play and improve your typing skill. I went from 50wpm to 70wpm since buying it.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

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I just want to press a lot of buttons.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Typed82 on Steam



please note that the showcased items above are running on a temporary lighting and scene building system and that the final game is subject to graphical enhancement



Welcome to Installation Jade. A megastructure and machine managed by an illusive and authoritarian Director. Nobody knows who built it. Nobody knows it’s age. Nobody’s around to ask.

You are an Operator. An artificial consciousness implanted within a preserved human body from long ago. Your tasks are simple. The Director’s orders firm. You are to be activated, assist in the standard operating procedure of the installation and do it with a smile. And so is the Operator after you, and after it, the system is to be kept alive until the end of time. But maybe it isn’t that simple. Maybe the Operator isn’t as mechanical as the system around it.

OPERATOR is a hard to define game about humanity’s struggle against an ancient inhuman odyssey of entirely human origin. About overcoming an inefficient machine entirely focused on self-preservation and either a liberation into the great unknown or a spiteful revolution of mutual destruction. Or maybe it’s just a game about manipulating a mysterious machine in a desperate attempt to end the Director’s mad cycle. Who knows?

In OPERATOR the player has agency over the installation and it’s warped reality, using the Installation’s Operating System to overcome the hostile machine’s many dangers and evade it’s pacification forces by manipulating the worldspace itself.

This is the first game developed by Australian indie solo-developer Cooper Braun and his studio Virtual Edition.

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RunOut is a dynamic runner-platformer with logical riddles in the setting of the future. Midcore-Hardcore.

As a result of a hacker attack on the servers of the corporation ‘MFS’, which produces exoskeletons, most of the carriers of exoskeletons were killed. In addition to crashing, some exoskeletons have certain options: shooting, time freeze and acceleration … All this makes us a valuable target not only for policemen, but also for criminals.

The player always runs, when he collides with any obstacle, he turns in the opposite direction. He has to jump, shoot, speed up, slow down time and solve logic riddles that will allow him to pass the level. Find the culprit of all this chaos and save the world.

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RUNOUT on Steam



Redirect, reflect, and split your signal to reach the target in well over 100 levels, plus an ever-expanding collection of user-created challenges, all while enjoying a rich, unique soundtrack.


Craft your own level packs in the fully featured, Workshop-integrated level editor!


Operation: Tango

Operation: Tango

Operation: Tango is an asymmetrical co-op game (similar to a game like We Were Here) where one player plays as an agent and the other as a hacker, and you must communicate with each other to progress through the game. I generally found the missions to be interesting and challenging, with parts of one or two missions being a bit unclear what you were supposed to do (even after having completed it as both the agent and hacker!). There are 6 missions and 10 challenges, with the missions taking about 6-7 hours to complete, and the challenges taking 3-4 hours to complete at the highest level. The game’s overall aesthetic and UI is nice, and I enjoyed the music.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Goods about the game:

Hella fun if you like cooperative play

Big teamwork, make sure you get a good gaming buddy

Bads about the game:

Not really a lot to play

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Operation: Tango on Steam

Operation: Tango - Friend Pass

Operation: Tango - Friend Pass

Look, was it fun? Yes. My friend and I played the entire story on both roles. So, my hours reflect two completed campaign runs, 100%ing the game besides for achievements. Nevertheless, my friend, who was the one who bought the game, was very disappointed by how few missions there were. He felt that he didn’t get his money’s worth out of the game. If you and your friend are willing to have a short lived experience, then go ahead and get the game. However, if you are expecting a little more meat and potatoes than a campaign that can be completed in 2 to 3 hours, look for another game.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

“We were here” mixed with “Keep talking and nobody explodes' ‘. I thoroughly hope that this game will show the world that asymmetric coop games are one of the best multiplayer experiences you can have.Both sides have their own view of the world, and have different tasks, but can only complete them when working together and communicating with each other.

It only takes about 3 hours to complete, but it contains some story time, and a lot of condensed gameplay.

The world is neatly built and the way forward is clear as long as you communicate with your teammate.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Operation: Tango - Friend Pass on Steam

The Dark: Survival RPG

The Dark: Survival RPG

Nice little game. Can’t beat it for the price. Kind of a bit of skyrim feel to it. Support is awesome. Found a couple of bugs and spoke directly to the dev through discord and it was fixed within about 8 hours. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this little gem.

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

This Game Is A lot of fun, now yes it does still need work however what early access game doesn’t? I have paid much more than what this dev is asking for half the fun which tells me he cares more about his/her game than making a quick few dollars and those are the indie games i love and adore. Can’t wait to dive deeper into it as it’s going to make a fun lets play :) One thing that I really hope gets fixed is the UI It is so teeny tiny that even on my computer monitor i have to lean in to read what it says and the images are so tiny you can’t make them out. I am sure this will be corrected as i did see in tattmans video that it was much bigger yesterday :) Keep having fun creating this game dev and it’s going to grow into something epic, you have an AMAZING start! The music and lighting made it immersive however i would maybe make night time a little later lol it went from bright to dark however it did make for me to get on the edge of my chair to ensure nothing was coming to get me lol I really enjoyed it and will be playing a lot more. (once i can see the UI, lol) :)

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The Dark: Survival RPG on Steam

Turing Complete

Turing Complete

Fantastic Game. It scratches an itch I didn’t even realize I had. This contains the essence of a university level introduction to Computer Hardware course, disguised as a game. In fact, it surpasses it in some ways. I never actually did get to build an entire functional computer in University, but you do here. In university we built some circuits, and had to use our imagination how it would fit into a complete architecture, and then jumped to learning to program the already existing Motorola 68K. In this “game”, not only do you build a fully functional computer (vitually, of course), but you also design the instruction set and assembly language that goes with it. And once you’re done with the in-game challengese, you still have the sandbox and all the components to do something on your own… like build an actual Motorola 68K.

Real player with 180.1 hrs in game

I’ve been a professional software developer for almost a decade, and I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve ever built than when I wrote a program to solve a maze in an assembly language that I encoded on a computer I built from scratch in this game. I feel like for the first time I REALLY understand how a computer works, and it is incredibly gratifying.

I’ve been playing games like Factorio, Infinifactor, Shinzen I/O, TIS-100, Astroneer. Minecraft, “While True: Learn()”, etc., but it turns out that this is the itch I was trying to scratch the whole time. And in the sense of scratching that itch, this is the best game I’ve ever played.

Real player with 100.3 hrs in game

Turing Complete on Steam



xTypeVersus is a typing game where you will to work and improve your typing aptitudes:




Play against other players from all over the world - up to 5 players in one game.

Don’t let the other distance you, don’t make mistakes, don’t crack!

Customize your console as you want with different layouts, colors and options.

Make it look like you and change it between games.


  • SOLO with 1 theme (password).

  • 3 Layouts

  • Steam connected (login)


  • LEADERBOARDS for best solo

  • MULTI up to 5 players

  • More themes: standard words, Names, Anagrams, Fantasy…

  • More customizations

xTypeVersus on Steam

Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol

THIS IS NOT PACMAN. It looks like it but it is not.

This is a sliding puzzle game - there are 100 levels. That sounds easy right? - Wrong. Its a sliding puzzle game with obstacles that are out to kill you and ruin your day. (if you look at a screen shot - if its orange, red, moves, or looks at you funny it wants to kill you.

Who is this game for? Do you want to challenge yourself? - Yes. Do you want to bash your controller/keyboard because you died 3 moves away from the objective - yes. Do you want to feel immensely satisfied at beating a level - yes. Great. This is for you. The game is a challenge, with a sense of timing, planning and logical thinking you can succeed. Go for that Perfect, do the level as fast as you can - challenge yourself to get a high score.

Real player with 469.7 hrs in game

One of best puzzle game!!! Hack level 100!!!

Real player with 65.3 hrs in game

Cyber Protocol on Steam