Move Code Lines

Move Code Lines

Only partially through the second level but OMFG this “game” is actually incredible and I’m learning so much already I can’t imagine what I’ll learn by playing all the way through. DEFINITELY recommend if you’re interested in programming or learning about programming. The interface is really relaxing, one of the color themes is the old QBASIC editor theme xD and the music is super chill.

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game

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Stylishly executed game, with pleasant musical accompaniment. From the main screen greets you with its core mechanic, namely the ability to move the lines of the name of the game.

Programming language is a little bit similar to Python and to C++, but… in reality you do not need to program, just read a code lines and sort it to the right position for solving the puzzle.

At the initial stages, everything looks very simple, the solution of the issues can be found faster than you reading, intuitively bugs hunting. But the further you move through the list of levels, the more difficult it gets.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Move Code Lines on Steam



Solve puzzles by reprogramming your environment!

DreamScript provides completely new and immersive way to learn programming concepts.

You will be able to take control of the game logic and change the rules of the game.

Increase your speed and scale, modify object properties, create bugs, spawn stuff - use your creativity!

DreamScript is an easy and fun way to start your journey to become a programmer.

Game is designed for puzzle game fans and anyone interested about programming.

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DreamScript on Steam

Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator

Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator

Once I saw who was developing this game, I knew it would be a insta-buy on day one of release.

For a very cheap price, you get a very detailed simulator that shows you how the locking mechanisms for most modern safes work, then teaches you how to break them. I highly recommend it for all of those who are interested in locksports and/or detailed simulator games.

Now if only someone out there could make a lockpicking game with the same attention to detail that this developer has put into this simulator, that would be a day one buy from me!

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

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As a lock picking hobbyist I figured why not, and gave this sim a shot. I wasn’t disappointed. The techniques used, the way the safe is manipulated, and the explanations given in the tutorial all translate well to what you could expect on a real safe. Not to mention for the price point, this game is well worth it for those like me that enjoy lock manipulation, or those that even just enjoy trying to solve a challenge.

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

Sophie's Safecracking Simulator on Steam

Super Markup Man

Super Markup Man

A nice, cheap game with 50 levels of HTML, and 50 levels of HTML & CSS. It doesn’t so much as teach you about HTML and CSS, but it definitely helps with making your code cleaner and giving your mind lots of practice to get into the habit of putting code in the right place.

If the average person were to go into this game with zero coding knowledge, I think they would struggle as the game fails to explain what each tag even does. Although it’s easy enough to figure out if you like to experiment.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

It’s good, but you could learn so much quickly if you could arrange the labels with the mouse. Moving the character is fun for 5 minutes, after that it’s not really convenient.

Having completed some other free tutorials, what I appreciated about this game was the pace. You can really learn step by step and understand subtle differences. The way levels are built force you to take the time to practice simple concepts and prevents you to “jump” too soon to something too advanced for you.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Super Markup Man on Steam

Yolo Space Hacker

Yolo Space Hacker

This is an excellent way for people to get familiar with information security concepts through a Linux platform. Many concepts are expanded upon, the tools are open to be used in far more extensive way than completing the game’s challenges require, and real-world links are given to sources with more information about topics than the game requires the user to understand.

An important note: This game approaches the art of hacking from a red teamer’s perspective. That means pay attention to boundaries (or at least understanding where they are), and knowing the difference between testing to complete the customer’s objective and wandering off the mark. That doesn’t mean the game requires you to do this, but it tries to make you understand it.

Real player with 70.8 hrs in game

I played the beta (and also helped the team with language review and debugging), and I really recommend the game. It’s a great introduction into computer security. It’s based on actual hacking tools, using an encapsulated VM so you can do everything in a safe environment. Challenges start easy and get tough really really fast, so expect some hardship making it to the end if you don’t have much IT skills, but it feels so rewarding when you finally manage to pass a test.

Just don’t expect it to be easy :-)

Real player with 33.5 hrs in game

Yolo Space Hacker on Steam



I like the idea of the game and the graphics, however, the way to play is too confusing with the game offering the bare minimum of advice for example it will tell you what each item does but it does not explain in what order to use them in or how they affect what your doing. The very first mission I played I had to pretty much guess my way though it the first time I hacked the node it took 3 minutes of real time the second time I restarted my campaign and did it again it took 32min of real time and the game does not tell you what affects it.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Cybermere on Steam

Freelancer Life Simulator

Freelancer Life Simulator

Even though this game has the potential to become quite fun to play its is way to buggy.

If your car gets stuck there is no way to get it to not be stuck. Items disappear after loading your game save.

Shops will be empty sometimes. On the computer when you have a company and are trying to make a project the GUI is messed up, You can’t manage your employees. Controls are very clunky and weird.

Very buggy game do not buy.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

to much bugs in this game i hope develop can fix this game ASAP thanks man


Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Freelancer Life Simulator on Steam

The Devil’s Calculator

The Devil’s Calculator

A very simple concept that at its core is very solid. The UI makes it slightly cumbersome to get to the meat of the gameplay.


-A solid minimalist concept. You have very simple and intuitive tools, yet many options to reach the end goal. The game is secured well against brute forcing by the inherent knapsack problem nature of the puzzles.

-The game owns its aesthetic. The game is presented entirely as it was hacked together from an actual calculator. Menu navigation works exactly like the cumbersome navigation of calculators of old.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

The Devil’s Calculator is a neat reverse engineering & maths puzzle game.

How the game works

Each level requires the player to do the following:

  1. Figure out which mathematical operation is used when pressing the special button on the calculator.

  2. Use this button to calculate the integer 666.

The game starts with a simple operation that only takes 1 input, then later replaces it with one that takes 2 inputs, and adds another third operator, and at some point 2 or 3 obscure operators are available. When there are multiple operators available, the player has to use all of them to calculate 666.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

The Devil's Calculator on Steam



Hello, I’m writing a review for this game since I feel like it is in need of good reviews, and no, I haven’t played for 31 minutes in total, I am a alpha and beta tester, who wants to give this game a good name.

Firstly, I’ll be going over 4 things and rating them, Difficulty, Availability, Replayability and Community, these 4 things make a game good, so of course, first of all


The game is overwhelming in the first couple of games, getting used to it would be hard if there isn’t an experienced player who is willing to help, I’d say it take around 6 games to actually learn most things going on, and to get a feel for the roles, as you’d most likely get an Agent, a Hacking Netsec, Neutral and so on, however strategy is hard, its social deduction and meaning that the game will definettly rely on your social ability to lie, and make up a good claim which would be hard for the first games, and could still even be harder games onwards, strategies form in your mind, they work and they don’t, overall

Real player with 360.0 hrs in game

Untrusted is a Social Deduction game with a hacking theme. The Social Deduction genre has seen a recent resurgence with the success of Among Us. In this game, a hacking group called NETSEC is meeting in an online chat room to coordinate their hack progress through a number of computers and servers in order to hack one specific target node that will win them the game. Every group, however, has been infiltrated by two agents, and a number of independent operators known as Neutrals.

The premise of this game is fantastic, and the lone developer has done some of its implementation well. NETSEC has a variety of skills to verify its own people. The Agents have some ways of blending in with the NETSEC operatives. The fun of the game is not found in the hacking (as there is nothing even closely resembling real hacking), but rather in the fact that you’re actively playing against the minds of the other players as you prove people true or false, or if you’re an agent, you’ll quite possibly find your thrill in lying your way to victory with hastily formed arguments as you place the blame on others. You have to be quick, since there’s not much time before NETSEC has to decide which member of the chat must be sent to their death, and your arguments must be good and to the point.

Real player with 289.9 hrs in game

Untrusted on Steam

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle

I am loving it. I love the chatbox conversations the coworkers are having. I love the stupid caricature of the boss type. I love the writing sample selections. I love the color. While this game is in desperate need of a tutorial that experts could skip and the zoom function for the text area is a little awkward, it’s totally workable.

Most importantly, I love how this worked out so well as a game to sit and play cooperatively with someone. It’s fun to solve these puzzles together and try to optimize the work you’ve done. This was absolutely worth the small fee to buy this game.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Addictive as hell!

But you need to know the basics of Regex! Because unfortunately, the explanations are really bare-bones.

(Reading the reviews, this put off a lot of people. Which is a shame: The Dev could just add more detailed, in depth explanations. All it costs is a bit of his time.)

If you actually want to learn Regex, one step at the time, each step with a detailed explanation plus an interactive example, go here:

I find this the easiest, best resource to get started with Regex.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle on Steam