Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux

Observer Systemn Redux (2020) is a refurbished version of Observer (2017) both developed by a polish development company named Bloober . This walking horror simulator is based during a cyberpunk era, 2084, when a deadly disease known as ‘Nanophage’ has already become rampant in the past and manifested itself among the slum C district of Krakow Poland. Due to a nuclear holocaust from both east and west, a mega corporation known as Chiron was able to usurp control by segregating the nation from the rest of the world (the great wall) and forming the 5th Polish Republic, further divided into three classes. A-district upper class, B-District working class and C District – slums.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

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Anyone that has been into gaming for the past few years clearly knows Observer. As a fantastic dystopian thrilling adventure, the game left us all impressed by its story and aesthetics. There was however, a lot which was left behind, and in that regard Observer: System Redux fulfills every aspect, including in the technical department.

But let’s not get ourselves in the optimization just yet, because first I want to assure everyone that no story-related detail was altered or manipulated. System Redux remasters what was already present. This is obviously good, as the story itself was already top-tier, revealing a world where augmented electronics embed in the human body created an easier but also tougher verdict for citizens.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

Observer: System Redux on Steam

CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-

CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-

I’m a huge enthusiast for the cyperpunk genre, and a premise this unique at $5 was hard to pass up. I definitely enjoyed my time with CyberRebeat and would recommend it to anyone who find its premise or subject matter interesting, especially if you find it on sale like I did. However, it’s also important to note that, as a VN itself, its production quality is considerably underwhelming (though it thankfully did not deter my enjoyment as much as it may others).

Let’s start with the good though: The story is lengthy and very engaging. I found myself hooked from beginning to end and wanting more after the credits rolled. The characters and their designs are also a plus: I felt the characters were very well-rounded, not pulling too much (or too little) from their personality traits or backstories to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Background art doesn’t wow much but gets the job done and, similarly, the BGM is also enjoyable despite a relatively short track list (an OST release would be a nice bonus).

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

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Video review (including score):

The rundown:


  • Good character designs

  • Language-switching feature


  • Barebones settings menu

  • Lack of keyboard controls

  • Text issues

This visual novel is a rather odd release. On one hand, it is a VN about hackers and the world they live in, a concept rarely touched on in VNs. On the other, it is a freeware title that is still available to download on the developer’s website, although without the English translation. The game may have some good art, but it definitely shows signs of being a freeware title, and not in a good way.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare- on Steam

Escape Planet 17

Escape Planet 17

In Escape Planet 17, you are under the skin of Natan, a detective from the Narcotics Department. While investigating a new drug circulating on the streets, Nathan sees his partner being killed and both are framed for involvement in trafficking among others crimes. Nathan is unjustly accused, convicted, sent to a prison planet and removed from his family. During his stay on planet 17, Nathan devises a plan to escape, but a series of macabre crimes initiates a security protocol and prevents his plans. Get involved in an obscure plot involving violent gangs, synthetic drugs and a symbiotic experiment company. Giving up is not an option, escaping the planet is your mission, even if you have to get your hands dirty with blood.

Well-established platform game mechanics, with adjusted controls.

Skills such as double jump, dash, wall jumping among others.

Unique system of interaction with characters: Choose between bribing, influencing or threatening characters.

Use shields, vests, and bandaids to protect yourself and recover your life.

Unique system to equip weapons and multidirectional aiming.

An Interactive Inventory system with the ability to save, load, drop and other options to manage several items.

A game with fluid narrative and a great and unique History.

  • Draw and Handle Weapons:

    The game has a unique weapon draw weapon system, inspired by the classic megadrive game Flashback - The Quest for Identity.

  • Hacking:

    You have the ability to hack some terminals to activate doors, elevators, manage your Notoriety and more.

  • Fighting Skills:

    Use your close combat skills to fight enemies, very usefull when your weapon is out of ammo.

  • And much more;

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Escape Planet 17 on Steam

Impossible Mission Remastered

Impossible Mission Remastered

All I have to say is, I’ve about had enough of slaving away at games and not getting an ending. So I played this over and over, had a few near misses, but I thought it’d be worth continuing for the dubious pleasure of seeing an ancient screen of a defeated, old mad scientist in his control room and then a “Mission Complete” screen with scores. I didn’t even fucking get that. After the control room door opens, the screen makes the blocky, crossfade transition to the “Mission Terminated” screen. Instead of a meagre reward I got a “fuck you” from the guys who did this remaster job. Well fuck you right back.

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

English (for the italian review, scroll down):

EDIT 24/11/2020

The game now works. It is the crappiest port everyone could immagine, I don’t know how someone could have the guts to put this thing on sale. Collision problems, non consistent phisics, the robots have strange patterns, puzzle are off, sounds don’t match with animations, and sometimes the character FLIES over the holes. This is an insult to everyone who loves the original game, to Epyx a to the game itself.

Bought on Day One. Totally unplayable: entering on any rooms it doesen’t show the platforms (see the screenshots) so the player falls off and die in loop.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Impossible Mission Remastered on Steam



Step into the role as an investigator under the RE:Solver Agency, a new investigation unit designed to take a fresh look at complicated cases. With your skills and newly granted overreaching privileges, you can access numerous confidential records on essentially anyone. Browse medical records, phone logs, browser histories, and social media to learn everything there is to learn about your suspects.


The game takes place within a fictitious world, quite similar to ours, but with a few key differences. As crime rates are on the rise, a private agency called RE:Solver has sprung up, giving new power in the field of digital forensics. They aid law enforcement around the world by diving in and dissecting the case inch by inch, bringing a fresh set of eyes and vital information to the people in the field.

Nothing will stop a member of RE:Solver to get to the truth. Not rules, not privacy concerns, not ethics.


Use the tools given and dig into every corner of the lives of the suspect. Collect phone records, credit card transcripts, daily habits, and more through the Emerald Network. Browse the game-internal internet for missing people, public records, social media, and more.

Once you have a strong case, you may file them and hope you put the right person behind bars.


This game is based on a series of investigation tabletop roleplaying one-shots written and conducted by Nils Munch during the Covid-19 lockdown. A great thank you to all the players and playtesters taking place in building and polishing up this game.

Creative liberty

While the world seems much like ours, all suspects and the criminal cases you are solving are a complete work of fiction, and any resemblance to any real individuals, living or dead, are purely coincidental. All characters portrayed are generated electronically, and no real people are displayed inside the game.

RE:Solver on Steam

Impossible Mission II

Impossible Mission II

I have 2 Questions:

  1. How do i quit the game ( with which button?). I use windows button…

  2. How do I move horizontally on the sliding steps?

By the way, the sound fx and the music in the game are not good as the original one :(. I hope an update would come to improve…

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Impossible Mission II on Steam

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Those who are familiar with the plants versus zombies series will be right at home when playing this game, Crypto manages to capture a frantic, fast paced tower defense that’s even a bit educational. Fingers crossed for any potential dlc or content updates in the future.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Fun little tower defense game. Does a few things new, does a lot of things well, and scratches the tower defense itch nicely. Story bangs on incomprehensibly but, honestly, you can skip the story and miss nothing. There’s one or two other minor quibbles but, really, for the price you’re getting fantastic value. If you like tower defense games this is a solid entry.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense on Steam

Cybernetic Fault

Cybernetic Fault

From the very beginning I can say that the game surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect this from an indie game with a couple of reviews. The game has everything from puzzles to plot. The graphics are nice, the tasks themselves (quests, puzzles) are very high quality and interesting, it is a pleasure to pass them.

Summing up, I can say that the game is definitely worth its money and even more.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Cybernetic Fault surprised me a lot because I didn’t expect such a high-quality indie game.

The gameplay is based on the principle of seek and think, the necessary things are scattered throughout the level and only appear if there is a story advance. The controls are very simple, but it is strange that a person cannot overcome some obstacles by jumping or sitting down. The graphics are great, the optimization is also fine. As a result, it turned out to be a cool and very entertaining game.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Cybernetic Fault on Steam



Hello, I’m writing a review for this game since I feel like it is in need of good reviews, and no, I haven’t played for 31 minutes in total, I am a alpha and beta tester, who wants to give this game a good name.

Firstly, I’ll be going over 4 things and rating them, Difficulty, Availability, Replayability and Community, these 4 things make a game good, so of course, first of all


The game is overwhelming in the first couple of games, getting used to it would be hard if there isn’t an experienced player who is willing to help, I’d say it take around 6 games to actually learn most things going on, and to get a feel for the roles, as you’d most likely get an Agent, a Hacking Netsec, Neutral and so on, however strategy is hard, its social deduction and meaning that the game will definettly rely on your social ability to lie, and make up a good claim which would be hard for the first games, and could still even be harder games onwards, strategies form in your mind, they work and they don’t, overall

Real player with 360.0 hrs in game

Untrusted is a Social Deduction game with a hacking theme. The Social Deduction genre has seen a recent resurgence with the success of Among Us. In this game, a hacking group called NETSEC is meeting in an online chat room to coordinate their hack progress through a number of computers and servers in order to hack one specific target node that will win them the game. Every group, however, has been infiltrated by two agents, and a number of independent operators known as Neutrals.

The premise of this game is fantastic, and the lone developer has done some of its implementation well. NETSEC has a variety of skills to verify its own people. The Agents have some ways of blending in with the NETSEC operatives. The fun of the game is not found in the hacking (as there is nothing even closely resembling real hacking), but rather in the fact that you’re actively playing against the minds of the other players as you prove people true or false, or if you’re an agent, you’ll quite possibly find your thrill in lying your way to victory with hastily formed arguments as you place the blame on others. You have to be quick, since there’s not much time before NETSEC has to decide which member of the chat must be sent to their death, and your arguments must be good and to the point.

Real player with 289.9 hrs in game

Untrusted on Steam

Playerless: One Button Adventure

Playerless: One Button Adventure

Discover Playerless, the game set in another game. Your character has become self-aware, you can only use one button to play, the AI has formed a sect - and the game engine is a physical mechanism. It’ll be fun!

How many games can you play at once?

1, if you’re a normal person.

604, if you’re a chess grandmaster.

2, if you’re playing Playerless.

So we were making this game about ghost-hunting, but the AI kinda got out of control - now two plots intertwine to form the big picture. On a scale of not broken to broken, the game is ridiculously broken. Could you please help us clean up the mess?

How many buttons do you have?

104, if you’re using a keyboard.

120, if your keyboard is an accordion. One-tap control


1, if you’re playing Playerless.

All you need to do is press buttons on a keyboard! Oh, actually, press one button. The others are sort of… temporarily out of order. So that the puzzles are more challenging.

Can self-awareness appear all by itself?

No, say the religious.

Probably, say the scientists.

Hi, say the Playerless.

Join the debug unit on a unique puzzle adventure where you get to shape the characters - and the characters get to shape you. Satisfaction (and abstract philosophical thoughts on the nature of existence) guaranteed. Bringing up AI was never this fun before!

Playerless: One Button Adventure on Steam