Watch_Dogs® 2

Watch_Dogs® 2

















Real player with 360.9 hrs in game

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Great game but has a really short (also a good one) story if you skip most part of the secondary activities.

I really enjoyed the graphics and travelling around San Francisco while having some very good memories from San Fierro’s times of GTA San Andreas.

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Real player with 85.8 hrs in game

Watch_Dogs® 2 on Steam

Welcome to the Game

Welcome to the Game

(Warning! This review is by a person who is not picky about what games said person plays.)

(You have been warned.)

Welcome to the Game

The game where Russians are afraid of the dark, chairs move by themselves, killers only kill through the front door, and there are no search engines.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Lemme tell you why I like this game.


In this game you must peruse the Deep Web, the stuff that normal web browsers won’t let you access, in order to find the 8 missing (pages) pieces of a URL to find a Red Room, which is an interactive torture and murder online service.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

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This game is a great way to pass some time and have some great fun. The mere concept of going onto the deep web and trying to find a hidden red room is enough to get a lot of people intrigued. It makes the deep web very authentic, with the weird jumbled up URLs, to the sites that are up at certain times of night and down at other times, to the fact that your IP can be exposed and you can become vulnerable to hacking.

Brief Guide

Ultimately your goal is to find 8 keys that are hidden on 8 different deep web sites across 3 deep Wiki pages. The keys have a digit showing what order they appear in on the URL, followed by a dash and 4 random characters. They look something like this:

Real player with 36.2 hrs in game

Welcome to the Game on Steam

Freebot : Battle for FreeWeb

Freebot : Battle for FreeWeb

Best game possibly ever. Something that the developers are not used to, not being a hentai game. With its upsides this also may possibly be the most glitch filled game ever.


Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

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Not online in this game.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Freebot : Battle for FreeWeb on Steam



Hack Me is the beginning of a hack simulator gaming trilogy which no longer appears on the Steam Store. It was originally created by 2 Belarus Indie Developers Egor Magurin and Eugene RadaeV. I find it ironic that these developers themselves were VAC banned and caught for cheating/hacking CSGO within 76 hrs of gameplay. Who better to sell us a hacking simulator than 2 has-been wannabe noob CSGO hackers? That’s poetry right there.

If you’re expecting this to be a realistic hacking simulator you will be quickly disappointed. It’s more a press spacebar or left mouse button simulator, with all the hacking jive being filled in for you. When you do come across area’s where you do get to type, you better put in the exact info needed or the game sort of locks up by not responding properly when you put in the correct answer soon thereafter. When this happens, you will need to escape back to main menu and reload chapter. There are 10 mission all up with 14 chapters, all of them involving you to toy around with at least one of the 3 hacking programmes on your desktop and either check your mail or chat for job information. There is also a hint button on the right-hand side to help you if you get stuck.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

Basic Information

Title: hack_me

Developers: Egor Magurin & Eugene Radaev

Publisher: MegawattsCo

Genre: Simulator

General Impression

Hacking simulations available for purchase on the Steam Store are neither a novelty nor even limited in numbers. Indeed this seems to be an ever expanding subgenre that attacts and nurtures a dedicated fanbase. That being said, hack_me might not revolutionize hacking sims but it doesn’t fail to deliver a compelling experience either. For a game that can be finished in about two hours or less (depending on how thorough and patient you are) it manages to offer exactly what it promises through the screenshots and gameplay video. In all honesty, it’s not the type of game that might get by with doctored images which would falsely advertise something else. What you see is what you get. Perhaps it still has some potential for gameplay expansion once it leaves Early Access stage.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

hack_me on Steam

Case Simulator Weapons and Armors

Case Simulator Weapons and Armors


Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Case Simulator Weapons and Armors on Steam

System Crash

System Crash

System Crash is a strategic story-rich cyberpunk card game both developed and published by Rogue Moon Studios. Set in the not too distant future this is a story of intrigue, corporate espionage and cyberwarfare. Being a runner is a good, if not dangerous, career choice but after a mission in Berlin goes horribly bad you spend the next couple of months forcibly globetrotting while on the run from Corporate assassins intent on killing you. Eventually evading the pursuers you finally end up back in the “Sprawl”, a.k.a. San Angeles, down on your luck and looking to make some much needed credits. But a runner without a console can’t get any credits so after forging a deal with a local loan shark and finally getting your hands on some black market cyberware you hastily start down your road to redemption. A road that will take you through the darkest most dangerous places in both cyberspace and the real world…JACK IN!!!

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

I really love this game.

System Crash is a single-player deckbuilder set in a cyberpunk-style universe. Battles unfold as a number of 1-vs-1 card-based duels over the course of the campaign. The campaign follows a comfortably generic story about hackers and back-alley doctors and shady corporations. There’s a very home-brew feel to the game in general, like it was cobbled together out of assets that were sitting around on a shelf in a garage somewhere.

Despite this, the card-battle system at the heart of System Crash is fantastic. It is extremely easy to pick up, but is highly addictive.

Real player with 48.8 hrs in game

System Crash on Steam



Escape the walled city and take on the militarized government of the sprawl. Fueled by the blood of your enemies and a mysterious voice in your head, make your way towards the spire to topple whatever lays within.

SPRAWL is a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megapolis. Here the streets are your playground. The dark alleys and dilapidated apartments are all surfaces compatible with your “icarus” cybernetic implant. This implant allows you to perform gravity defying acrobatic wall-running maneuvers. Your enemies, the militarized police of the sprawl, stand no chance. Not only that, but their blood fuels this same implant, vastly enhancing your reaction time. On command you can enter a state in which even bullets move at a snail’s pace. A vast arsenal of weapons lie at your disposal, the armies of the corporate government are endless, but be warned…

SPRAWL on Steam