HEX Hacking Simulator

HEX Hacking Simulator

Love the game. although i have to admit i don’t like solo mode that much although it is kind of handy if no fiends are available. i love multiplayer mode and i love the fact that you need to communicate to beat the levels and the fact that there is a limited amount of time makes it so much more thrilling. I would recommend this game as a team building activity. i personally feel this game works on communication and also motivates people to get out of their comfort zone. Well done To the team of Solace studios, i am really impressed

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game

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//HEX is an incredibly fun, addictive and adrenaline packed Bank Hacking Game which is Perfectly designed for CO-OP.

To become a successful hacker you need to be able to Master a series of progressively more complex mini games in order to gain access to the money vault; That’s just where your problems begin!

There are 2 views to this game, controller and Hacker. You can play in single player mode and switch between the two views by pressing TAB, but for the ultimate experience you will want to be in CO-OP mode.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

HEX Hacking Simulator on Steam



Hacktag is one of those hidden gems that do not appear on the front page. I found the game through exploring the games Steam had to offer and this one got my interest with the game being about hacking and co-operation. Little did I know I would have a lot of fun with this game.

Hacktag is all about hacking like the name suggests. The basic objective is to hack 999 GB of data. There are currently 2 other objective types as well, which are finding out the password of boss computer and hacking 3 mainframes. Whatever your objective is the gameplay is similar in each one.

Real player with 97.8 hrs in game

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An isometric view of Monaco with characters from Armello is what I think of when playing this game. However, it has much more charm and is palm sweating, heart-beatingly, exciting.

I’m unsure as to how the difficulty scales or if there are different maps or even specific map layouts but the maps I’ve played are certainly doable. Some were sort of “challenging” in the sense of more security, more running about and getting things in a specific order, while others were pieces of cake.

The “challenging” aspect is trying to get used to the controls. As a hacker, switching directions mid travel can get rather difficult and moving as a stealth agent can get wonky, not to mention you need to be somewhat precise when disabling the scanner. Whether this is on purpose or not is trivial seeing as how it certainly doesn’t make it unplayable (lest you have lag which I’ll get into later). It’s fairly simple to get used to and by your second/third playthrough, you should know exactly how to move and exactly what position you need to be in when disabling mechanisms.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

Hacktag on Steam



Deathground is a solo and co-op survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs.

Enter the Deathground with a team of up to 3 players for squad-based action or attempt to survive alone in a solo session.

As players, you form a group of professional hunters and survivalists on a mission to the “Deathground” to retrieve high-value loot.

Squad-based survival horror

With team-based objectives, suspenseful gameplay and constant mortal danger, teamwork and cooperation are essential to survival.

Solo Play

Leave your teammates behind in favour of a solo session. The atmosphere is deeper and the horror intensifies as you attempt to survive alone.

Intense and suspenseful gameplay

Dynamic gameplay enriched with objectives, stealth, combat and teamwork. Players will interact with a range of items and weapons, and have access to a crafting system.

Unpredictable AI Dinosaurs

Dynamic and reactive dinosaurs that hunt you down, influence decision-making and drive a tailored experience.

Special Character Classes

A character class system with special traits, skills and tools mean players must choose how they will work together in order to survive.

Truly terrifying, realistic and diverse environments

Experience pure fear and an anxious atmosphere, that put the player’s survival instincts to the test. We’ll harness the power of Unreal Engine 4 to create realistic and diverse environments.

Replayable Gameplay

AI dinosaurs, weather systems, random spawn and extraction points, and dynamic objectives creates unique and intense gameplay sequences with each playthrough.

Original Soundtrack

An original, haunting music score by BAFTA-nominated composer, David Housden (Thomas was Alone, Volume, Q.U.B.E. 2).

Community Driven Development

The community will have an active role in helping to shape the game experience so together, we can create something incredible. There will be testing during phases of development and there will be an emphasis on player feedback and player design participation.

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Deathground on Steam

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Explore the dystopian cyberpunk future of 2231 as you command a company of shadow mercenaries working for the highest bidder. Cyber Knights wraps a world full of consequential story choices and significant character development around a rich core of classic and new mechanics. The game combines tactical elements like stealth, hacking and tense combat with strategic features like base building, contact management and in-depth squad customization. Cyber Knights invites you to jack in and explore a unique cyberpunk world and the immersive, human stories of your merc team in the dark future of 2231.

  • Turn-based Tactics: Deep and tactical gameplay using a turn-based, gridless third-person combat simulator. Cover! Overwatch! Recoil!

  • Dynamic Cyberpunk Story: Unique interwoven narrative with depth, meaningful player choices and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Create your own story reminiscent of pen and paper cyberpunk RPGs

  • Sophisticated Missions: Combine stealth, hacking and combat across multi-stage missions. Gain pre-mission advantages from Contacts

  • Endless Builds: Experiment with endless combos of Jobs, cyberware, weapons and gadgets to build the perfect team

  • Evolving Characters: Your team evolves as the story, your choices and battle leave lasting wounds, add Traits and threaten to strip their humanity

  • Safehouse Base Building: Construct a custom safehouse and upgrade rooms such as weapon shop, hund kennel and medical bay.

Cyber Knights strikes a unique tone with a futuristic setting that has passed through the messy near-future to arrive at dystopian 2231. Man-made environmental disasters have ravaged our biosphere. Artificial consciousness has been created, subsequently murdered, and then strictly outlawed at a global level. Megacorporate colonies and research stations dot the solar system from Venus to Jupiter. Quantum computing has radically altered the digital landscape and the very meaning of privacy and digital security.

The game’s threaded stories originate from both inside and outside your team – weaving together threads from your hired mercenaries, criminal connections and history that just won’t die. These stories operate on three interconnected and at times overlapping levels – personal stories (your team), contact stories (your employers) and event stories (city-wide).

And every choice you make and mission you run will impact your character’s permanent Traits, changing them in both subtle and big ways. Their stories and your choices combine to create a unique narrative for every game, every Knight and every team.

The second game our studio created, Cyber Knights RPG, took hundreds of thousands of gamers on an gritty cyberpunk roller-coaster, trying to get rich or go down shooting. The classic Cyber Knights has always had a huge following within our community and we are xcited to come back to the world and stories we started creating there so many years ago with an all new game, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

We’re weaving together the genre’s classic themes with the unique setting and history of Cyber Knights to create some of the most cutting, gripping and human stories we’ve ever told. Betrayal, sacrifice, trading away humanity for an advantage, living fast and dying young, revenge and testing the bonds of friendship and trust – it’s all here under the New Boston dome.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint on Steam

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

16 hours between Wulfgar / Drizzt Solo and Multiplayer before deciding to put my 2 cents.

First I’ll start by saying that two main complaints are legitimate but pretty exaggerated.

  • Netcode does need work and diminishes the value of twitch mechanics which otherwise work flawlessly Solo but at the same time you’re in a group so unless you’re the type to scream “But I pressed the button!” and rage. It’s mostly an annoyance right now and not bad enough to kill enjoyment of the game.

  • Enemy AI is indeed a bit derpy taking “Action Movie” turns to attack the player. This is most notable Solo. At the same time if the enemy were to aggro stick the player all at once I doubt it would be Solo’d above 2. Hero difficulty. Far as I’ve seen the issue with hitting enemies from range, esp bosses is generally fixed and in the end this isn’t a competitive game. I’ve seen 5/5 star games where the AI is still easily exploited. Just play the game and stop trying to break it.

Real player with 207.5 hrs in game

To start this review, many of the first negative reviews, and highest rated ones, are both much too critical and based off of a low amount of hours.

This game is marvelous, but it would be ignorant to write this review and say there are no issues. Of course, there are some glaring issues. But many of them are no where near as detrimental as some of the high rated negative reviews make them seem.

The worst issue in my opinion is the lackluster AI. Many of the enemies, simply won’t attack you, if you don’t start attacking them. And you get warmed up to that very fast. However, there are some AI, who are very aggressive, and being warmed up to AI not generally attacking you, it makes it feel like… a normal game. However, if you’re playing with a team, I have not yet encountered an enemy who will actively attack you whilst reviving a teammate.

Real player with 89.0 hrs in game

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on Steam



Still very much in early access and not bug free but this game has potential!

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

Great game!

I gave a thorough review of the foundation and game-play of this awesome game here: https://youtu.be/mQSHdVCBt2E

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game


Call of Duty®: Ghosts

Call of Duty®: Ghosts

Worth a buy, for who wants a Wasteland Call of Duty & deep ghost story. However, if you’re not sure, please continue reading to find your answer.


Please calculate your “YES” score to identify the value to buy (or replay value):

If your answer is unsure, kindly consider it as “NO”


  • Do you like to play diverse coop mode?* Do you like to play the campaign in a wasteland, space, underwater and etc?* Do you like deep and complex storyline about ghost squad?_

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Call of Duty has been one of, if not the most well known franchise in gaming this past generation and last. The franchise has been in decline quality wise after the release of Modern Warfare - excluding maybe Black Ops 2 - which leads to the release of one of the weakest entries (Both Single Player and Multi Player) in the franchise yet. From the get go, you’ll notice this game was built by Infinity Ward on the grounds of pure arrogance. This game is the very definition of “Bare minimum”.

Call of Duty: Ghosts stars a few protagonists, main one being Logan Walker - and the world they live in after a devastating Orbital Strike after a space station was hijacked. The story follows a special assault squad that go by the name of “Ghosts” and the brother’s entry to said Squad as they fight to take control of the US again.

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Call of Duty®: Ghosts on Steam