There is a certain charm to Hackmud where, despite some of the flaws that I have been very much accustomed to over my 12,000 logged Steam hours in this game, I still continue to play this game, or at the very least have an interaction with it, daily. If I were to make a shortlist of my favourite video games of all time, would Hackmud be in this list? Compared to actual video gaming masterpieces? After a lot of deliberation, my answer is: “No at its core, but considering everything I’ve been through with it, yes”. Hackmud stands as a testament to the sheer entertainment potential of even the smallest and roughest of games with the right kind of mechanics to allow for infinite user-generated content.

Real player with 21032.0 hrs in game

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This is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. It’s hard to explain exactly what the draw is in a concise way, so be prepared for a little reading.

It’s easy to say that I love it for the scripting, which is my primary focus, but the reason I love it is so much more than that. The atmosphere really clicks for me, where the lore is presented “Dark Souls style”, which takes some digging to reveal - and what it shows you makes you want to know more. The npcs in this game talk from time to time, and as you see what they have to say you may start to realize they are not just making jokes, spamming weather reports, and adding to the lore, but they also hint at secrets that players can find.

Real player with 3061.8 hrs in game

hackmud on Steam

Grey Hack

Grey Hack

So as you can see from my hrs on record I am obsessed with this game. However that is not why I chose to write a review. I have wrote very few reviews on games. It’s just not really my deal. It takes a lot for me to write something either good or bad about it. And I had that “a lot” moment recently when I was interacting with another player in the game. I was talking to them about how much I enjoyed the game and have over 400 hours in to it. That’s when I realized I have almost 500 now…. in a game that’s still in alpha. The game doesn’t even have all the features yet and has many bugs. There’s a running contest in discord for who can find the most bugs. Normally that’s a bad thing for a game. But this game… the bugs are actually fun and in a weird way add to the game. Don’t get me wrong the developer is constantly pushing out updates and actively fixing those bugs and making the game better with each update. But the bugs are used in the game for hacking. Players adapt to the more stubborn bugs and you learn to protect yourself from them. You find others and use those to mess around. I wish I could explain better how and why this game has sucked me in but this game is one massive world where the players create so much of the content without realizing it, “500 hours in an alpha” kind of not realizing it. That was my “a lot” moment. I paid 10$ for 500 hours of game play. I have games in my library that I’ve paid far more for and have far fewer hours and they’re still worth it to me and those are finished! So as a thank you for the best 10$ I’ve ever spent here’s my Review Kuro I hope it helps drive more sales to ya.

Real player with 1884.1 hrs in game

Ever wanted to feel how it is to be a real hacker and face and overcome the difficulties that come with being one?

This game is probably the closest you can get without actually having any prior experience with the technicalities that are involved with gaining illegal access to a person’s computer.

What really sets this game apart from every other in this genre, is that while portrayal in most games is very ‘Hollywood-esque’, this game manages to keep it grounded and convincingly portrays the ‘real feel’ of being a hacker, and the difficulties that must be overcome. In-game computer actually feels genuine and intuitive to use, and unlike in many other games, gaining unauthorized access to a person’s computer is in itself a very rewarding process. It actually feels like the real deal (and the methods and concepts such as social engineering that exist in the game are all real).

Real player with 127.5 hrs in game

Grey Hack on Steam

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for the Web, PC, and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and, with other hackers, reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open-world networks.

Manipulate corporations' and inhabitants' lives by hacking their computers, observe the consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit this world.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, and improve your computer to hack others, control parts of the network, or create the best websites and tools which will help other hackers and make you rich! Work with others to make your experimental activities useful for your faction and lead with them the world in the right direction.

Find out how easily some can manipulate many and how powerful but dangerous control over the information can be…

The game is in early access, so please be aware that the game still requires lots of bug fixing, polishing, and content and mechanics of the game can change.

Key Features


Real-life hacking and security tools which are authentic yet modified to be fun and created with several options to strategize


Use your power to manipulate the life of the game characters and corporates, which have various problems and stories and, in the end, affect the world balance.


Engaging main story and mini-stories in quests bring the player new perspectives on world problems. Discover different views of two factions, finding unique pieces with every gameplay.


From the first contact with the QuanTech application, you are pulled into a realistic atmosphere of the corporate environment and their secret quantum experiments, where nothing breaks your immersion.


Full of puzzles in competitive and cooperative quests, playable in both multiplayer and solo-like gameplay with your decision of involving in PvP and area control fights


Experience living futuristic IT context emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Find yourself surrounded by other players passionate about technological progress and innovations, learning about the impact of technology on modern society.

Join our Discord community here: https://discord.gg/Mpy9hbR

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World Wide Hack on Steam

Su Hack

Su Hack

fun game to play to pass some time, i would recommend giving it a try

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Su Hack on Steam

Airhack: Hacking

Airhack: Hacking

You are a secret Agent who begins work for the Airem as Hacker. Hacking servers of global corporations for profit, stealing data, manipulate the stock market, modify peoples academic or criminal records, laundering money, erasing evidence, framing innocent people. Do not trust anyone.

Use bitcoin to upgrade your hardware and buy new software. Connect to many unique servers, each of which has something different. Some servers are just a little fun, but others actually contain vital bits of the game. Airhack (The Origin project) was founded in 2000. This is the oldest thing known on the Internet.


  • Hack users (delete files, formatting disk, transfer money from wallet etc.)

  • Hack bank accounts to transfer money

  • Install and play games

  • Trojans, virus, malware

  • Bitcoin mining

  • Modify your system (theme etc.)

  • Overclocking (CPU/GPU)

  • Help the police track down other hackers

  • Upgrade your hardware and software

  • Connect to many unique servers like casino, stock

  • Phone (send sms, call, chat etc.)

  • They watching You

  • Hacker, Hacker, Hacker

  • Make virus

  • Black hat, white hat, gray hat

  • Ranking online

  • Multiplayer, co-op (hacking bank accounts together) or be a lone wolf

  • Secrets

  • Ufo attack 2 (game)

  • Airhack could be aslo an immersive terminal-based hacking simulator for PC

Airhack has many more features which are not listed here to prevent spoilers

Airhack: Hacking on Steam

Hassle 1977

Hassle 1977

Wasn’t expecting such good stuff as small indie game. This product has so much potential, I do hope devs are planning some advertisement for it and they will add more features in the near future!

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

pre-pre-pre alpha game feeling (clearly not beta)

vehicule physics are trash

no in game mapping controls

bad ost (for me)

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Hassle 1977 on Steam

Screeps: World

Screeps: World

I have played lots games over the years. have forgotten 95% of them, 4.9% of them i remember due to them being an excellent game and myself enjoying, Paradox games I love but don’t rate as in the top .1%. Only a very rare game has me remembering epic or defining moments that really set that game apart for me. EvE online is one, for creating a sandbox of such freedom, politics, warfare, resource gathering, trade, which all helps to create proper player driven stories.

The other is Screeps….which has given me my most proud moments in any game i have played. The games are of course markedly different but also surprisingly similar. Screeps like EvE has trade, crafting, factories, land ownership, politics/alliances, resource gathering, warfare, but ants instead of ships and where in EvE when u get killed you take a big loss, in Screeps it can mean game over, time to respawn from scratch……again.

Real player with 3117.3 hrs in game

Note: I am not associated with the developers in any way, I’ve just been playing a lot recently.

Screeps is a game for programmers.

But it is possible for someone without any previous programming experience to learn it with enough dedication, though I recommend at least learning some basics of programming/JavaScript from somewhere like codecademy first. And try the free tutorial before you buy the game (I am still running code that started out based on the tutorial code, 2 months later).

The game has deceptively simple visuals, but a lot of increasingly complex systems that you gain access to as you progress within the game, providing interesting challenges for your programming ability. How complex it ends up getting depends in part on how much of it you end up wanting to automate. Pretty much anything you can do, you can get your code to do for you.

Real player with 2606.2 hrs in game

Screeps: World on Steam

APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded

English :

The most effective/accurate word to define this game is just : “Aids”.

-Very shitty optimization : Even high-end pcs can’t run this game at a constant 120 fps atleast.

-Low skill capped gameplay and mechanics : Even though they are great, you can just go easy on everyone just by pulling out a simple oca and litteraly rape them by adding CJ3 on it.

-Really low population : This game isn’t really well known which leads to a mostly retarded community. (Around ~1k players in the Eu servers and near ~500 in NA servers)

Real player with 5365.0 hrs in game

Great game when it comes to showing off your creative side, whether it be designing your own car or just your characters look. this game has no competition when it comes to character and vehicle design, i havent played in a few months but i know there are probably still a lot of hackers who use aimbot, etc. the gun play and firefights always felt nice when you got into a legit mission with others who are playing fair, the community isnt the greatest, so i wouldnt waste your time with clans unless you knew someone going into the game or just started up playing with friends, but it is no doubt a fun game to pass the time. the ranking up and contact progression is very slow if you dont have a premium account (very P2W) when it comes to progression and earning in game currency, but on the bright side you can get most of the good weapons from contacts without buying them through armas marketplace, btw armas sells a bunch of crap weapons, dont waste your money unless youre just going for the look of somthing, i would recommend this game purely because ive played it since RTW and it was my first steam game, it is very fun and i would give it a shot, good luck!

Real player with 1969.3 hrs in game

APB Reloaded on Steam