Deva|The Haunted Game

Deva|The Haunted Game

What’s better than one shit game for 20$? 4 shit games for 20$! But let’s dig a little deeper and of course spoilers ahead.

First of all the dev advertises this game as a second person view of a horror game and as a “New kind of fear!” but I don’t fully believe the dev understands what second person is. When you play a game you usually have 1st and 3rd viewpoints where you either play as the character in 1st person or you play as someone who is viewing the character (Usually over their shoulder) in 3rd person view. A 2nd person game would be a game where the game is narrated to you and instead of playing a game you would be setting up situations where the game would then tell you the player what happens. Think of a choose your own adventure book or, better yet, an instruction manual where the writer is telling you what happens and what you need to do. A more confusing way to explain it would be saying you are viewing your character from someone else’s 1st person perspective. Anyways I digress, this is just a 3rd person game so let’s continue.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

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ok so i kicked started this game that i thought had more potential to it but i was wrong. their was not feeling of being scared at all from this game only played two min of the game to under stand how bad this game turned out to be i would not waste my money on this one

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Firetry is a fun and enjoyable game.

There are more than 50 levels in the game.

To play the next level you must first pass the unplayed level.

Each level has different tanks different level designs.

Each level has a different map, the behavior of the NPC characters in the game is different in most parts.

There are also different enemy characters in each level.

You can design a level yourself or modify an existing level design.

It also has a feature that makes this game different from all other games.

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FireTry on Steam

Greyhat - A Digital Detective Adventure

Greyhat - A Digital Detective Adventure

This game ties if not usurps The Return of the Obra Dinn as my favorite game of all time. I’ve played hundreds of games on Steam and PS4, nearly all of them critical darlings, of all genres and scopes. Alphabetically in my library, it sits between Gorogoa and Guacamelee, and after this, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is next in my queue.

While not trying to spoil anything, I recommend this game to pretty much anybody without reservation, worth every penny of its asking price - but most especially those that actively seek out games of this genre like Obra Dinn and to a lesser extent like Unheard that tickle the brain a little they way a detective or point-and-click adventure game might. Hell even if you like the Ace Attorney series of games, there’s something in here for you too. Far from perfect and I have my critiques, but to be honest my library is full of these faux hacker puzzle/detective games but none are as creative, polished, or fleshed-out or quite frankly as affecting as Greyhat. The “a-ha” moments here are the most rewarding and feel most earned here and for example chatting and “tunneling” elements are two examples of how the devs going out of their way to nail the feeling of being a clandestine keyboard warrior furiously typing messages or lines of code. Were I to say more I’d worry about revealing spoilers.

Real player with 25.5 hrs in game

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My playtime: 19.2h (based on steam, 100% achievement)

Grindy Achievement(s): No.

Optional Achievement(s): Yes (5 achievements).

Difficult Achievement(s): No.


Greyhat - A Digital Detective Adventure is a game where you have to find clues and solve minigames. The game has ~19 levels in total.


  • ~19 levels

  • Minigames

  • Hints

  • Some levels have different solutions when you replay it

  • Collectibles


  • You need to manually type some clues to your notes

Real player with 19.2 hrs in game

Greyhat - A Digital Detective Adventure on Steam



An extremely challenging puzzle game which is perfect for anyone that likes to be challenged and likes to think of solutions that are outside of the box. There are multiple endings to the game, I still haven’t found them all but I really enjoy the variety of endings available and the level of difficulty required to find them.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Im SO irritated that their appears to be a game breaking bug with turning on the monitor within the first 30 seconds of playing. I have even gone to youtube to see if Im doing something wrong and following exactly along and clearly my game is broken. Apparently you should be able to turn the monitor on with a power button, its not even a puzzle but my game does not work! I tried posting in the steam discussion and bug submissions. Considering this is a new game you would think the dev would be at least somewhat involved with responses so people don’t start posting bad reviews…. not so far.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

VICCP on Steam