Freelancer Life Simulator

Freelancer Life Simulator

Even though this game has the potential to become quite fun to play its is way to buggy.

If your car gets stuck there is no way to get it to not be stuck. Items disappear after loading your game save.

Shops will be empty sometimes. On the computer when you have a company and are trying to make a project the GUI is messed up, You can’t manage your employees. Controls are very clunky and weird.

Very buggy game do not buy.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

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to much bugs in this game i hope develop can fix this game ASAP thanks man


Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Freelancer Life Simulator on Steam

Freelancer Life Simulator: Prologue

Freelancer Life Simulator: Prologue

Lots of potential, but for now, seems quite repetitive. Also, the way it works with the Hunger bar is so annoying, especially because the shop is a few miles away. Even by car it takes a while but, guess what? Some guy that you own money to takes your car, so it’s even more frustrating.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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pull up the programming socks and enjoy

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Freelancer Life Simulator: Prologue on Steam

Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

Interesting concept to base a game around, so I was pretty excited even if it had a short run time.

I’d say it starts out strong but doesn’t have much in the way of developed gameplay. Essentially you’re given one mini-game where you attempt to gain access to as many devices in a given area. It’s fun for the first few times, but after a while it becomes way too much of a chore. I would’ve loved to see some further expansion with how the game works with a few more mini-games attached to things like; setting up new bases around the world, hacking national capitals, and fending off attacks from other hackers. If they added these things along with a stronger main campaign (maybe with a few side quests?) this game could’ve been much stronger than what it currently is.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

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Not a bad game, considering the price (on offer). There are only three missions, and the general feel of the game is achieve ‘x’ cash or reputation, which is really just a grind (it doesn’t take too long, but it requires very little input from the player).

All in all it’s a very repetitive game, and while the makers have done a great job with the overall look, it’s nowhere near its predecessor, Uplink (which I can still enjoy to this day, for gfx, music, missions and the rest).

So this gets a 3/10, and it would have been 2/10, but the price is low.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Cyber Attack on Steam

The Help Desk

The Help Desk

My play through here:


I’m only recommending this game, because I think there is a group of people that will enjoy this game. I did not enjoy this game there’s ZERO percent chance you can outplay everything you’re forced to take mandatory hits and depending on the AI’s erratic behavior if you do try to actually out maneuver your co workers because they’re camping a spot you’re going to run out of time. I’m such a nice guy though I’ll explain some things that aren’t explained in the control scheme it gives you so you don’t have to get gaped trying to figure it out there’s some neat intricacies. For CONFIG you need absolutely nothing swaps you need one computer you can only carry one. 5 discs= 1 life so this is where the game is playable and gives you a chance to win this is a life management/calculated hit type game. This is not a stealth game it’s not a skill game, it’s a strategy game and requires a pretty good amount of RNG. The enemies CAN HIT YOU MULTIPLE TIMES there’s no I frames if there’s 5 enemies sitting in a cramped hallway BETTER believe you’re taking 5 damage. There’s not enough space to outplay shit a lot of the time. I like games where If i play it well enough I can win and not take damage this game you can understand what to do do it and get gaped by the AI the AI I’m not sure if it’s smart or the fact it easily gets trapped in small areas, but they camp it and with your hit box in a 2 square room you’re not dodging. So it’s a NO for me, but if you want a really hard strategy risk management game this is for you. I also love the concept of being an IT worker being frustrated by dum dums.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

The Help Desk on Steam

Tech Support: Error Unknown

Tech Support: Error Unknown

Hey, it’s either pay for repairs or get a better warranty.

In Tech Support: Error Unknown, you land a job in a phone company called Quasar Telecommunications. Becoming part of (you guessed it) the tech support team, you start out as a level one technician. After learning the ropes and reading up on the Quasar Wiki (or deciding to just wing it), you’ll be able to try and solve the customer’s problem. At first, you’ll only deal with giving out solutions the customer can do at home and if that doesn’t work or they’re not comfortable doing it themselves (like changing their screen which, yah, I get) or escalating it to a level 2 technician. You’ll only be able to interact with the customers with a pre-approved chat menu that will give out generic messages that correspond with the option you choose. This not only makes it easier on the player so you won’t get frustrated over the customers not recognizing what you’re saying and also shows how Quasar operates. They want their support to be fast and not able to speak out about anything else, especially if the customer is insulting them.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

So this game is sitting on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, it’s a fun and hilariously too real sim for anyone who has worked customer service in general. Example:

Me: Hi! I’m with Quasar! What seems to be the problem?

Customer: My fone doesnt woek

Me: (Internally, yeah I figured that’s why you’re calling you idiot) Oh no! What happened?

Customer: I don’t know, these things happen! FIX IT.


The game lets you balance support tickets, figuring out what various issues are and solutions. Some customers are reasonable, others are incredibly obtuse. The game is hilarious in this regard and the game play offers different kinds of upgrades to keep things interesting and give you a sense of progression.

Real player with 22.2 hrs in game

Tech Support: Error Unknown on Steam

Counter Terrorist Agency

Counter Terrorist Agency

This is my revised and final review now that I’ve had a fair bit more time with it.

CTA is a game I’ve wanted for a long time, which is why it comes as such a disappointment that so little thought was put into its design. I love the idea of tracking terrorist groups, deciding how and when to strike, collecting intelligence, and ultimately trying to prevent attacks. Unfortunately, it’s let down by shallow and often unclear mechanics. The devs were active in the beginning, responding to criticism and quickly putting out an update that greatly increased the quantity of scenarios in the game, and more have been added since. However, they seem to have been silent for just over a month now, and the Steam forums have been completely dead for over a week. They claim to be working on a pair of updates that would add a sort of “free mode”, as well as a much-requested re-work of the case file system. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced these will be enough to solve the fundamental problems this game suffers from.

Real player with 18.8 hrs in game


Counter Terrorist Agency is what the old game Covert Action would have been if the player were in a higher-up position, not every troublemaker had a name of a Spanish or Arabic origin, and relations and resources of nations were an issue. Things usually start out with suspicious behavior making the news, threats made to reporters, or just an intercepted phone call in which two people may say something suspicious, and from there, the player orders agents to go to work by having a suspect’s phone tapped and their social media accounts hacked, then waiting for more conversations in which the suspect’s role within an organization can be verified depending on the contents of the conversation. (The player may be able to guess at the role of the person they’re speaking to if that person infers they have any authority over the person the player tapped/hacked.) Once enough suspects have been identified, it’s time to stop the terrorists from acting by either arresting or killing (preferably) confirmed members. Arrested terrorists can possibly be interrogated revealing more people involved in their plot. (Interrogation can possibly even reveal a leader’s identity.)

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Counter Terrorist Agency on Steam

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

The second game of the series contains much more detailed and different new mechanics.

Build a great internet cafe. Don’t let street thugs and mobsters take your money. They can even throw a bomb inside your cafe.

You can attract more customers on rainy days. Increase the skills you want to develop from the tech tree. Will you become a business prodigy or a brawler skilled at protecting his cafe?

You have to earn money to pay off your brother’s debt!

Keep guards. Prepare meals for your customers. Install generators for power outages.

Improve computers. Purchase game licenses. Delight customers. Turn a ruin into a great cafe.

As a decent person, he can proceed normally. Or you could get involved in completely illegal business.

Hire employees for your cafe and treat them well.

Remember, the customer is always right!

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 on Steam

City Eye

City Eye

In the world of City Eye, You’ll become an operator of the Central Monitoring System, which will try to prevent the effects of every single transgression in the game. Use city map to track dangerous areas and don’t let the suspects run away from the Police.

City Eye lets You operate hundreds of cameras at once, and have an precise insight at every district You feel that may be endangered. Use this as Your advantage and find the danger before it’s too late!

Find the danger, track criminals, make a photos of suspects and give security all the necessary info to catch them. Focus yourself – dealing with multiple events at the same time is harder than You think!

Switch between cameras to track identified individuals and help security to catch criminals or prevent violation. Careful observation, quick decision making and prediction is the key to success.

  • Destruction of property

  • Fire

  • Vehicle escape/Resistance

  • Car theft

  • Acts of terrorism

City Eye presents very detailed urban area, in which You may find that the inhabitants are not as lawful as they look. Use Your abilities to prevent any offense and make sure that You can secure peace and order in the city.

City Eye on Steam

Internet Cafe Simulator

Internet Cafe Simulator

It was fun and addictive however you reach the endgame pretty quickly. It’s a cool idea in practice but it really doesn’t translate well into a game. There isn’t really any replayability other than to adapt to the many bugs that this game bears, strategically moving and placing your setups, arcade machines and bitcoin miners based on the mechanics of the game in the way the automated customers move to offer yourself a smoother experience. Once you’ve got it down running pretty smoothly with only a couple of annoyances (such as desks being broken/moved after you quit and restart the game, customers being stuck on the stairs/walls/arcade machines, rubbish you can’t get to without moving things) and you’ve used your 200 iq brain to spam buy as many bitcoin miners from the dodgy dealer as you can (buy loads then use sales gun, go back and cancel all the sales.. Watch the miners pile up neatly outside.) then what’s left to do? other than stack up bitcoins, use excess money to buy more when the price is low and then just wait for that big payday? even if there was more to do - the core mechanics would need a lot of work. I’m not sure it’s really worth it. I would only recommend this game if it was free. I had fun playing it, but it wasn’t worth the money.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

Played 7 hours. The idea is pretty great, i personally like to setup the whole cafe, buy tech stuff for customers and setup everything.

But :

  • There are glitches (Can’t post poster on some wall for example, tp back when using computer,…)

  • Sometime when you spawn after loading your game, the props that you already placed somehow clip in the wall and stuff so it messed up the PC table for example

  • The NPC very often stuck to the wall/push away props/drop mouse, keyboard, pc stuff so they say that WE forced them to get out (lol?)

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Internet Cafe Simulator on Steam



So I found this game in my qeue (a bit by surprise). And since I really like political-sim and strategy games, I decided to give it a try. Yes, it is really early access but under it’s surface is a good strategy game. You have to constantly run polls and ads, so you win over a state on several topics. But at the same time keep an eye on your money. First few turns took a bit of figuring out what to do, but after that I found the perfect strategy. Won my first game fairly easy with 430 - 108 electoral votes. I do hope they add more elements so there’s more gameplay.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Good game in development. A bit pricy for the state it is currently in now, but I trust that as updates come out and it leaves Early Access, the game will be higher quality. Definitley a good game if you’re into political stragety.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Electioneering on Steam