Primate Signal

Primate Signal

Thought provoking, deep and twizted. Absolutely stunning graphics, audio and character development so much so that I actually was physically transported into the fucked up world of the minds of the Wainstop gang. This work, will replace the Bible in our churches. Thank you.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

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It’s not very often something comes along that is this unique. It has such a strong stylistic character that you feel transported to another world with the original artwork and music, not to mention the mind bending story. The time I spent in this world was totally bizarre in the best possible way. Nothing else like it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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The Rebels: Prologue

The Rebels: Prologue

In a world ruled by brutal corporations and dirty money, there is no room for sentiment. The voice of freedom was long suppressed and subordinated to capitalist domination of the richest ruthless individuals. Corporations perfectly mask their activities, control television and effectively hide the truth on the Internet. Nobody knows about factories where children work, about slaves trapped in eternal credit lines, about legal drugs that are used to enslave millions or viruses being developed just to sell vaccines. There are no free media. But there is hope! People like you deep within the darknet start to organize and information continues to flow.

Play as a former journalist fighting for the truth. You were not allowed to fight with a pen, so now you moved to more effective methods.

In this combination of FPS and Stealth elements you have to carry on the fight. Run single missions and decide if you want just shoot all the enemies or use your stealth and cunning to win in a more pacifist style. In time you can get loyal companions and create your own resistance cell. Decide between hit-man style, guerilla or frontal assault tactics. Develop your organisation and employ hackers and own scientists to level the playing field.

Join risky missions to destroy corporations and corrupt governments. Steal and reveal their secrets. Execute their CEOs and key scientists or sabotage their secret projects and investments.

Every decision you take will bring you more support or antagonize people. Think carefully which targets you pick and how you carry out your missions. Sometimes it’s good to show mercy but never show weakness. Become a hero for the specific part of the society and enjoy their support or act alone and don’t risk exposure. Ridicule your enemies and address masses or be brutal to bring in extremists. Decide on your approach and fight your way to freedom.

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The Rebels: Prologue on Steam



Escape the walled city and take on the militarized government of the sprawl. Fueled by the blood of your enemies and a mysterious voice in your head, make your way towards the spire to topple whatever lays within.

SPRAWL is a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megapolis. Here the streets are your playground. The dark alleys and dilapidated apartments are all surfaces compatible with your “icarus” cybernetic implant. This implant allows you to perform gravity defying acrobatic wall-running maneuvers. Your enemies, the militarized police of the sprawl, stand no chance. Not only that, but their blood fuels this same implant, vastly enhancing your reaction time. On command you can enter a state in which even bullets move at a snail’s pace. A vast arsenal of weapons lie at your disposal, the armies of the corporate government are endless, but be warned…

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