Phantom Proxy

Phantom Proxy

Earth is gone. The only remains of humanity are kept alive in cyberspace afterlife.

Only the wealthiest individuals uploaded their souls into the hedonistic binary abyss.

Their servers maintained by the working class software living in sub-level decaying pixels.



  • Experience fast-paced arena-shooter combat with unique lock-on aiming system

  • Fight in hand-crafted arenas with procedurally generated permutations

  • Engage in combat against the deadly Cyber Security Task Force bots

  • Find weapons and modify them with random loot that emphasizes player skill!


Communicate directly with the developer and fans of the game on the offical discord!


See how the game is made by watching developer live-streams on Twitch that include level design, programming, art, and sound creation!****

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Octavian is a procedural generated, platforming, twin-stick looter-shooter. Explore the galaxy with your crew of smugglers to solve mysteries, fight disgusting aliens, explore dungeons, and find exciting loot.


Choose from three classes (Commando, Assassin, or Engineer) and create your alien smuggler. Use procedurally generated guns, and other equipment to advance your skills as well.


Within the depths of the many dungeons, there are dozen’s of horrid monstrosities to discover. These include procedural mini-bosses. The weapons and equipment you use will need to be carefully selected for different enemy types.


Raise a cute little creature to defend you or obliterate your enemies with no mercy.


The Vectordic Union is a galactic government that presides over the majority of the Milky-Way galaxy. In the year 2386, following the genocide of the human race, the many other species became divided without any form of central governance. Douglas Simmons, a general in the Giraffe army, took charge of the galaxy by creating the Vectordic Union.

President Douglas Simmons, in his inagural address to the people of Milky-Way, famously said:

Eh yo man does anyone have some paper with which I could roll this plant matter into a cylindrical vessel?

Ever since this day, the galaxy’s primary social classes have become further and further apart, leading to an insanely profitable small set of corporate overlords. Current President Darnel Simmons has gone missing, and the balance of power is teetering for the first time in almost a hundred years. As part of a band of smugglers aboard a rickety nuclear-powered starship, an unbelievable mystery unfolds.

More lore can be found on our website as well.

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Black Ice

Black Ice

Black Ice definately isn’t a perfect game, but it is a fun one that is constantly getting better - a great example of an early access game done well. The developer listens to the feedback of their players and actively work to implement new features and changes to both fix bugs and add more content to the game and improve what is already there.

Now as for the actual game.

The gameplay is not anything super out of the box strange - the idea being that you have various weapons and abilities you can use to defeat enemies to level up and get more loot. Where it differs from other games of similar style is exactly that - the game’s style. It is themed quite heavily around being inside the internet, being able to walk to different servers and hack them to spawn the waves of enemies.

Real player with 77.2 hrs in game

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I’m going to be brief with my review, with the intention of adding on to it later.

I have had this on my watch list for years but finally decided to grab it recently (I currently have 29 hours in it). I was drawn to the idea of a retro-cyberpunk themed action RPG that also manages to not be gory or filled with adult content. It’s a welcome change from what’s popular these days. On top of that it also tests your twitch reflexes… a really rare combination. I must say, I got a WAY better game than I was expecting! Not only is the game fantastic, the developer is extremely dedicated, informative and helpful. I mentioned some bugs on the Discord chat, and within a few days he not only released a patch that fixed ALL of them: he even mentioned me in the Discord chat about the patch, remembering that I’d experienced some of these issues. This is a Class-A dev here folks. This is extremely refreshing compared to the dumping ground of abandoned “Early Access” titles on Steam.

Real player with 60.4 hrs in game

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