Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum

Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum

D E A D E Y E (╬ Ò﹏Ó)

Indulge in visceral, deadly gunplay where every mistake could be your last. Hack cameras, turrets, people, even individual bullets!!!ヽ(°〇°)ノ Slow time to a crawl. Fade from view. Rip your mind asunder. Project your ego and “befriend” every intelligent thing that surrounds you. Your abilities include, but are not limited to: everything.

D E E P F A K E (˵◡_◡˵)

Deep gameplay, deep writing, ALL style, NO substance. High concept, low fidelity. Relish in an original soundtrack of sumptuous lo-fi hip hop beats as you subvert and dominate your enemies. Build relationships with with a cast of colorful characters. Make game changing decisions as you piece together the mystery of your shadowy corporate benefactors.

S I M U L A C R U M (✿◕‿◕)

Customize the ultimate agent with more than 2^64 pieces of lovingly, caringly, procedurally generated equipment. Refine your agent’s specialties and weaknesses through activatable abilities and passive but impactful perks. Conquer dozens of hand-crafted artisanal missions (and endless generated side content) designed to produce emergent gameplay and accommodate any playstyle.

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Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum on Steam

Safe Not Safe

Safe Not Safe

Ever wondered how stealth games of the future will look like?

This is how. Safe Not Safe reinvigorates the genre in several fundamental ways.

Meaningful exploration

Every mission is a completely new procedurally generated level. Explore freely and find your own way to the goal without a pre-designed solution.

Worthy Opponent

Powerful AI controls the whole base and commands robotic security. The AI is adapting to your actions and builds smarter and stronger defences on the fly.

Real Challenge

Rogue-lite elements are challenging but fair. No saves during the missions – success depends only on your plan and the way you combine your skills and gear.

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Safe Not Safe on Steam



Ease into your chair and prepare yourself for this continuation of the SIMULACRA universe. In this iteration, you will have new advanced tools and a mosaic of widely branching narratives spread across 2 characters that are continually altered by your choices. You will have the choice of playing as a junior detective or a reporter who is recruited by a special department at police headquarters. With only one piece of evidence, you must find the truth of how a young woman & interweb influencer ends up dead on a case that is already closed. Lives and livelihoods are on the line, there is no room for mistakes.

Real player with 11.0 hrs in game

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Let me be clear, I really liked the first game. I think it did most things right and while I wasn’t a fan of the jumpscares and it definitely looked like an indie game production wise.

This game is a perfect example of how sometimes, less is more.

Let me start with my biggest pet peeve of this game, and that’s the extreme slowness of it all. The entire plot is not that long, I actually think it might be around the same length as the first game, but it is padded out by how extremely slow it all is. Be it conversations or the extreme amount of stuff you need to click through and scan gets annoying on the second playthrough, if not first.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

SIMULACRA 2 on Steam

CHV: VR Trunk Escape

CHV: VR Trunk Escape

  • it starts?

-so crappy it’s unplayable

-horrible controls



Stay away from this it’s not even close to being worth $3. Even at free I probably wouldn’t touch it. It’s so bad it’s unplayable.

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Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Played on Valve Index, Ryzen 3700X, RTX 2070 Super

Everything seemed to work for me, I was able to complete the 3 objectives (stop the engine, start the hazard lights, and escape the trunk). I’m not entirely sure the point of the canbus device other than it may have made the escape the trunk part quicker but I just puzzled through it.

The controls are finicky. The sensitivity seems pretty high so movement feels like playing quake but slightly faster. The turn action by default is set to the left portion of the touch pad which doesn’t work very well on the small index pad. Grab actions seemed to register well expect for pushing your character away if you reached too far into a virtual object/wall.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

CHV: VR Trunk Escape on Steam



I like the idea of the game and the graphics, however, the way to play is too confusing with the game offering the bare minimum of advice for example it will tell you what each item does but it does not explain in what order to use them in or how they affect what your doing. The very first mission I played I had to pretty much guess my way though it the first time I hacked the node it took 3 minutes of real time the second time I restarted my campaign and did it again it took 32min of real time and the game does not tell you what affects it.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Cybermere on Steam

Hardwork Simulator

Hardwork Simulator

That didn’t work for me. I got caught and got fired for it. They put a younger, prettier assistant in my place. But I doubt she types as fast as I do. They were the ones who lost

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

On the one hand, I really want to give the game a thumbs up for a creative and somewhat neat idea for a really cheap price.

On the other hand, though, I really must give it a thumbs down for not offering much at all, even at this price level plus thirty percent off; because in the end, cheap does just not justify bland.

I do enjoy any just semi-rewarding grinding game for a while, but looking at the short time invested here, I had rather counted cars drive by my window - even if the game had been for free. Where the game mechanics in any way challenging or rewarding, it would be a different story. However, it is random key bashing in it’s dullest form.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Hardwork Simulator on Steam

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for the Web, PC, and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and, with other hackers, reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open-world networks.

Manipulate corporations' and inhabitants' lives by hacking their computers, observe the consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit this world.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, and improve your computer to hack others, control parts of the network, or create the best websites and tools which will help other hackers and make you rich! Work with others to make your experimental activities useful for your faction and lead with them the world in the right direction.

Find out how easily some can manipulate many and how powerful but dangerous control over the information can be…

The game is in early access, so please be aware that the game still requires lots of bug fixing, polishing, and content and mechanics of the game can change.

Key Features


Real-life hacking and security tools which are authentic yet modified to be fun and created with several options to strategize


Use your power to manipulate the life of the game characters and corporates, which have various problems and stories and, in the end, affect the world balance.


Engaging main story and mini-stories in quests bring the player new perspectives on world problems. Discover different views of two factions, finding unique pieces with every gameplay.


From the first contact with the QuanTech application, you are pulled into a realistic atmosphere of the corporate environment and their secret quantum experiments, where nothing breaks your immersion.


Full of puzzles in competitive and cooperative quests, playable in both multiplayer and solo-like gameplay with your decision of involving in PvP and area control fights


Experience living futuristic IT context emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Find yourself surrounded by other players passionate about technological progress and innovations, learning about the impact of technology on modern society.

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World Wide Hack on Steam

System Zero

System Zero


In this game you will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start.

Game Content











Nowadays lots of people know what dark web is. You must get into dark web and find new codes to get deeper. You will find important tools and lots of information. You must use hacking tools wisely and hack the computers you want. There is no person in the world who reached to the final layer of dark web. YET. Maybe you will be the one who reached to final layer of dark web or maybe you will get caught by FCI or get murdered by hitmans.


If you need some money and if you want to give some break for main story line, you can check your mailbox. There will be clients who want their dirty business done by a hacker. There are more than 200 side missions and doing every one of them will take more than 8 hours. There is no so much difference between side missions but we will make them unique after few updates.


This feature will be added to multiplayer as well. You can make peace and ally treaties or decleare war to other clans. Every clan will have their own areas and you can attack to other clan’s area to capture them. You will start as newbie but eventually you will be the leader after you 1v1 with the current leader. There are 6 game mode in clan wars:








You will have plenty of hacking tools which are included in owl os operating system:










There are also night owl operating system for advanced hacking.







Also you must delete the logs to prevent tracking.


You will be a cyber security who wants to take revenge first but after who will make a revolution. Your company will betray you and your journey to the being a black hat hacker will start but after your journey to becoming a black hat starts you will realize it is much more complicated than everyone can imagine. FCI’s breath will be on your back everytime. After your main target company, you will realize there is much more to do. You will bring justice and equality. You will be the judge so let the judging begin. We don’t want to spoil anything so it would be better if you play and see.


In game you must upgrade your computer to use your computer faster. There is also level system and fan base. After you complete your missions you will gain some fans which will increase your reputation BUT there are some positive and negative effects of gaining reputation. YOU WILL BECOME THE TARGET OF FCI.


There is features you must discover yourself like data mining or buying new estates.

System Zero on Steam

Cyber Manhunt

Cyber Manhunt

For an indie developer’s first game, I’m impressed. Definitely give this game a try. I believe that they’ll improve over time.

The good

  • The story is very pertinent to how the internet is today. Data breaches, cyber bullying, abuse, cover-ups, flame wars. There’s a lot of despicable things that we don’t want to acknowledge. We know that the fathomless depths of depravity exist. This game delivers on reminding people that nothing is ever truly ‘gone’ from the internet.

  • Generally, the puzzles are manageable with a bit of critical thinking. It’s quite a bit of fun seeing different puzzles and piecing data together.

Real player with 23.9 hrs in game

Dear Developers,

You should’ve taken another MONTH at most and hired a journalist or copywriter fluent in English. This game has so much potential but a lot of it falls short due to the English grammar and poor translating. It needs A LOT of work. But I can see this game being an absolute GEM if the grammatical errors are all fixed.

Find someone who speaks Fluent English, and let them help you polish this game’s grammar. At least the English portion. I cannot speak for any other translations.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

Cyber Manhunt on Steam

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread

Best detective/difficult puzzle solving game of 2021, hands down.

Average playtime for Normal Ending is 3-7 hours depending on how fast you will catch up with the main mechanics of solving puzzles in this game.

Game features a big plot reveal near the end which gamers generally call getting “mind-blown” similarly like in Zero Escape, Danganronpa, AI: Somnium Files, Phoenix Wright games. During playthrough, expect to get some chills down your spine as it won’t be a happy story that’s for sure.

Needless to say, I am also impressed by high quality textures around the main gameplay area (that’s basically going to be your entire playground) and when you zoom in around literally in most corners of your vision in the city. You can peep anywhere and visuals aren’t compromised.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Good story with mystery, suspense, exploration and light hacking; it has some fresh features but don’t expect anything groundbreaking. You are in your house for the majority of the game (about 3 hours, don’t mind my play time it was because of a bug) and most of that time is spent on your computer, so reconsider if you don’t enjoy games that take place in a single setting. My review is more neutral than a positive, mainly due to the bugs that affected the gameplay it oftentimes felt like I was playing an unpolished game in early access. I’d recommend this game on the terms of waiting for the bugs to get fixed and a good sale.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Keyword: A Spider's Thread on Steam