Soul Recursion

Soul Recursion

The universe is being infected by a digital virus that has the capacity to steal the soles of the sleeping. Dawn, a seemingly regular girl from the 2030s stumbles upon a strange Network while investigating a corporation responsible for the death of her father. After connecting to this network through geometric encryptions, she is summoned to the Parergon, the world in-between world’s. Upon entering this realm Dawn has become a threat to the universal status quo. The Order of Medea seeks to put a stop to this act of rebellion and hires a galactic hunter to end the potential for universal shift. Dawn becomes aware of her fragmented destiny and finds clues throughout her journey that imply her pivotal role in a cosmic prophecy.

  • On your adventure, you will explore five symbolic worlds while engaging in swordplay combat with enemies distributed by the Order’s huntsman.

  • Search for artifacts that fill your inventory. These items provide new magical skills and stronger combat combos, while giving insight into the story.

  • Meet mysterious guides that assisted in your soul’s journey.

  • Come face to face with the Huntsman and declare your opposition and strength to the Order in this third person action adventure game.

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Soul Recursion on Steam

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars

4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars is a programming game.

And also turn-based strategy game.

Write your codes, click build button.

And then every turn your codes will become your (team’s) units.

Units will fight automatically with AI.

and your goal is to destroy enemy’s base with sending units.

For Beginners, (both Of this Game Or Programming)

Please progress tutorial in game.

Yes, Year 2020! Happy New Year!!

4SIRW is real programming game for year 2020.

You may need to prepare 4th industrial revolution.

*You Are Not Prepared.

So playing this game, you will learn programming.

And you can enjoy programming.

… May the 4th be with you.

Codeyounglings apologize for delaying launch.

Actually Codeyounglings is 1 indie game developer.

I am trying to do all but there are too many of them.

I hope that you understand me and don’t confuse me as the masters or something.

I planned new scheduled release date as TBD

But I’ll do everything not to launch too late.

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4th Super Industrial Revolution Wars on Steam