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Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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MAYBE I CAN on Steam




Seekers is a multiplayer survival horror game where any moment could be your last. You take the role of a Seeker, a unit sent in before anyone else with a focus on reconnaissance missions. An Insect-like alien species has been spotted in a smaller farmland community surrounded by dense forest and wheat fields. The local population has perished due to the infestation. While the area has been closed off from the rest of the world there are tasks that need to be completed within the boundaries to contain the spread and save lives; though many will be lost in the process.

What Can You Expect?

  • A challenge to complete your objective and return to extraction with most of your team alive

  • Realistic damage system where one bullet in you could mean death if untreated

  • Amputation that effects gameplay if you are stung by a Stalker’s stinger

  • Side effects that come from lack of medical care and pain

  • A companion app that has updated information and interacts with your character in real time.

  • Careful where you step, if you can hear them, they can hear you…

  • Your flashlight is your friend unless something else sees it.

In reality if you are badly injured you will not get the same life saving care on the field as you would at a hospital; so we have incorporated this into the game. If you are shot the time you have left to live will be short, your life may be prolonged with field treatment but you may experience pain and still die. However you will live for much longer than without treatment and can be fully healed when your team extracts.

The Seekers Companion App

is required to play the game to its fullest. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Using the app makes it quick easy to

  • See your teams objective and learn how to complete it

  • See the status of your characters health situation and where they are hurt

  • See how much ammo your character is holding and how much is in your clip

  • Make requests to amputate your fellow teammates and heal your wounds

  • View the map along with the location of your teammates and yourself

  • Manage the amount of batteries you have and their consumption

  • Use special equipment that you bring into each match

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Seekers on Steam

Lilith Odyssey

Lilith Odyssey

I’ve been having a harder time enjoying new games… something interesting will come out and it will pique my interest, only to realize it’s not what I had imagined. Although I have been getting more and more of these Hentai games, but am I at fault for thinking the gameplay would be on par with the graphics and art work? Not in this game, it might not have cat girls or dominating succubi, but this game has a lot more. How much more? A whole galaxy. And by the way, these questions are rhetorical for the sake of this writing prompt of a review, if I ask a question I’m probably asking that to myself while writing and don’t expect anyone to message me with the answer to the question I provided.

Real player with 30.1 hrs in game

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Lilith Odyssey is a bold undertaking for a small indie dev team but the concept is well executed although not without some expected bugs (that from what I can tell the dev team is actively working through).

The game play is a mix between the Oregon Trail (get to your destination), flight sim, open world exploration/adventure, with a Fallout/GTA esque radio station thrown in for kicks. Ultimately this is a risk and resource management game where you gather resources to (safely) get from your starting home world to Lilith.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

Lilith Odyssey on Steam




Octavian is a procedural generated, platforming, twin-stick looter-shooter. Explore the galaxy with your crew of smugglers to solve mysteries, fight disgusting aliens, explore dungeons, and find exciting loot.


Choose from three classes (Commando, Assassin, or Engineer) and create your alien smuggler. Use procedurally generated guns, and other equipment to advance your skills as well.


Within the depths of the many dungeons, there are dozen’s of horrid monstrosities to discover. These include procedural mini-bosses. The weapons and equipment you use will need to be carefully selected for different enemy types.


Raise a cute little creature to defend you or obliterate your enemies with no mercy.


The Vectordic Union is a galactic government that presides over the majority of the Milky-Way galaxy. In the year 2386, following the genocide of the human race, the many other species became divided without any form of central governance. Douglas Simmons, a general in the Giraffe army, took charge of the galaxy by creating the Vectordic Union.

President Douglas Simmons, in his inagural address to the people of Milky-Way, famously said:

Eh yo man does anyone have some paper with which I could roll this plant matter into a cylindrical vessel?

Ever since this day, the galaxy’s primary social classes have become further and further apart, leading to an insanely profitable small set of corporate overlords. Current President Darnel Simmons has gone missing, and the balance of power is teetering for the first time in almost a hundred years. As part of a band of smugglers aboard a rickety nuclear-powered starship, an unbelievable mystery unfolds.

More lore can be found on our website as well.

Octavian on Steam



The environment and textures are beautiful and the game loads quickly. However as expected of an early access game, all the animations and entity interactions aren’t there yet and there are quite a few bugs to be found: Getting stuck on staircases which crashes the game, doors not opening, the main monster leaving you in an area that if you revive you are stuck in map geometry.. the list goes on.

So while it has entirely been worth the early access payment, I can’t really play more than a couple sessions without getting a little frustrated at situations where the players did nothing wrong but the game is lost. I also feel that on “easy” the game is very difficult even if played almost perfectly. The AI “guards” the final(?) timed objective fiercely and unfairly.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Love the atmosphere, the style/graphics and the gameplay is fun, very challenging .

I hope they keep working on this game and add more stuff

No matchmaking, Server list where you can jump into people’s lobby

2 type of enemies, smaller ones can be killed the big one can not be killed, You run you hide and avoid it, if it catches you it will kill you instantly.

Use the power pods to lose aggro from the big enemy.

You get objectives you must clear on the map.

to advance further into the map

Find key cards, energy cells, hack computers to gain security codes.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Unsafe on Steam