There are a lot of issues here that make Zombies in the Dark unpleasant to play:

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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I bought this game when it was on sale, It was interesting to play and it does remind me of the old resident evil games with the fixed point of view. I know its in early access, I’m hoping for more to be added.

The controls are very sensitive and it makes it a little hard to play. Its best to use the keyboard and mouse instead of the controller. I got further with the PC controls than I did with the console controls.

I like the old style of the game, so I’m not complaining.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Zombies In The Dark on Steam

Between Time: Escape Room

Between Time: Escape Room

Between Time is third game from mc2games and, in my opinion, it is their best release to date. I enjoyed both previous titles (Palindrome Syndrome and Tested On Humans) which had well thought out puzzles but could be a bit confusing at times.

In Between Time, the interface has been slightly tweaked and seemed more intuitive. The development team has done a great job providing visual clues on related puzzles and there is a gentle hint system if you are stuck. They also posted a full solution guide which I only referred to once. This game has a time travel theme so it is played in five distinct environments, each with a new set of diverse puzzles. Most are easily solved if you are paying attention, as clues tend to be in plain sight.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

really love the fun and challenging puzzles. not TOO frustrating.

I find the clues are really well done. Some other puzzle games might just not tell you anything at all to make it “challenging”. Really that’s poor design and frustrating to the player.

This game however is really fun with interesting locales.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Between Time: Escape Room on Steam