Firetry is a fun and enjoyable game.

There are more than 50 levels in the game.

To play the next level you must first pass the unplayed level.

Each level has different tanks different level designs.

Each level has a different map, the behavior of the NPC characters in the game is different in most parts.

There are also different enemy characters in each level.

You can design a level yourself or modify an existing level design.

It also has a feature that makes this game different from all other games.

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FireTry on Steam

Algotica Iterations

Algotica Iterations

2.5D logic puzzler with a bit of adventure thrown in. Vivid, colourful graphics and engaging gameplay but spoiled by sloppy execution.

You play as a little robot (I think there are 3 of them but if so they all look the same). You have to plan a route for him along catwalks to hit nodes and reach the exits. You do this by setting a series of actions (forward, backward, turn-left/right, activate, jump, attack…) and then running the program to set him in motion. You keep modifying the program until you get it right, so more often than not you’re running the program over and over, adding new steps to get further each time. You have a limited number of ‘memory cells’ (steps) to reach the exit and I vagely remember something about the less steps the better.

Real player with 9.9 hrs in game

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Despite nice looks, I won’t recommend this game… At least for now. It certainly has a potential, but the execution is quite poor and raw. There are quite a few bugs in the game, which sometimes are irritating and make you restart the level, but nevertheless they aren’t crucial (as in you can still progress through game, because those bugs occur only occasionally). Besides all the bugs, my laptop cooler starts spinning like crazy whenever I run the game. Putting that aside, I wouldn’t say that the UI is that well-thought-out either. By that I mean, for example, that to exit the game, you need to first exit the level, then exit “the room”, and only after that, after you OPEN SETTINGS, you can quit the game. Not the most rational way to do it in my opinion. Another issue is, if for some reason I am to write all the robot’s actions one by one, they all don’t fit in the zone where you have all your commands pinned down! And there is no option in this scenario to scroll down to see what you have in the end of your program! And there’s many, many more of such mistakes.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Algotica Iterations on Steam

Playerless: One Button Adventure

Playerless: One Button Adventure

Discover Playerless, the game set in another game. Your character has become self-aware, you can only use one button to play, the AI has formed a sect - and the game engine is a physical mechanism. It’ll be fun!

How many games can you play at once?

1, if you’re a normal person.

604, if you’re a chess grandmaster.

2, if you’re playing Playerless.

So we were making this game about ghost-hunting, but the AI kinda got out of control - now two plots intertwine to form the big picture. On a scale of not broken to broken, the game is ridiculously broken. Could you please help us clean up the mess?

How many buttons do you have?

104, if you’re using a keyboard.

120, if your keyboard is an accordion. One-tap control


1, if you’re playing Playerless.

All you need to do is press buttons on a keyboard! Oh, actually, press one button. The others are sort of… temporarily out of order. So that the puzzles are more challenging.

Can self-awareness appear all by itself?

No, say the religious.

Probably, say the scientists.

Hi, say the Playerless.

Join the debug unit on a unique puzzle adventure where you get to shape the characters - and the characters get to shape you. Satisfaction (and abstract philosophical thoughts on the nature of existence) guaranteed. Bringing up AI was never this fun before!

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Playerless: One Button Adventure on Steam



This game is very addicting and refreshing to play. I have never seen a puzzle game like this before and it has been done well here. On top of that, the hacker’s dialogue keeps things interesting and gives the entire game and puzzles a backstory. The puzzles are challenging and make you hate yourself after doing the same move after 10 times of trying it. Would love to see what else this developer releases.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game


Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Cyber-Ante on Steam



Hacktag is one of those hidden gems that do not appear on the front page. I found the game through exploring the games Steam had to offer and this one got my interest with the game being about hacking and co-operation. Little did I know I would have a lot of fun with this game.

Hacktag is all about hacking like the name suggests. The basic objective is to hack 999 GB of data. There are currently 2 other objective types as well, which are finding out the password of boss computer and hacking 3 mainframes. Whatever your objective is the gameplay is similar in each one.

Real player with 97.8 hrs in game

An isometric view of Monaco with characters from Armello is what I think of when playing this game. However, it has much more charm and is palm sweating, heart-beatingly, exciting.

I’m unsure as to how the difficulty scales or if there are different maps or even specific map layouts but the maps I’ve played are certainly doable. Some were sort of “challenging” in the sense of more security, more running about and getting things in a specific order, while others were pieces of cake.

The “challenging” aspect is trying to get used to the controls. As a hacker, switching directions mid travel can get rather difficult and moving as a stealth agent can get wonky, not to mention you need to be somewhat precise when disabling the scanner. Whether this is on purpose or not is trivial seeing as how it certainly doesn’t make it unplayable (lest you have lag which I’ll get into later). It’s fairly simple to get used to and by your second/third playthrough, you should know exactly how to move and exactly what position you need to be in when disabling mechanisms.

Real player with 85.7 hrs in game

Hacktag on Steam

Hacker Evolution

Hacker Evolution

Simply surprising, great music… I may not become an hacker but I can play as one without special stuff.

You’re a renowned IT specialist that retired as an ermit on an isolated island following your family’s death. However, you’re asked to investigate on 4 different problems, that seemed tied. What will you discover?

Hacker Evolution is perhaps a writing simulator, as you need to type the command but you need your brains to avoid to be traced and to have a game over. Sometimes, you’ll need to begin a new campaign because you can’t do anything but try a different manner to avoid spending too much money you’ve “stolen” or to add to your trace level. That’s perhaps the most frustrating thing in HE.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

My playtime: 18.6h (based on steam, main story + all extra levels are completed).

Developer Response: ~1 month.


Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game which is played in terminal. You’ll use several commands to do the “hacking” and some of them are real terminal commands.This game might look similar to Uplink in the shell, although the execution is quite different.


There are some soothing musics played in the background. You can also change the music selection by pressing F4.

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Hacker Evolution on Steam

Pony Island

Pony Island

I bought this game for my daughter, now she refuses to go near any computer because the devil is inside it. Guess she doesn’t like ponies

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

I’m sure you have not experienced anything like this.

666 ponies /10.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Pony Island on Steam

Hardwork Simulator

Hardwork Simulator

That didn’t work for me. I got caught and got fired for it. They put a younger, prettier assistant in my place. But I doubt she types as fast as I do. They were the ones who lost

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

On the one hand, I really want to give the game a thumbs up for a creative and somewhat neat idea for a really cheap price.

On the other hand, though, I really must give it a thumbs down for not offering much at all, even at this price level plus thirty percent off; because in the end, cheap does just not justify bland.

I do enjoy any just semi-rewarding grinding game for a while, but looking at the short time invested here, I had rather counted cars drive by my window - even if the game had been for free. Where the game mechanics in any way challenging or rewarding, it would be a different story. However, it is random key bashing in it’s dullest form.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Hardwork Simulator on Steam

Roombo: First Blood

Roombo: First Blood

Roombo: First Blood follows a small but technologically advanced household appliance tasked to eliminate and organize filth. This mostly occurs after its owner has suddenly left home, for unknown reasoning, and the house goes from being totally quiet to a loudly invasion by vast perpetrators. Although the intelligent robot is small, it’s entirely devoted to assuring the owner’s household remains intact but also safe from potential threats that become progressively challenging.

The game begins with a short controller tutorial that’s actually less required since players are able to utilize them quickly. Each stage is divided into sections, all entirely in one household, giving them freedom to explore while also maintaining extensive use of the environment as self-defense. The controls are easily useful against foes and offer rather remarkably innovative tactics to thrive each mission as they become tougher and require more strategy. In each stage, players are given simple objectives involving eliminating enemies, cleaning messes, all while thoroughly surviving with the robot’s very limited health and defense actions.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game


Zoom zoom, doom.


The graphics in this game are adorable, It’s vibrant and colourful without it hurting your eyes. There’s no UI clutter, it’s neatly tucked on the edges and the colours/design do not look out-of-place at all.


There isn’t too much going on with the gameplay. However it makes you feel like you are doing more than you are and that’s.. Well because you are! Here you are, using your keyboard or left stick to drive your little roomba around, pre-planning traps to seal the fates of thieves while at the same time, giving the floor a good S-U Double C . There are multiple different devices and objects to use/hack. Other than that, there isn’t too much gameplay but you can HONK …Beep..? Bonk!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Roombo: First Blood on Steam

Welcome to the Game II

Welcome to the Game II

[Review for “Welcome to the Game II” by Reflect Studios]

Enjoy reading this long-ass wall of text :)

This game is absolutely awesome. One of the best horror games of all time, in my opinion. The feeling of tension that it creates, the brutal jump-scares and perma-death makes this quite possibly the most intense horror game I’ve ever played. Yeah, I WAS scared of Monstrum at first, but I got used to it over time. This game actually made me scream once, and I pretty much never scream from games, like, ever.

Real player with 179.7 hrs in game

I’ve played this game through and through and it’s honestly one of my all time favorites.

Coming from the first game, I thought I had a great advantage coming into this game, but boy was I wrong. After listening to the tutorial with Adam, which is a must for new time players, I was still baffled with all the new mechanics this game has to offer.

But here is the thing. You may be overwhelmed at first glance, but don’t. This game is a “make your own strat” kinda game where you can use your own methods to finish this madness. Let me get more in depth.

Real player with 113.8 hrs in game

Welcome to the Game II on Steam