Monster Logic

Monster Logic

One of the best programming games I’ve played. Lots of levels and a variety of interesting ways to solve each one.. Competitive leaderboards, the top score in some of these puzzle are already pretty crazy. You are going to have to be super creative in order to match them. There are three categories for the leaderboards and your best score in each category for the puzzle is automatically saved. (Zachtrnoics take note please)

I have played almost every programming game on steam and this is probably my second favorite. With my favorite being EXAPUNKS

Real player with 86.9 hrs in game

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First off, I was a beta tester and received the game for free.

It might be scary for those who are not particularly into programming to look at the store page and see stuff like “Based on esoteric programming languages Befunge and Trefunge”. It could make you think this game is “too niche” and not for you.

Now, I don’t know whether you’ll actually like it or not, but let me tell you this: I had never even heard of Befunge or Trefunge before playing this, and I’m not a programming enthusiast or anything. I just looked at it as a fun puzzle game with cute monsters and animations and tried to solve the levels as best I could using good old logic.

Real player with 54.5 hrs in game

Monster Logic on Steam



Simple puzzle game. A good hacker puzzle. At first it seemed simple to me, but the complexity grew and it became interesting. I liked both the style the gameplay. Not a masterpiece, but it definitely deserves attention and worth to play. I recommend it.

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

An addictive logic game. A game that will immerse you in the world of a great hacker puzzle. The difficulty of the game is average, in most cases it seems easy, but sometimes you still need to think carefully)

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

BitVault on Steam

The Help Desk

The Help Desk

My play through here:


I’m only recommending this game, because I think there is a group of people that will enjoy this game. I did not enjoy this game there’s ZERO percent chance you can outplay everything you’re forced to take mandatory hits and depending on the AI’s erratic behavior if you do try to actually out maneuver your co workers because they’re camping a spot you’re going to run out of time. I’m such a nice guy though I’ll explain some things that aren’t explained in the control scheme it gives you so you don’t have to get gaped trying to figure it out there’s some neat intricacies. For CONFIG you need absolutely nothing swaps you need one computer you can only carry one. 5 discs= 1 life so this is where the game is playable and gives you a chance to win this is a life management/calculated hit type game. This is not a stealth game it’s not a skill game, it’s a strategy game and requires a pretty good amount of RNG. The enemies CAN HIT YOU MULTIPLE TIMES there’s no I frames if there’s 5 enemies sitting in a cramped hallway BETTER believe you’re taking 5 damage. There’s not enough space to outplay shit a lot of the time. I like games where If i play it well enough I can win and not take damage this game you can understand what to do do it and get gaped by the AI the AI I’m not sure if it’s smart or the fact it easily gets trapped in small areas, but they camp it and with your hit box in a 2 square room you’re not dodging. So it’s a NO for me, but if you want a really hard strategy risk management game this is for you. I also love the concept of being an IT worker being frustrated by dum dums.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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The Help Desk on Steam

Hacker Evolution

Hacker Evolution

Simply surprising, great music… I may not become an hacker but I can play as one without special stuff.

You’re a renowned IT specialist that retired as an ermit on an isolated island following your family’s death. However, you’re asked to investigate on 4 different problems, that seemed tied. What will you discover?

Hacker Evolution is perhaps a writing simulator, as you need to type the command but you need your brains to avoid to be traced and to have a game over. Sometimes, you’ll need to begin a new campaign because you can’t do anything but try a different manner to avoid spending too much money you’ve “stolen” or to add to your trace level. That’s perhaps the most frustrating thing in HE.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

My playtime: 18.6h (based on steam, main story + all extra levels are completed).

Developer Response: ~1 month.


Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game which is played in terminal. You’ll use several commands to do the “hacking” and some of them are real terminal commands.This game might look similar to Uplink in the shell, although the execution is quite different.


There are some soothing musics played in the background. You can also change the music selection by pressing F4.

Real player with 18.7 hrs in game

Hacker Evolution on Steam



Nice puzzle game with interesting concept, mechanics and level design. Supportive developer and achievements are included.

Try for yourself.

Real player with 29.2 hrs in game

if you like games that leave you to explore and learn by yourself with no explanation then this game is for you. it does not give you any kind of tutorials or hints, you will be like Carl Sagan, solving puzzles without knowing how did you solve it or why stuff happens the way they happen. if you are depressed and want something to do while thinking on ways on how to end it , try this game.

3.5 out of 5

Real player with 20.6 hrs in game

Spreadstorm on Steam



TL;DR: 4/5 - Give it a try, especially if you like optimising and fiddling with code.

I’ve played a fair bit now and, to me, this is one of the best puzzlers I’ve ever played.

A few words about the gameplay in case you wonder: The game consists of 48 levels, each a programming task. Looking at the first screenshot here on Steam should show you the level SEQUENCE COUNTER. In the upper left corner you have your task. The 12 squares that take almost all of the screen are “nodes”, independent CPUs that you can program freely with up to 15 instructions each. The arrows between them are “ports” that allow you to move data between nodes. There are also input and output ports at the top and at the bottom of the screen, respectively. Your program has to stand four tests, three with predefined inputs and one with random values. You can see the given inputs and expected outputs on the left in the screenshot.

Real player with 656.7 hrs in game

This is my second review on Steam and I felt that this game deserved it. I’ve just completed this game with 100% achievements and I’ve spent more hours on this game than obtaining 100% achievements for Dark Souls 1 & 2, but quite a number of it was probably spent falling asleep. The only thing these games have in common is that you’d be on the verge of giving up but you know they are solvable problems because many before you have done so. I studied electrical engineering and I do a fair bit of coding in my work so the workings of assembly wasn’t entirely foreign to me, and I knew the basics of debugging and using pseudo-code to formulate solutions. I’ve a few tips below:

Real player with 172.9 hrs in game

TIS-100 on Steam

Welcome to the Game II

Welcome to the Game II

[Review for “Welcome to the Game II” by Reflect Studios]

Enjoy reading this long-ass wall of text :)

This game is absolutely awesome. One of the best horror games of all time, in my opinion. The feeling of tension that it creates, the brutal jump-scares and perma-death makes this quite possibly the most intense horror game I’ve ever played. Yeah, I WAS scared of Monstrum at first, but I got used to it over time. This game actually made me scream once, and I pretty much never scream from games, like, ever.

Real player with 179.7 hrs in game

I’ve played this game through and through and it’s honestly one of my all time favorites.

Coming from the first game, I thought I had a great advantage coming into this game, but boy was I wrong. After listening to the tutorial with Adam, which is a must for new time players, I was still baffled with all the new mechanics this game has to offer.

But here is the thing. You may be overwhelmed at first glance, but don’t. This game is a “make your own strat” kinda game where you can use your own methods to finish this madness. Let me get more in depth.

Real player with 113.8 hrs in game

Welcome to the Game II on Steam

Welcome to the Game

Welcome to the Game

(Warning! This review is by a person who is not picky about what games said person plays.)

(You have been warned.)

Welcome to the Game

The game where Russians are afraid of the dark, chairs move by themselves, killers only kill through the front door, and there are no search engines.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Lemme tell you why I like this game.


In this game you must peruse the Deep Web, the stuff that normal web browsers won’t let you access, in order to find the 8 missing (pages) pieces of a URL to find a Red Room, which is an interactive torture and murder online service.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game



This game is a great way to pass some time and have some great fun. The mere concept of going onto the deep web and trying to find a hidden red room is enough to get a lot of people intrigued. It makes the deep web very authentic, with the weird jumbled up URLs, to the sites that are up at certain times of night and down at other times, to the fact that your IP can be exposed and you can become vulnerable to hacking.

Brief Guide

Ultimately your goal is to find 8 keys that are hidden on 8 different deep web sites across 3 deep Wiki pages. The keys have a digit showing what order they appear in on the URL, followed by a dash and 4 random characters. They look something like this:

Real player with 36.2 hrs in game

Welcome to the Game on Steam



Nice little game, the levels consist of rotating pieces to make up a circuit. With a time limit for each move.

So logically working out the only possible way a piece can go and working backwards from there.

There are 60 levels, its well worth at try and great value even at the full price

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Simple but elegant puzzle game. The puzzles themselves are very simple to solve, but given the limited number of moves allowed (basically you can make just a couple of mistakes) and the fact that you are on a timer make TOK mildly challenging and therfore suitable for some casual gaming if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

I wonder if this game concept would also work with procedurally generated levels? Would be especially nice if the player could choose the size of the playing field.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game


Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol

THIS IS NOT PACMAN. It looks like it but it is not.

This is a sliding puzzle game - there are 100 levels. That sounds easy right? - Wrong. Its a sliding puzzle game with obstacles that are out to kill you and ruin your day. (if you look at a screen shot - if its orange, red, moves, or looks at you funny it wants to kill you.

Who is this game for? Do you want to challenge yourself? - Yes. Do you want to bash your controller/keyboard because you died 3 moves away from the objective - yes. Do you want to feel immensely satisfied at beating a level - yes. Great. This is for you. The game is a challenge, with a sense of timing, planning and logical thinking you can succeed. Go for that Perfect, do the level as fast as you can - challenge yourself to get a high score.

Real player with 469.7 hrs in game

One of best puzzle game!!! Hack level 100!!!

Real player with 65.3 hrs in game

Cyber Protocol on Steam