Safe Not Safe

Safe Not Safe

Ever wondered how stealth games of the future will look like?

This is how. Safe Not Safe reinvigorates the genre in several fundamental ways.

Meaningful exploration

Every mission is a completely new procedurally generated level. Explore freely and find your own way to the goal without a pre-designed solution.

Worthy Opponent

Powerful AI controls the whole base and commands robotic security. The AI is adapting to your actions and builds smarter and stronger defences on the fly.

Real Challenge

Rogue-lite elements are challenging but fair. No saves during the missions – success depends only on your plan and the way you combine your skills and gear.

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Safe Not Safe on Steam

Phantom Proxy

Phantom Proxy

Earth is gone. The only remains of humanity are kept alive in cyberspace afterlife.

Only the wealthiest individuals uploaded their souls into the hedonistic binary abyss.

Their servers maintained by the working class software living in sub-level decaying pixels.



  • Experience fast-paced arena-shooter combat with unique lock-on aiming system

  • Fight in hand-crafted arenas with procedurally generated permutations

  • Engage in combat against the deadly Cyber Security Task Force bots

  • Find weapons and modify them with random loot that emphasizes player skill!


Communicate directly with the developer and fans of the game on the offical discord!


See how the game is made by watching developer live-streams on Twitch that include level design, programming, art, and sound creation!****

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Phantom Proxy on Steam

Security Hole

Security Hole

This fucking game. This MOTHERFUCKING GAME. Now this was a remarkable puzzle game. It was easily the most frustrating puzzle game I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, and I absolutely loved it.


You have a collection of base shapes, such as cubes or dodecahedrons, which form various larger 3D structures. The object is to rotate this 3D structure such that it can fit into a hole which it is steadily, almost imperceptibly moving towards. Think of it like shining a light at the ground so that your shape makes a certain shadow, and rotating it so that the shadow matches the pattern given. Except there’s a time limit. Or you only have a certain amount of rotation you can perform before it locks up. Or sometimes both of these things. And also each level has multiple phases and they keep adding more and more of the base shape to your object, changing the shadow it can make. Also everything is randomized so you’ll never get the same setup twice. Oh and the boss-mode fights have a second timer you have to beat across all phases, and everything is wireframe and terrible. And also there is a

! secret world, and a secret level to the secret world, and secret mandatory bonus rounds on several of the final puzzles, because fuck you apparently.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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Think of this as a kid’s set of fitting blocks, on steroids. Don’t get me wrong, this game is HARD and will test your geometrical/tridimensional perception to the limit.

Don’t be fooled by the game’s first trailer, as it is very misleading. The second trailer is more accurate to what you get.

I won’t lie to you, the game concept is all about testing your geometrical/spatial ability by passing 3D objects through a hole (no, there’s nothing dirty in that sentence). There is some variation to that theme, though. Sometimes you have to do it within a time limit. Sometimes you have to move the object as little as possible but can take as much time as you want. There’s also a mode that shows a blank object with no shadows or other indications of perspective and you’ll have to find the matching object from a set of 4 options. On top of that, each object is composed of smaller units, and these units vary through the game–you start with cubes, then you see dodecahedrons and other units, for a total of 6 different units which will fry your brain while you get used to each of them.

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Security Hole on Steam



There’s nothing not to love or at least like about this game. A total of over 7 hours in, I still happily go back for a mission or 2 and ‘stick it to the man’. As often in hacking games, it narrates the hacking concept, without getting too technical.

A mission drops you into a network, a network contains nodes to hack and each node is a (variations on the same) mini-puzzle to take over the node’s core. The challenges themselves are easy (and with enough resources) trivial enough, but the time-limit for a mission is what makes the game challenging. All in all a well-balanced setup. I like the fact that each mission has a short description of what you’re hacking into for what, and then after completing the mission, a new news-item will reflect this. Nice touch.

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

Darknet was interesting… for a while. Then the repetition got dull, and I found I didn’t want to waste any more time with it.

This is an abstract game about capturing data nodes. For each map, you capture small nodes to gain cash, use the cash by viruses, and work your way up to larger and more valuable nodes. Eventually you have enough viruses in your inventory to capture the root node and the mission ends.

There are some minor decisions to make when choosing which nodes to attack, since capturing a node reduces the difficulty of all the adjacent nodes. So you will often attack nearly worthless small nodes in order to weaken a valuable large node. Later in the game, there are nodes protected by ICE, which you must pay to remove before you can see the contents of the node or attack it, but that’s about as complex as the strategic map gets.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Darknet on Steam

Contract Work

Contract Work

Great retro arcade vibes!

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

fun game with some cool surprises. lots of ways to customize it. love vaporizing robots 🤖

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Contract Work on Steam

Impossible Mission II

Impossible Mission II

I have 2 Questions:

  1. How do i quit the game ( with which button?). I use windows button…

  2. How do I move horizontally on the sliding steps?

By the way, the sound fx and the music in the game are not good as the original one :(. I hope an update would come to improve…

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Impossible Mission II on Steam

Impossible Pixels

Impossible Pixels

Love this game! Reminds me a little bit of old arcade games but with a more modern twist to it. I really like the music and the art as well. Overall I think this is a great game, even though sometimes it makes me a bit mad with how hard it is, so I’d definitely call this a rage game :D also there is a lot of flashing lights on the screen, but I think it’s okay for anyone who doesn’t have a problem with migrens and stuff. I actually think those flashing lights are the thing that make the game unique and different to all the other games.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Good game. In later levels gets little bit hard. Nice soundtrack.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Impossible Pixels on Steam



If anybody can hear me, please respond.

_I am a sole survivor of the liberty, a long range scout ship on a mission to discover the cause of a spacial anomaly on the edge of this system. My crew is missing and had to re-purpose some drones to make repairs.

Everything that could go wrong has, I have limited fuel, limited resources and have had to resort to explore this sector to look for supplies.

Things turned from bad to worse when I realized that every ship and base I have discovered has turned up empty. No life, nobody. Nothing except some extra scrap and some upgrades I used to further my search._

Real player with 66.6 hrs in game

So, you wanted to get scared. You wanted to play a horror game. Perhaps a survival rogue-like one? Forget your run-of-the-mill jump scare games, monsters, aliens and other nasties. Duskers will make you fear mere sounds of the ship you’ve docked at creaking, shudder at seeing flashing red doors and jump at simple beeps of your console.

The atmosphere of the game has to be applauded over and over. The graphical nature is simple yet complex. Simple in terms of the console view where you can see the location of your drones, the layout of the ship, the state of its doors and so on. This part is logically clean and very un-Hollywood like, where terminals will be more graphically impressive than any operating system yet look a fraction as useful. The console, coupled with the ambient rumbling of your ship’s engines as well as various blips and blops, will reinforce the feeling of isolation. The feeling that you are truly alone in the cold vastness of space, desperately trying to keep your aging ship and failing drones to keep going as you attempt to figure out just what has happened to everyone.

Real player with 59.3 hrs in game

Duskers on Steam



Buckle up for a hacking rhythm game about saving the colorful world of Cyberspace! Move to the beat, groove your way through security systems, and fight the nasty virus that corrupts friendly Cyberfolk (also in local co-op!). Make your own levels using your own music or the official tunes!

Move to the Beat!

  • Feel the rhythm! Move left and right with only two buttons - and pick your weapon of choice: keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or even a DDR dance pad!

  • Vibe with over 20 electronic tracks by AceMan, an award-winning demoscene musician!

  • Develop your own hacking strategies and stay alert! The levels are constantly changing and are filled with pesky glitches!

Save Cyberspace!

  • Embark on an exciting journey with DAB and Dr Melody! Visit strange places, solve mysteries from the past, and put an end to the virus threat that endangers Cyberspace!

  • Meet goofy characters from different regions of Cyberspace, who have been infected and now wreak havoc all over the place. It’s your job to free them from the corruption and make friends with them!

Discover the Game!

  • Embark on a journey through Cyberspace in the Adventure mode.

  • Pick a song and play however you like in the Arcade mode. Awake your inner completionist and master each level in a set of challenges.

  • Test your endurance against a gruelling music marathon in the Boss Rush mode.

  • Feeling competitive? Go for hand-made Elite Levels and try to get to the top of the leaderboards.

  • Customize your experience with accessibility options. Make your own color palette or enable easy controls, which don’t require you to be so rhythm-precise!

  • Unlock achievements, special keepsakes, and many cosmetic items (Rainbow!)

Get Creative and Make Your Own Levels!

  • Gain access to our tools and create awesome custom levels with the in-game editor!

  • Get crazy with block setups, game modifiers, or even visual effects.

  • Upload your own music or use the official soundtrack!

Double the Fun!

  • Join forces with your friends and experience every part of the game in local co-op! No virus will stand against such a hacking duo. It’s super effective!

DAB’S NOT DEAD contains a lot of rapidly flashing lights and colors which may affect players susceptible to photo sensitivities. Stay safe!


Lilith Odyssey

Lilith Odyssey

I’ve been having a harder time enjoying new games… something interesting will come out and it will pique my interest, only to realize it’s not what I had imagined. Although I have been getting more and more of these Hentai games, but am I at fault for thinking the gameplay would be on par with the graphics and art work? Not in this game, it might not have cat girls or dominating succubi, but this game has a lot more. How much more? A whole galaxy. And by the way, these questions are rhetorical for the sake of this writing prompt of a review, if I ask a question I’m probably asking that to myself while writing and don’t expect anyone to message me with the answer to the question I provided.

Real player with 30.1 hrs in game

Lilith Odyssey is a bold undertaking for a small indie dev team but the concept is well executed although not without some expected bugs (that from what I can tell the dev team is actively working through).

The game play is a mix between the Oregon Trail (get to your destination), flight sim, open world exploration/adventure, with a Fallout/GTA esque radio station thrown in for kicks. Ultimately this is a risk and resource management game where you gather resources to (safely) get from your starting home world to Lilith.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Lilith Odyssey on Steam