Where else do you get the chance to control mankind via chemtrails? This is fun and you learn about conspiracy theories.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

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A really fun little game about a very serious topic. Looking forward to future updates!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game


Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You


This review is being written before the conclusion of the game in episode five. I’ve played through the first four episodes a couple times exploring different outcomes, however, as episode five is not out yet I’m not able to comment on the totallity of the story.

The Machine

Orwell has a very close Person of Interest vibe. The government of the fictitious country has obtained a Machine, or System, that surveils the populous gathering information however it does not act on the gathered information. The idea of the game is that the system, aptly named Orwell, isn’t able to decern human subtlety, sarcasim, or deciet. As such, the fictious government has outsourced the task of resolving conflicts in the data, and identifying what is relevant and what is not. You as the player take on this role as an outsider to the country, tasked with sifting through the data that Orwell gives you access to inorder to identify person(s) of interest. This is a role somewhat like Person of Interest’s Harold Finch.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

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My playtime: 10h (based on steam, 100% achievement; 2.5x playthrough)

Grindy Achievement(s): No.

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (17 achievements).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You is a massive information gathering system where you, an investigator, is taking a role in sorting the relevant data and fix conflicting data that the system gathered to assist a crime. The game has story branching that persists over 5 chapters.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You on Steam

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (genre: Story Telling - Investigation)

SCORE: 7.5/10

I have to say this game is more direct, genuine than the first game but lack the crush of having the ability to handling life and death situation on your hand. Also in the first game, the ending is somewhat more impactful than this one not to say this game’s ending is not. Secondly, I understand why this game sometimes get mixed reviews even though most of them is positive, it is mostly based on preference and I guess the person who tends to read more will eventually enjoy this game more than those who referred storytelling games like heavy rains and until dawn, etc. But even that doesn’t justify why this game isn’t good in my opinion.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

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Report for duty, Agent. Time to gossip our way to victory.

With season one of Orwell (or well, before we actually knew we would be getting another Orwell game) being an incredible experience, who wouldn’t want to revisit that universe again? Who wouldn’t want to be the person that spies rather than the one that gets spied on? We return with a whole new case to dig our hands into and more secrets to peek at.

Right as you start up, you will see changes that improves the immersion. Before you are even put into the system, you have to take a small survey to determine if you will be accepted. If you played the first Orwell game, this is also the time to choose whether you want to link your playthrough with it. This not only lets you skip the tutorial but whatever you did in that save carries over. If you haven’t noticed yet (like I didn’t) this canonically takes place during the events of season one. While you and well… past you will not interact, you will see those events referenced here. Once you get the survey out of the way, you will get a cutscene that does a great job in visualizing the “fake news” focus and, surprise, showing that this is voiced.

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength on Steam

Primate Signal

Primate Signal

Thought provoking, deep and twizted. Absolutely stunning graphics, audio and character development so much so that I actually was physically transported into the fucked up world of the minds of the Wainstop gang. This work, will replace the Bible in our churches. Thank you.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

It’s not very often something comes along that is this unique. It has such a strong stylistic character that you feel transported to another world with the original artwork and music, not to mention the mind bending story. The time I spent in this world was totally bizarre in the best possible way. Nothing else like it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Primate Signal on Steam



So I found this game in my qeue (a bit by surprise). And since I really like political-sim and strategy games, I decided to give it a try. Yes, it is really early access but under it’s surface is a good strategy game. You have to constantly run polls and ads, so you win over a state on several topics. But at the same time keep an eye on your money. First few turns took a bit of figuring out what to do, but after that I found the perfect strategy. Won my first game fairly easy with 430 - 108 electoral votes. I do hope they add more elements so there’s more gameplay.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Good game in development. A bit pricy for the state it is currently in now, but I trust that as updates come out and it leaves Early Access, the game will be higher quality. Definitley a good game if you’re into political stragety.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Electioneering on Steam

4th Generation Warfare

4th Generation Warfare

This Is an update to the review 11/20/21

Single player Is not bad to play. There are quality of life things that needs to be Improved.

  1. Instead of checking the phone for each person or backing out the menu to re open to view messages from characters to have a simple list of all messages.

  2. When you tell your military to move somewhere they will move Into borders of countries and start a war If still there traveling In two or three days.

  3. More defence from cyber attacks. As a large country you cannot defend against this. Other actors can ruin your entire economy and cause mass shortages withing days.

Real player with 106.9 hrs in game

In the beginning it was confusing but the more I played the more I realized all of the hidden treasures that this game has behind its sleeve. Its not those games that tells you everything right off the bat and spoiling all the fun by doing so, this is a progressive type game that the longer you play the more you discover and develop a history as the leader of the nation. By far one of the most underestimated games with extremely high potential by far I have ever seen to date. If you don’t like this game cause its hard, tutorials aren’t good, or you don’t understand the game play, I would say that the game provides difficulty levels and different modes to play through, play the actual game and this is 4th generation warfare which you should have researched what that means if you don’t know. Great Game!

Real player with 98.8 hrs in game

4th Generation Warfare on Steam

Internet Court

Internet Court

I have to admit I found Internet Court really funny. It does have a lot of silly moments that make you go what but I loved it from beginning to end. You can beat this within 2 hours but it is really fun to get through. I love the acting being silly but worth it to make a good comedy. The Judge always makes me laugh at every turn. I love the silly ending that connects all 4 cases and my favourite case was the first one. I may not be a fan of the music in the game but love the credits song at the end.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Great writing, including fun dialogue when you make bad decisions (intentionally or otherwise). Clear video and audio with acting by Gamecola staff emeritus.

The judge once said, “I’m going to let you try again, but first I’m going to give you a strike!” giving me my third strike and ejecting me from the courtroom. I might have gotten carried away exploring dialogue options.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Internet Court on Steam