Scanning for

! ……………………………..

Connection Established ::

Connected to

! EnTech_Offline_Cycle_Backup

! (Actually the credits server lol)

! probe


! ………………………………

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

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While this game is being sold as a “hacking simulator”, a debate will likely rage about what exactly it simulates. In either case, it comes suspiciously close to being a realistic simulation of hacking. So close, in fact, I’m left wondering why the dev didn’t go the extra yards to make it inarguably so (maybe something he can shoot for in the future). Realism nit-picking aside, this game is full of very realistic nods to hacker and IRC culture, and in broad strokes, represents some of what goes on in actual exploits. While the experience of compromising systems is streamlined for the sake of keeping it an actual game (again, is it a puzzle game or a simulator?), in that “push a button, get bacon” sort of way you see in “hacker” movies, there was still much in the game that reminded me of taking the OSCP (for those who know my pain, you will find much in each mission to make you smile in that corpse-like rictus you had while laughing at emails and files during enumeration pratice in the Offsec lab).

Real player with 28.4 hrs in game

Hacknet on Steam

Midnight Protocol

Midnight Protocol

I don’t have many games in my library - I’m quite picky in my tastes. I’m not usually one for hacking games but the Demo left me wanting more. After 22 enjoyable hours, I’m evidently happy to have added this game in my library. I waited to give this revieuw untill I finished the story for the first time - It will certainly not be the last. I’ll take some time to revieuw a few aspects of the game that might interest you most:

Gameplay/Mechanics: 8/10

A game is nothing without gameplay, and a hacking game sets a promise: it will not be just ‘a game’ - but one with depth, complexity, and decision making. To achieve this, Midnight protocol structures its gameplay around levels that feel like a labyrinth or puzzle. A Digital dungeon, if you will. To get around the various obstacles such as firewalls, encrypted nodes and ‘antagonistic’ system operators that chase you down you get access to hardware you can tailor to your playstyle, as well as a host of programs each with their own up- and downsides. You quickly learn how to balance them carefully, using fairly easy commands to allocate memory to the programs you need in order to finish the level. Suffice to say, Midnight protocol nails the hacker-feel you’ll expect. It is not all roses and sunshine of course - there is quite a reliance on RNG to many of the mechanics of the game that can make you second guess your decisions while they are actually fine, or save you when you know you had no right to make it. Aside from that, i found myself at times trying a level, finding where the hidden obstacles were, and avoiding them alltogether once I got to reload the level. This was- at times-unavoidable, and felt wrong. I’ve since noticed that these hidden obstacles are slightly randomized, at least in some levels, which alleviated this somewhat. Perhaps the developers could not just list potential ICE, but also include a map at the beginning of the mission (once you enter a mission you see the layout anyway, except in rare instances), that does not show the obstacles, but layout of the nodes beforehand. With this information I feel I personally would not have had to reload to adapt my strategy as much as I did.

Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

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🔵Ultimately MP is a puzzle game running under the guise of a hacker game.

🔵Each Network is a puzzle, and you must defeat the puzzle using commands & tools.

🔵MP could be considered a Lightweight Hacker game which introduces turn-based gameplay

🔵Has some additional unique and impressive gameplay mechanics.

🔵I was instantly Immersed by the story and the characters.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

Midnight Protocol on Steam



xTypeVersus is a typing game where you will to work and improve your typing aptitudes:




Play against other players from all over the world - up to 5 players in one game.

Don’t let the other distance you, don’t make mistakes, don’t crack!

Customize your console as you want with different layouts, colors and options.

Make it look like you and change it between games.


  • SOLO with 1 theme (password).

  • 3 Layouts

  • Steam connected (login)


  • LEADERBOARDS for best solo

  • MULTI up to 5 players

  • More themes: standard words, Names, Anagrams, Fantasy…

  • More customizations

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xTypeVersus on Steam



If anybody can hear me, please respond.

_I am a sole survivor of the liberty, a long range scout ship on a mission to discover the cause of a spacial anomaly on the edge of this system. My crew is missing and had to re-purpose some drones to make repairs.

Everything that could go wrong has, I have limited fuel, limited resources and have had to resort to explore this sector to look for supplies.

Things turned from bad to worse when I realized that every ship and base I have discovered has turned up empty. No life, nobody. Nothing except some extra scrap and some upgrades I used to further my search._

Real player with 66.6 hrs in game


So, you wanted to get scared. You wanted to play a horror game. Perhaps a survival rogue-like one? Forget your run-of-the-mill jump scare games, monsters, aliens and other nasties. Duskers will make you fear mere sounds of the ship you’ve docked at creaking, shudder at seeing flashing red doors and jump at simple beeps of your console.

The atmosphere of the game has to be applauded over and over. The graphical nature is simple yet complex. Simple in terms of the console view where you can see the location of your drones, the layout of the ship, the state of its doors and so on. This part is logically clean and very un-Hollywood like, where terminals will be more graphically impressive than any operating system yet look a fraction as useful. The console, coupled with the ambient rumbling of your ship’s engines as well as various blips and blops, will reinforce the feeling of isolation. The feeling that you are truly alone in the cold vastness of space, desperately trying to keep your aging ship and failing drones to keep going as you attempt to figure out just what has happened to everyone.

Real player with 59.3 hrs in game

Duskers on Steam

Hardwork Simulator

Hardwork Simulator

That didn’t work for me. I got caught and got fired for it. They put a younger, prettier assistant in my place. But I doubt she types as fast as I do. They were the ones who lost

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

On the one hand, I really want to give the game a thumbs up for a creative and somewhat neat idea for a really cheap price.

On the other hand, though, I really must give it a thumbs down for not offering much at all, even at this price level plus thirty percent off; because in the end, cheap does just not justify bland.

I do enjoy any just semi-rewarding grinding game for a while, but looking at the short time invested here, I had rather counted cars drive by my window - even if the game had been for free. Where the game mechanics in any way challenging or rewarding, it would be a different story. However, it is random key bashing in it’s dullest form.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Hardwork Simulator on Steam

Hacker Simulator

Hacker Simulator

The game is fine. There are a lot of features I was expecting that are simply missing. Tab completion in the terminal is missing. A place to sell accounts a “darknet” if you will. Finding bank accounts to steal money from. Currently the only way to make money is to do contracts.

These don’t pay much and feel grindy. You will quickly get bored because there is not enough variation in mission types. Making money takes a while most missions (in the first 10 hours at least) pay out 10 “shellcoins” which are bitcoins in the universe. The more “advanced” missions require you to compile a custom exploit which costs money (you can’t sell this exploit to the darknet). You need to buy 3 different files which will cost you ~12 shellcoins and you’ll end up making maybe 15 coins from the mission.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

First, I like this game. It fun. BUT devs listen… it’s slow and grindy. I hear there are cool things in the late game. I want to get there, but right now, I’m bored.

Next, just an observation about most simulator games, this one included, what do I do with all this money? I beg of you, give me something to do with this money! Can I buy a new apartment? Decorate this one? Leave my house, like… ever? Go shopping? If there is nothing to do with the money, except make more money, then the game will quickly die in our libraries. Having money is only fun if you can spend it. Otherwise, it’s just pretty paper.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Hacker Simulator on Steam



TL;DR (good deal of gameplay from free demo): Mainlining is a fun adventure game with a clever and unique twist where you hack computers, websites, and other devices to mine information on the different cases presented to you. The game doesn’t hold your hand, so the cases can present a fun little challenge beyond the first tutorial. Highly recommended! If you want to see a playthrough of the first (tutorial) case, check out this video (Demo version):


Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Neutral Recommendation: Only Pick Up At A Discount

  • Gameplay: Interfacing with the game is fairly straightforward. You’re using a simulation of a computer desktop. The main complaint is that you can only backspace to make changes to text in the Notepad program. You cannot edit the text freely, so if you want to make a change to something at the top of the file, you’d have to erase everything and start over. Luckily, you’ll find that program is mostly useless.

The lame thing is that, for most cases, you can only turn in one-piece of evidence linking the person to the crime, although there may be several in reality. Also, you have to pick the right location for the person, so even if you have the evidence correct, if you don’t choose the right location, it somehow ends up as a False Arrest. It doesn’t really make any sense that you could have sufficient evidence, but a person is Falsely Accused because they were in a different location than you originally thought they were (i.e. at work instead of at home.) That’s just dumb…

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Mainlining on Steam

Project DeepWeb

Project DeepWeb

bit of a brain teaser and im stuck, but im sufficiently intrigued to try and figure it out

update: i finished the game, would definitely recommend

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Very good game, full of difficult puzzles.

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Project DeepWeb on Steam

System Zero

System Zero


In this game you will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start.

Game Content











Nowadays lots of people know what dark web is. You must get into dark web and find new codes to get deeper. You will find important tools and lots of information. You must use hacking tools wisely and hack the computers you want. There is no person in the world who reached to the final layer of dark web. YET. Maybe you will be the one who reached to final layer of dark web or maybe you will get caught by FCI or get murdered by hitmans.


If you need some money and if you want to give some break for main story line, you can check your mailbox. There will be clients who want their dirty business done by a hacker. There are more than 200 side missions and doing every one of them will take more than 8 hours. There is no so much difference between side missions but we will make them unique after few updates.


This feature will be added to multiplayer as well. You can make peace and ally treaties or decleare war to other clans. Every clan will have their own areas and you can attack to other clan’s area to capture them. You will start as newbie but eventually you will be the leader after you 1v1 with the current leader. There are 6 game mode in clan wars:








You will have plenty of hacking tools which are included in owl os operating system:










There are also night owl operating system for advanced hacking.







Also you must delete the logs to prevent tracking.


You will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start but after your journey to becoming a black hat starts you will realize it is much more complicated than everyone can imagine. FCI’s breath will be on your back everytime. After your main target company, you will realize there is much more to do. You will bring justice and equality. You will be the judge so let the judging begin. We don’t want to spoil anything so it would be better if you play and see.


In game you must upgrade your computer to use your computer faster. There is also level system and fan base. After you complete your missions you will gain some fans which will increase your reputation BUT there are some positive and negative effects of gaining reputation. YOU WILL BECOME THE TARGET OF FCI.


There is features you must discover yourself like data mining or buying new estates.

System Zero on Steam



play and improve your typing skill. I went from 50wpm to 70wpm since buying it.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

I just want to press a lot of buttons.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Typed82 on Steam