Hello, I’m writing a review for this game since I feel like it is in need of good reviews, and no, I haven’t played for 31 minutes in total, I am a alpha and beta tester, who wants to give this game a good name.

Firstly, I’ll be going over 4 things and rating them, Difficulty, Availability, Replayability and Community, these 4 things make a game good, so of course, first of all


The game is overwhelming in the first couple of games, getting used to it would be hard if there isn’t an experienced player who is willing to help, I’d say it take around 6 games to actually learn most things going on, and to get a feel for the roles, as you’d most likely get an Agent, a Hacking Netsec, Neutral and so on, however strategy is hard, its social deduction and meaning that the game will definettly rely on your social ability to lie, and make up a good claim which would be hard for the first games, and could still even be harder games onwards, strategies form in your mind, they work and they don’t, overall

Real player with 360.0 hrs in game

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Untrusted is a Social Deduction game with a hacking theme. The Social Deduction genre has seen a recent resurgence with the success of Among Us. In this game, a hacking group called NETSEC is meeting in an online chat room to coordinate their hack progress through a number of computers and servers in order to hack one specific target node that will win them the game. Every group, however, has been infiltrated by two agents, and a number of independent operators known as Neutrals.

The premise of this game is fantastic, and the lone developer has done some of its implementation well. NETSEC has a variety of skills to verify its own people. The Agents have some ways of blending in with the NETSEC operatives. The fun of the game is not found in the hacking (as there is nothing even closely resembling real hacking), but rather in the fact that you’re actively playing against the minds of the other players as you prove people true or false, or if you’re an agent, you’ll quite possibly find your thrill in lying your way to victory with hastily formed arguments as you place the blame on others. You have to be quick, since there’s not much time before NETSEC has to decide which member of the chat must be sent to their death, and your arguments must be good and to the point.

Real player with 289.9 hrs in game

Untrusted on Steam



The storyline and complexity for a world first game foreshadowing our current future with technology.

This is a classic that you need to buy/play before going to Watch Dogs 2 so you understand it even more and characters in 2.

7/10 would play again.

Real player with 65.6 hrs in game

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This is the first Watch Dogs game that I have played. i bought this game on sale. And it was completely worth every penny. First of all, the story line is engaging and attractive. As it is with Ubisoft, you could do side missions as well (if you want to). I am writing this before playing the last act; and even after finishing this game, I would love to play this one again sometime in future. It was an overwhelming experience for me with Watch Dogs.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Watch_Dogs™ on Steam

HEX Hacking Simulator

HEX Hacking Simulator

Love the game. although i have to admit i don’t like solo mode that much although it is kind of handy if no fiends are available. i love multiplayer mode and i love the fact that you need to communicate to beat the levels and the fact that there is a limited amount of time makes it so much more thrilling. I would recommend this game as a team building activity. i personally feel this game works on communication and also motivates people to get out of their comfort zone. Well done To the team of Solace studios, i am really impressed

Real player with 45.0 hrs in game

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//HEX is an incredibly fun, addictive and adrenaline packed Bank Hacking Game which is Perfectly designed for CO-OP.

To become a successful hacker you need to be able to Master a series of progressively more complex mini games in order to gain access to the money vault; That’s just where your problems begin!

There are 2 views to this game, controller and Hacker. You can play in single player mode and switch between the two views by pressing TAB, but for the ultimate experience you will want to be in CO-OP mode.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

HEX Hacking Simulator on Steam

Watch_Dogs® 2

Watch_Dogs® 2

















Real player with 360.9 hrs in game

Great game but has a really short (also a good one) story if you skip most part of the secondary activities.

I really enjoyed the graphics and travelling around San Francisco while having some very good memories from San Fierro’s times of GTA San Andreas.

80% off at the moment of this review so GO GET THIS GAME!

Real player with 85.8 hrs in game

Watch_Dogs® 2 on Steam



It doesn’t get any better than this.

Each map is unique in its setting and objective concept (the cyberpunk theme of the game is greatly enhanced by excellent skybox’s and background noise that draws you into the level). They require good team co-ordination in order to win. Especially since aspects of the objectives take place in 2 parallel worlds that affect each other in real time [Meatspace - physical world: similar to most fps with a cyperpunk theme (weapons like laser rifle, tesla rifle, ion cannon), 3 class types (v.balanced) and deus ex like implants, inc increased speed, thermal vision, medic, stealth(invisi). Cyberspace - think system shock 1 or tripping on acid: req decking implant; deckers speed thru cyberspace hacking objectives, adding security and fighting off enemy deckers in low grav/high speed combat using in essence quake railgun, lightening gun and rocket launcher.]

Real player with 1765.2 hrs in game

What started out as an old half life 2 mod is now an independent game with a dedicated community and recently updated to 1.5.2! Dystopia gives some quake-style play with objectives and and alternate cyber space realm where players fight in quasi gravity for control over nodes. Cyberspace nodes can be secondary objectives to open up new paths around choke points or seal off defender’s quick access to the objective. They can also switch turrets to shoot the other team! Other times an objective requires getting a player with a deck implant in the middle of enemy territory and hacking an objective.

Real player with 811.5 hrs in game

Dystopia on Steam



Hacktag is one of those hidden gems that do not appear on the front page. I found the game through exploring the games Steam had to offer and this one got my interest with the game being about hacking and co-operation. Little did I know I would have a lot of fun with this game.

Hacktag is all about hacking like the name suggests. The basic objective is to hack 999 GB of data. There are currently 2 other objective types as well, which are finding out the password of boss computer and hacking 3 mainframes. Whatever your objective is the gameplay is similar in each one.

Real player with 97.8 hrs in game

An isometric view of Monaco with characters from Armello is what I think of when playing this game. However, it has much more charm and is palm sweating, heart-beatingly, exciting.

I’m unsure as to how the difficulty scales or if there are different maps or even specific map layouts but the maps I’ve played are certainly doable. Some were sort of “challenging” in the sense of more security, more running about and getting things in a specific order, while others were pieces of cake.

The “challenging” aspect is trying to get used to the controls. As a hacker, switching directions mid travel can get rather difficult and moving as a stealth agent can get wonky, not to mention you need to be somewhat precise when disabling the scanner. Whether this is on purpose or not is trivial seeing as how it certainly doesn’t make it unplayable (lest you have lag which I’ll get into later). It’s fairly simple to get used to and by your second/third playthrough, you should know exactly how to move and exactly what position you need to be in when disabling mechanisms.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

Hacktag on Steam



I’ve put enough time into this game to understand a lot its strengths and weaknesses. This is a social deduction game that was balanced to favor one side in many modes, enabling the game to lean on that mechanic. It enables a unique type of gameplay that I find very engaging. The devs threw a ton of thought and patience in the core mechanics, and they’re incredibly active in the game’s discord server. They regularly receive feedback and interact with the community.

Unfortunately, the game is unfixable.

Real player with 108.0 hrs in game

A simple hidden role game, and free to play, at that. The gameplay itself is very good - not perfect, but it’s still in development - but the community is VERY bad, and I consider this to be partly the fault of the developers. Not ENTIRELY their fault, but….

For example, the report system. You can report people for harrassment or abuse or spam. That’s good. So what’s the problem? You can also report people for cheating, or for gamethrowing. If a person is reported often enough - for any offense - they are automatically banned by a bot and must appeal to the mods. This encourages bullies to sling reports at people for perceived offenses that didn’t occur, giving them even more power and generally fueling a negative atmosphere.

Real player with 40.1 hrs in game


Su Hack

Su Hack

fun game to play to pass some time, i would recommend giving it a try

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Su Hack on Steam

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue

It’s a genuine work of passion presenting the cybersecurity world and profession in a gamified way. It can be used as a training tool for sure, but it’s even more than that. Personally, I think it’s a great strategy game. It’s an experience allowing you to hone the intelligent strategy of the always target prioritizing mind. The graphics and music is gorgeous. The mechanics and features sometimes contain a few bugs, but the developers of the game are generally responsive to bug reports over Discord. Your opinions and ideas can shape the game as well, as you can request a feature too.

Real player with 236.1 hrs in game

I have over 20+ years in the IT field and 15+ years in Information Security or Cyber Security. Experience from desktop support, server support, setting up networks, configuring firewalls and hours upon hours of standing on server room floors when a configuration change went sideways. Now I work in Risk Management and Governance Risk Compliance implementing the NIST RMF and now CSF. I have also worked as an IT Auditor and Security Controls Assessor.

I haven’t read too many of the comments but I would understand if reviewers first impressions of the game as “overly simplistic” or “not reality”. And I cannot argue the first point but I would not discount the game as learning tool. What this game provides, at it’s essence, and captures is the constant challenge or struggle the IT industry faces on a day to day basis. IE patch management; social engineering; SDLC; etc.

Real player with 111.2 hrs in game

ThreatGEN: Red vs. Blue on Steam



Clandestine is one of the most underrated stealth games I’ve ever played.

I’ll start with what I don’t like: out of all the things to randomly place they chose collectables you’ll need to upgrade your armory.

The game is coded in Unity, so the facial animations are questionable, and the animations overall are very stiff and the collision detection on the environment isn’t great.

The AI is competent, but not particularly complex since guards won’t notice doors opened or trace left by the player.

Real player with 61.8 hrs in game

The quick recap

because who has the time to read my soliloquy

Clandestine is a genius and unforgiving stealth game in which mistakes are lethal. The only way to avoid the mistakes is to have a good friend in the van monitoring you and planning ahead of time. This is a stealth game where non-lethal playthrough is rewarding because the non-lethal options are numerous and cool, whereas the guns are pretty much all the same and do the same thing without much skill needed. No advanced objective requires a kill. You will succeed or fail based on your preparation, co-ordination and skill alone. Exploration is rewarded but not capital.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

Clandestine on Steam