Heist Day

Heist Day

Heist Day is an action packed top down shooter game where strategy plays a vital role. You will assume the role of John, an IT engineer who has chosen the life of a criminal. Plan and execute heists with your selected crew, choose your strategy, whether it is stealth or loud. Pick out your loadout carefully and unlock new items and weapons in the skill-menu.

Make your way to the top by any means necessary.

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You play as Dusty, a robot vacuum that gains sentience after fighting off burglars during a break-in. Your family is brutally attacked by the FamilyCorp warranty squad and in the battle you’re thrown into the living room TV. On the brink of robodeath, your consciousness enters “the TV dimension” to gain the abilities you need to rise from the ashes and rescue your family.

Eat Their Blood

Do your duties as a vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess

Devastating Powers

Consume the blood of your enemies to unleash devastating powers.


As a robot vacuum cleaner, use your low profile to hide under furniture and avoid detection.


Hack smart devices, turn them into deadly traps


Use the environment as your weapon, suck up objects to shoot at your enemies

Furry Friends

Meet powerful allies

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Its not a bad game, just not fun, challenging, engaging, or interesting… but nothing inherently bad. A meh way to spend an hour and a half, but not really anything else. Maybe almost worth a dollar, definitly not 10. Oh, and before I forget, not a hacking game, you just use a computer to redirect buttons.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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What can i say about Retool that…. It’s a game? it has idea’s? I’m sure the developers have had the best of intentions with this title, but from top to bottom this title is a mix of bad mechanic to worse execution.

Full review:



As always, watch the video for the best possible impression of a title.

Retool markets itself as a hacking puzzle game, where you would assume that would be it’s two main focuspoints. Hacking mechanics and puzzles.

Sadly, starting from the top, the hacking is … weak. you use a console and suddenly to can reconfigure some lines on the map, sometimes you need TWO consoles, but the base is really that. The UI is annoying with different buttons for actions that have no reason to be separate actions, with MANY of the “hacks” serving no purpose, boiling it down to “lets move to the lines so the doors open, and remove all the other lines so I don’t get shot by a turret”.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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This game is very addicting and refreshing to play. I have never seen a puzzle game like this before and it has been done well here. On top of that, the hacker’s dialogue keeps things interesting and gives the entire game and puzzles a backstory. The puzzles are challenging and make you hate yourself after doing the same move after 10 times of trying it. Would love to see what else this developer releases.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game


Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Cyber-Ante on Steam

The Help Desk

The Help Desk

My play through here: https://youtu.be/tySLoKGfQPI


I’m only recommending this game, because I think there is a group of people that will enjoy this game. I did not enjoy this game there’s ZERO percent chance you can outplay everything you’re forced to take mandatory hits and depending on the AI’s erratic behavior if you do try to actually out maneuver your co workers because they’re camping a spot you’re going to run out of time. I’m such a nice guy though I’ll explain some things that aren’t explained in the control scheme it gives you so you don’t have to get gaped trying to figure it out there’s some neat intricacies. For CONFIG you need absolutely nothing swaps you need one computer you can only carry one. 5 discs= 1 life so this is where the game is playable and gives you a chance to win this is a life management/calculated hit type game. This is not a stealth game it’s not a skill game, it’s a strategy game and requires a pretty good amount of RNG. The enemies CAN HIT YOU MULTIPLE TIMES there’s no I frames if there’s 5 enemies sitting in a cramped hallway BETTER believe you’re taking 5 damage. There’s not enough space to outplay shit a lot of the time. I like games where If i play it well enough I can win and not take damage this game you can understand what to do do it and get gaped by the AI the AI I’m not sure if it’s smart or the fact it easily gets trapped in small areas, but they camp it and with your hit box in a 2 square room you’re not dodging. So it’s a NO for me, but if you want a really hard strategy risk management game this is for you. I also love the concept of being an IT worker being frustrated by dum dums.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

The Help Desk on Steam



Review of Alpha.

Been on my wishlist ever since I saw it, since it did look a lot like gta2, which was my prime streaming game for a long time, so gave it a shot as soon as I could (didnt play demo though).

Will start with positives:

  • Really does feel inspired by old gta’s a lot: radio (humor and songs), gang-respect system, tank-controls in car, saves at home, burping, gouranga and other small things - pretty cool!

  • Upgrade system which carries itself into re-playthroughs

  • Multiple endings, non-linearity in area progression

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

Update: There was a large patch on September 30th, Quality of Life update that should have fixed most of the serious technical issues. I haven’t replayed the game yet.

The game punked me immediately upon starting it by skyrocketing my fps to 482 in the main menu, effectively stun locking my GPU at 100% and 75°C in seconds. And my PC isn’t exactly a potato that needs frying, running an RTX2070, i7-7700K and 32GB of RAM, with an SSD to boot. Without capping the fps, it climbs to about 90 in-game on High settings, making the game stuttery and giving me a hot GPU turbine background noise. After capping the fps to 60 in the Nvidia panel, the game behaves like it should, mostly. There’s still some stuttering and weird lagging, but it becomes playable, for a bit at least. Unless you need to reduce your post-processing to medium, which completely changes the in-game lighting making everything pitch black. Checking the Known Issues topic in the discussions unveils more than a few bugs and glitches, from the mentioned post-processing problem to declining performance and heavily sparkling textures. I’ve had one complete freeze, where even alt+F4 wasn’t reacting and declining performance kept calling me to have a beer with her.

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

Glitchpunk on Steam





Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

OplitisAV on Steam



As an old school (S)NES RPG player I was really pleased to play this game, the gameplay feels like playing Zelda - A Link to the Past, with a Megaman like soundtrack ! The story shows a not so far future where people is even more dependent on technology in a clear criticism to our current society, I won’t do spoilers here but the jokes about this society are clever and made me laugh more than once. I felt like the game was fairly easy (maybe because I’m used to this kind of game) and made me want more, an expansion with more levels/bosses would be great. In a nutshell, entertaining with a nice message to the player.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Disclaimer, for transparency’s sake: the developer is a friend of mine however I’ll be reviewing this game as unbiased as possible.

Wirewalk is a typical Gameboy dungeon crawler adventure game in the molds of the first Zelda titles with a top-down gameplay and retro graphics.

First, the story: It is rather straightforward - you’re a girl named Rada who lives in a town suddenly plagued by a mysterious computer virus that renders technology inoperable. Fortunately, Rada knows her way around computers and has developed a program nicknamed “Wirewalk” in which she’s able to “go inside the code” to fix people’s various devices.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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It’s a great concept for a game and it’s executed on very well here; I really want to like this game, I really do. However, there are just a couple of complaints that I want addressed.

1. There’s no way to detect the orientation of other bots.

2. There’s no way to store learned information, the bot can’t create a mental map of the environment or do anything else that would require knowing more then what we just did 1 turn ago.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

I really enjoy this game! I like the challenge of only being able to recall the last action instead of storing all previous actions to memory, it makes me feel like the bots are very primitive, in a good kind of way. The potential here is really huge, I could see hundreds of puzzles to play from the community one day being a thing. Speed running, do it in X challenges etc. This game deserves more love and attention!

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Sketchbots on Steam

4th Generation Warfare

4th Generation Warfare

This Is an update to the review 11/20/21

Single player Is not bad to play. There are quality of life things that needs to be Improved.

  1. Instead of checking the phone for each person or backing out the menu to re open to view messages from characters to have a simple list of all messages.

  2. When you tell your military to move somewhere they will move Into borders of countries and start a war If still there traveling In two or three days.

  3. More defence from cyber attacks. As a large country you cannot defend against this. Other actors can ruin your entire economy and cause mass shortages withing days.

Real player with 106.9 hrs in game

In the beginning it was confusing but the more I played the more I realized all of the hidden treasures that this game has behind its sleeve. Its not those games that tells you everything right off the bat and spoiling all the fun by doing so, this is a progressive type game that the longer you play the more you discover and develop a history as the leader of the nation. By far one of the most underestimated games with extremely high potential by far I have ever seen to date. If you don’t like this game cause its hard, tutorials aren’t good, or you don’t understand the game play, I would say that the game provides difficulty levels and different modes to play through, play the actual game and this is 4th generation warfare which you should have researched what that means if you don’t know. Great Game!

Real player with 98.8 hrs in game

4th Generation Warfare on Steam