Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux

Observer Systemn Redux (2020) is a refurbished version of Observer (2017) both developed by a polish development company named Bloober . This walking horror simulator is based during a cyberpunk era, 2084, when a deadly disease known as ‘Nanophage’ has already become rampant in the past and manifested itself among the slum C district of Krakow Poland. Due to a nuclear holocaust from both east and west, a mega corporation known as Chiron was able to usurp control by segregating the nation from the rest of the world (the great wall) and forming the 5th Polish Republic, further divided into three classes. A-district upper class, B-District working class and C District – slums.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

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Anyone that has been into gaming for the past few years clearly knows Observer. As a fantastic dystopian thrilling adventure, the game left us all impressed by its story and aesthetics. There was however, a lot which was left behind, and in that regard Observer: System Redux fulfills every aspect, including in the technical department.

But let’s not get ourselves in the optimization just yet, because first I want to assure everyone that no story-related detail was altered or manipulated. System Redux remasters what was already present. This is obviously good, as the story itself was already top-tier, revealing a world where augmented electronics embed in the human body created an easier but also tougher verdict for citizens.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

Observer: System Redux on Steam

Zero Page

Zero Page

Zero Page is a single-player survival horror puzzle game that dares you to survive the horror of solving puzzles by yourself in space. If that wasn’t horrifying enough, you’re also going to have to solve them on a deserted spaceship using the only piece of equipment that still works: a personal computer from 1981. But with a little bit of BASIC and a lot of high-stakes debugging, you might just live long enough to find out why you’re alone, why you’re in space, why you’re on a dying ship circling an unknown planet, and why that ship wants to kill you.

Back to BASIC

Find out if you’re smart enough to not die in space, armed only with a machine that struggles to count higher than 256 — a highly accurate recreation of a classic 1980s personal computer, complete with floppy discs and a joystick.

A Game About Thinking (The Thinking Man’s Shooting)

Put that laser gun back in your space pants. You’re going to have to program your way out of this problem, by writing code that actually physically changes your environment.

Also a Game About Action (The Action Man’s Thinking)

You won’t just be sitting at an old computer — well, you will, but not fictionally. In addition to programming, you’ll also get your hands dirty resurrecting an ancient spacecraft — patching critical holes, pressing important buttons, and bringing systems back online so they can start keeping you alive again.

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Zero Page on Steam

Hikikomori life

Hikikomori life

Hikikomori simulator. Experience the hard life of a hikan suffering from gambling addiction. You have to satisfy physiological needs, eliminate distractions. And how can you play, play, play without it.

Hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引きこもり, lit. “pulling inward, being confined”.

Key features:

  • The atmosphere of a midnight apartment and solitude, complemented by lighting and soundtrack.

  • Random events that prevent you from playing. Manage to eliminate everything.

  • The need to play, drink, eat, relieve themselves.

  • Funny and not very lines of the protagonist.

  • Several endings, try to open them all.

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Hikikomori life on Steam

Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2

Thief Simulator 2 will transport you to a world full of valuables, expensive cars, and rustling banknotes. As long as you find a way to steal them.

Know that a thief’s trade is not a piece of cake. In order to get some practice, you’ll start with petty theft. This is how you’ll gain the experience required to access more and more risky – and most importantly, more profitable – jobs.

Gain levels and unlock new possibilities. Get useful tools. Together with newly acquired skills, they will pave the way to expensive items, which you can then sell on the black market. The tools of your trade include a crowbar and binoculars, as well as advanced equipment that becomes available as you progress, such as a laptop for hacking through security systems.

The creators of Thief Simulator 2 have prepared three unique locations with houses, banks, restaurants, and other special places that you’ll get to strip of money, valuables, and other items. But before you do, examine the surroundings: find out when the building empties out, learn the tenants’ or the employees’ schedule. Then you just need to prepare a strategy and it’s gone time.

Just be quick and efficient. You don’t have much time, so you’ll need to immediately assess which item to take and which one to leave. Can you handle the pressure, or will you panic?

Make sure to work on cars between robbing buildings. Start with small family sedans and make gradual steps towards mastery, which will allow you to steal the coolest sports cars.

Remember to keep your eyes around your head. Even the best plan can fall apart, and the local police are just waiting for a chance to put you in handcuffs. Don’t get caught. Always be one step ahead of law enforcement.

Feature list

  • Three unique locations. Explore neighbourhoods, learn tenant’s routines, pick the right time to break in and then rob them

  • Get better and better tools, ranging from a crowbar or binoculars to hacking laptops, stethoscopes etc.

  • Level up your thief and acquire new skills, which allow a number of new possibilities

  • Steal cars - begin with a small, family sedan, and work your way up to a sport’s dream car

  • Rob banks, restaurants and other special locations. These will be unlocked as you advance your thief

Thief Simulator 2 on Steam

Cybernetic Fault

Cybernetic Fault

From the very beginning I can say that the game surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect this from an indie game with a couple of reviews. The game has everything from puzzles to plot. The graphics are nice, the tasks themselves (quests, puzzles) are very high quality and interesting, it is a pleasure to pass them.

Summing up, I can say that the game is definitely worth its money and even more.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Cybernetic Fault surprised me a lot because I didn’t expect such a high-quality indie game.

The gameplay is based on the principle of seek and think, the necessary things are scattered throughout the level and only appear if there is a story advance. The controls are very simple, but it is strange that a person cannot overcome some obstacles by jumping or sitting down. The graphics are great, the optimization is also fine. As a result, it turned out to be a cool and very entertaining game.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Cybernetic Fault on Steam

Internet Cafe Simulator

Internet Cafe Simulator

It was fun and addictive however you reach the endgame pretty quickly. It’s a cool idea in practice but it really doesn’t translate well into a game. There isn’t really any replayability other than to adapt to the many bugs that this game bears, strategically moving and placing your setups, arcade machines and bitcoin miners based on the mechanics of the game in the way the automated customers move to offer yourself a smoother experience. Once you’ve got it down running pretty smoothly with only a couple of annoyances (such as desks being broken/moved after you quit and restart the game, customers being stuck on the stairs/walls/arcade machines, rubbish you can’t get to without moving things) and you’ve used your 200 iq brain to spam buy as many bitcoin miners from the dodgy dealer as you can (buy loads then use sales gun, go back and cancel all the sales.. Watch the miners pile up neatly outside.) then what’s left to do? other than stack up bitcoins, use excess money to buy more when the price is low and then just wait for that big payday? even if there was more to do - the core mechanics would need a lot of work. I’m not sure it’s really worth it. I would only recommend this game if it was free. I had fun playing it, but it wasn’t worth the money.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Played 7 hours. The idea is pretty great, i personally like to setup the whole cafe, buy tech stuff for customers and setup everything.

But :

  • There are glitches (Can’t post poster on some wall for example, tp back when using computer,…)

  • Sometime when you spawn after loading your game, the props that you already placed somehow clip in the wall and stuff so it messed up the PC table for example

  • The NPC very often stuck to the wall/push away props/drop mouse, keyboard, pc stuff so they say that WE forced them to get out (lol?)

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Internet Cafe Simulator on Steam

Streamer Life Simulator

Streamer Life Simulator

after the update, I lost all my computer parts ( on every computer in every house I have). The game become more clunky and buggy. I expected more but this is so sad


I cannot even save the game anymore. After I load the my last game with all kind of disturbances mentioned above, I tried to fixed my save like rebuy every house, every computer part, new bed for save, hopefully this time save will compatible with the new update… BUT NOOO. Go to sleep will stuck on loading screen, but I can still ESC to back to main menu, so I did. Turn off the game then restart it. Guess what. The game still load with my new save with all the process I did last hour but 1 things… my house lock me out again. all my computer part lost again, money I order new stuff lost but no delivery. This is not sad anymore this is depression. I liked this game once, but not anymore. Uninstall. Thank you and I will never purchase any game from Cheesecake Dev ever again. Cheapcuck Dev

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

Originally I didn’t know what I should do with this game. Which should I give it? Thumbs up or thumbs down…well I finally decided to give it a thumbs down and here’s why.

The game is super addictive and very intuitive. For a simulation of being a streamer the game is super duper realistic and super duper addictive. I mean…it had me playing for almost 12 hours straight before I couldn’t take it any more.

And the problem is, the game is super buggy, super glitchy, super unfinished. It reminds me of an early access game, except its not early access. It’s fully released.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

Streamer Life Simulator on Steam