Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Those who are familiar with the plants versus zombies series will be right at home when playing this game, Crypto manages to capture a frantic, fast paced tower defense that’s even a bit educational. Fingers crossed for any potential dlc or content updates in the future.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

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Fun little tower defense game. Does a few things new, does a lot of things well, and scratches the tower defense itch nicely. Story bangs on incomprehensibly but, honestly, you can skip the story and miss nothing. There’s one or two other minor quibbles but, really, for the price you’re getting fantastic value. If you like tower defense games this is a solid entry.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense on Steam

Heist Day

Heist Day

Heist Day is an action packed top down shooter game where strategy plays a vital role. You will assume the role of John, an IT engineer who has chosen the life of a criminal. Plan and execute heists with your selected crew, choose your strategy, whether it is stealth or loud. Pick out your loadout carefully and unlock new items and weapons in the skill-menu.

Make your way to the top by any means necessary.

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Heist Day on Steam

Cyber Ops Prologue

Cyber Ops Prologue

I really enjoyed it up to the cyborgs… tried and tried and tried again to beat it.

Its not clear how to disable them and seems totally random, I loose a squad member every time I attack then once they are disabled and hacked they still keep coming. You have to keep glitching them every 20 seconds or so to stop them which is really annoying. Once hacked they also come straight for you every time they wake up which would be ok when theres only 1 but 3 of em… too much. I cant tell if it was meant to be this hard for the demo so you cant finish it. Up to that point it was fairly easy and had a well paced tutorial.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

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Huh, neat game.

I think the tutorial is a little confusing. Maybe doing the tutorial in a Special Ops Training Area is a better idea. In this game am trying to learn but I have cyborg soldiers and turrets firing at me. It is a little too much pressure lol.

It took me a while to understand how the tracing worked, but when I got the hang of it (keeping the levels 1 2 an 3 retention windows open and hacking the shit out of everything), I felt pretty cool.

The only “bug” I found was while my team was facing a console, they wouldn’t return fire at a soldier shooting them from the door, even in Aggressive Stance.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Cyber Ops Prologue on Steam

Cyber Ops

Cyber Ops

This game is great and I’m kinda sad it got so many bad reviews. It’s challenging but honestly it’s not nearly as hard as people make it out to be. Once you figure out the mechanics it’s challenging but perfectly feasible after a couple of tries. It had some bugs at launch but they have all been fixed already.

Great atmosphere, good voice acting, nice looking interface and very singular gameplay. Being the guardian angel hacker behind a screen while the operators actually do the work might not be for everyone but I personally love it.

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Every negative review is sadly 100 % correct. Only 25 % ever made 1st mission. Only 0,3 % players ever finished the game and 1 % just hacked the “game finished " achievement, because more players finished game than finished last mission. You will be fighting the logic breaking UI problems more than “triangle” enemies. All moving enemies are called “turrets” when killed. You don’t know at this moment if cyborg or human enemy type died.

You will NOT be able to win after level 5 without good oldschool health cheats. The game is so buggy that some mechanics needed for victory don’t works sometimes. I won spider-tank level 6 fight legit first, but squad just glitched at the door when leving the cathedral. QTE skillchecks are also broken or start at unwinnable state.

Real player with 23.1 hrs in game

Cyber Ops on Steam



There’s nothing not to love or at least like about this game. A total of over 7 hours in, I still happily go back for a mission or 2 and ‘stick it to the man’. As often in hacking games, it narrates the hacking concept, without getting too technical.

A mission drops you into a network, a network contains nodes to hack and each node is a (variations on the same) mini-puzzle to take over the node’s core. The challenges themselves are easy (and with enough resources) trivial enough, but the time-limit for a mission is what makes the game challenging. All in all a well-balanced setup. I like the fact that each mission has a short description of what you’re hacking into for what, and then after completing the mission, a new news-item will reflect this. Nice touch.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Darknet was interesting… for a while. Then the repetition got dull, and I found I didn’t want to waste any more time with it.

This is an abstract game about capturing data nodes. For each map, you capture small nodes to gain cash, use the cash by viruses, and work your way up to larger and more valuable nodes. Eventually you have enough viruses in your inventory to capture the root node and the mission ends.

There are some minor decisions to make when choosing which nodes to attack, since capturing a node reduces the difficulty of all the adjacent nodes. So you will often attack nearly worthless small nodes in order to weaken a valuable large node. Later in the game, there are nodes protected by ICE, which you must pay to remove before you can see the contents of the node or attack it, but that’s about as complex as the strategic map gets.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Darknet on Steam

Digital Siege

Digital Siege

To put it blunt it had potential but this is obviously a money grab game that they abondened halfway if u had bought it refund it quick

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game


Quite some time has passed since my last review for a title focusing on hacking and other covert activities. It’s a relatively narrow niche, rather than a full-fledged strategic subgenre. In any case, I enjoy such breaks from norm and regard Digital Siege as a slightly more complex tower defense game, to put things into perspective. As in most situations, the best defense can only be offense. Developer Dreambakers had a prolific debut year, as Digital Siege is their sixth consecutive project released in 2018. Just as they describe themselves, I agree on their focus for “experimental games” transcending genre boundries. Intelligence gathering may a pill that’s harder to swallow by some, but it’s a crucial activity nonetheless. As with most “commodities”, what you do with the information afterwards is far more important than stockpiling it, so to speak. Its value never decreases, no matter the parties involved.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Digital Siege on Steam

Hacker Evolution

Hacker Evolution

Simply surprising, great music… I may not become an hacker but I can play as one without special stuff.

You’re a renowned IT specialist that retired as an ermit on an isolated island following your family’s death. However, you’re asked to investigate on 4 different problems, that seemed tied. What will you discover?

Hacker Evolution is perhaps a writing simulator, as you need to type the command but you need your brains to avoid to be traced and to have a game over. Sometimes, you’ll need to begin a new campaign because you can’t do anything but try a different manner to avoid spending too much money you’ve “stolen” or to add to your trace level. That’s perhaps the most frustrating thing in HE.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

My playtime: 18.6h (based on steam, main story + all extra levels are completed).

Developer Response: ~1 month.


Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game which is played in terminal. You’ll use several commands to do the “hacking” and some of them are real terminal commands.This game might look similar to Uplink in the shell, although the execution is quite different.


There are some soothing musics played in the background. You can also change the music selection by pressing F4.

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Hacker Evolution on Steam

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle

I am loving it. I love the chatbox conversations the coworkers are having. I love the stupid caricature of the boss type. I love the writing sample selections. I love the color. While this game is in desperate need of a tutorial that experts could skip and the zoom function for the text area is a little awkward, it’s totally workable.

Most importantly, I love how this worked out so well as a game to sit and play cooperatively with someone. It’s fun to solve these puzzles together and try to optimize the work you’ve done. This was absolutely worth the small fee to buy this game.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Addictive as hell!

But you need to know the basics of Regex! Because unfortunately, the explanations are really bare-bones.

(Reading the reviews, this put off a lot of people. Which is a shame: The Dev could just add more detailed, in depth explanations. All it costs is a bit of his time.)

If you actually want to learn Regex, one step at the time, each step with a detailed explanation plus an interactive example, go here:

I find this the easiest, best resource to get started with Regex.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle on Steam

HEX Hacking Simulator

HEX Hacking Simulator

Love the game. although i have to admit i don’t like solo mode that much although it is kind of handy if no fiends are available. i love multiplayer mode and i love the fact that you need to communicate to beat the levels and the fact that there is a limited amount of time makes it so much more thrilling. I would recommend this game as a team building activity. i personally feel this game works on communication and also motivates people to get out of their comfort zone. Well done To the team of Solace studios, i am really impressed

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game



//HEX is an incredibly fun, addictive and adrenaline packed Bank Hacking Game which is Perfectly designed for CO-OP.

To become a successful hacker you need to be able to Master a series of progressively more complex mini games in order to gain access to the money vault; That’s just where your problems begin!

There are 2 views to this game, controller and Hacker. You can play in single player mode and switch between the two views by pressing TAB, but for the ultimate experience you will want to be in CO-OP mode.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

HEX Hacking Simulator on Steam



This game looks quite simplistic, but offers more than I first thought.

It is quite a challenge finding strategies in order to win a round.

There are so many things to consider (the morphexes, the attacks, neutralizer), which seems overwheling in the beginning,

but actually offers a lot of depth and different approaches to try out.

I only played a couple of hours, yet, but had some fun until now and will definitely continue.

The story is a little cryptic at the beginning, which made me curious on how it will evolve.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

There will be someone out there in Steam VR world that will love beVaiR and play it to death (maybe the other reviewer here), But most of us are going to realise that not only is the price of this game little more than a joke, but the gameplay is way too complex for its own good. The main idea is to turn all the “nodes” your colour by collecting other things and sucking up the floor and turning them into something else. And if you think that sounds complicated and weird, you should try playing the game! Sadly, even if you did somehow manage to work out how to play the game you will soon be begging for your money back. There is NOTHING here to justify the £23.79 price and certainly nothing that would ever make me recommend this to anyone. - item Refunded.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

beVaiR on Steam