A sci-fi dive in the 90s, both for the game design + gameplay and for the dystopic cyberpunk concept style.

Gameplay per se is a bit wonky and you have to get used to the stealth mechanics, which are really retro-style by all means.

Still, the game is pretty enjoyable, the atmosphere is right and the lore is well thought out, which you can extrapolate by the mission briefing/debriefings and from the files you download from the terminals, giving the appropriate feeling and background, much alike to the first Deus Ex game.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

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You are a one man go in and solve the problem type of covert or overt operative whom corporations hire to do their dirty laundry. Covert if you move effortlessly like a ninja from shadow to shadow, crouch like a tiger, and jump like a spider waiting for the right moment to feed needles into the skull of your enemies. Or overt if you prefer the cacophony of machine guns and the smoke C4 makes when you are fed up with doors that don’t greet you with open sesame right at your arrival.

You can even hack systems, steal company data and make some side income by grabbing datacubes and other interesting things that come at your way. And since this is a Cyberpunk/Neuromancer inspired game presumably made by transhumanist wonks who enjoy running around with subdermal chips under their butt-cheeks, replacing limbs and adding subdermal armor and other kinds of protections are also available.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

DataJack on Steam

Hack ‘n’ Slash

Hack ‘n’ Slash

I am going to cautiously recommend this game for programmers only.

While Hack ‘n’ Slash may appear to play like the old overhead Zelda games, it is a pure puzzle game. Direct attacks are impossible, there is no penalty for dieing, and you don’t need fast reflexes.

I would give it a, perhaps generous, 7/10. I base this on averaging the 5/10 I would give it for non-programmers since they can only play the first half of the game, and 10/10 for programmers who may find it enjoyable.

Quite a bit of programming knowledge is assumed. Almost nothing is explained. At first, all you can do is alter the value of variables. Soon “if” statements and logical operators are introduced. The game spends quite a while at this level of sophistication, and an intelligent person that can read English can get by for the first half of the game.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

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Do not buy this game. This is not the programming game you want to buy. It is not worth the money, and it is not currently, by my standards, a finished puzzle game, much less one that teaches any reasonable amount of programming.

It is a beautiful idea for a game, and a very clever title for the idea. But this game does not live up to the beauty of its idea. If you must buy it, wait for the game that purports to teach programming to at least be itself adequately programmed. That is not the game that is available right now.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Hack 'n' Slash on Steam

Samurai Slaughter House

Samurai Slaughter House

Samurai Slaughter House is a physics based combat game with a metroidvania-style open world, a full length story, NPC interactions, and lite RPG features.

Use stealth, creativity, or brute force to take down your enemies.

Explore a large open world inspired by anime, manga, and the brutal Sengoku period in history.

Fight humans, demons, and creatures taken from folk-lore in intense open world combat.

Explore towns to interact with NPCs, purchase and sell items, pick up new primary and side quests, rest at an inn to heal or wait for the day to change, and craft items.

Befriend and recruit interesting and powerful allies.

Use a variety of weapons, including swords, pole weapons, throwing weapons, chain weapons, and bows.

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Samurai Slaughter House on Steam



As an old school (S)NES RPG player I was really pleased to play this game, the gameplay feels like playing Zelda - A Link to the Past, with a Megaman like soundtrack ! The story shows a not so far future where people is even more dependent on technology in a clear criticism to our current society, I won’t do spoilers here but the jokes about this society are clever and made me laugh more than once. I felt like the game was fairly easy (maybe because I’m used to this kind of game) and made me want more, an expansion with more levels/bosses would be great. In a nutshell, entertaining with a nice message to the player.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Disclaimer, for transparency’s sake: the developer is a friend of mine however I’ll be reviewing this game as unbiased as possible.

Wirewalk is a typical Gameboy dungeon crawler adventure game in the molds of the first Zelda titles with a top-down gameplay and retro graphics.

First, the story: It is rather straightforward - you’re a girl named Rada who lives in a town suddenly plagued by a mysterious computer virus that renders technology inoperable. Fortunately, Rada knows her way around computers and has developed a program nicknamed “Wirewalk” in which she’s able to “go inside the code” to fix people’s various devices.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Wirewalk()↳ on Steam

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

16 hours between Wulfgar / Drizzt Solo and Multiplayer before deciding to put my 2 cents.

First I’ll start by saying that two main complaints are legitimate but pretty exaggerated.

  • Netcode does need work and diminishes the value of twitch mechanics which otherwise work flawlessly Solo but at the same time you’re in a group so unless you’re the type to scream “But I pressed the button!” and rage. It’s mostly an annoyance right now and not bad enough to kill enjoyment of the game.

  • Enemy AI is indeed a bit derpy taking “Action Movie” turns to attack the player. This is most notable Solo. At the same time if the enemy were to aggro stick the player all at once I doubt it would be Solo’d above 2. Hero difficulty. Far as I’ve seen the issue with hitting enemies from range, esp bosses is generally fixed and in the end this isn’t a competitive game. I’ve seen 5/5 star games where the AI is still easily exploited. Just play the game and stop trying to break it.

Real player with 207.5 hrs in game

To start this review, many of the first negative reviews, and highest rated ones, are both much too critical and based off of a low amount of hours.

This game is marvelous, but it would be ignorant to write this review and say there are no issues. Of course, there are some glaring issues. But many of them are no where near as detrimental as some of the high rated negative reviews make them seem.

The worst issue in my opinion is the lackluster AI. Many of the enemies, simply won’t attack you, if you don’t start attacking them. And you get warmed up to that very fast. However, there are some AI, who are very aggressive, and being warmed up to AI not generally attacking you, it makes it feel like… a normal game. However, if you’re playing with a team, I have not yet encountered an enemy who will actively attack you whilst reviving a teammate.

Real player with 89.0 hrs in game

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on Steam



Peripeteia is an upcoming first-and-third-person game, mixing shooter, stealth and RPG mechanics. Heavily inspired by immersive sims made by Ion Storm and Looking Glass Studios; Peripeteia expands upon the formula with original ideas and an unexplored setting.

In an alternate history cyberpunk Poland, a young cybernetic supersoldier named Marie must make her way as a Mercenary in a post-Soviet city full of corruption and opportunity; where nations, powerful factions and ideologies clash.

You will be forced to use your wits, tact, and raw violent nature to complete tasks shrouded in conspiracy and mystery. Logic, skill and ruthless cunning will win you the day in an interactive and highly adaptive world. When that fails, a loaded gun and the ability to create your own climbing routes virtually anywhere, will suffice.

Have you found yourself hungering for a sense of survival, accomplishment, and player choice long absent from this dark and belied industry? Then consider joining us in the lights of the Eastern Night with Peripeteia.


- Dave Oshry

Peripeteia on Steam

The Alpha 001

The Alpha 001

By far, this is the most confusing mess of cobbled together Unity assets I’ve ever seen.

Avoid at all costs, at least for a year after this games launch date of January 18, 2021 because it will definitely take this developer at least that long to fix this completely broken pile of garbage.

NOT RECOMMENDED. ..My Score: Another Google Zero Asset, but hey it’s floating in the air like all the text and your U.I in this game so that’s an lot better right?

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

The Alpha 001 on Steam

Dark Dealings

Dark Dealings

So i stumbled upon this game whilst browsing through the store and what a find it turned out to be!!! A nice little game with elements of Dopewars, the original gta and even sensible soccer especially when using the top down camera! Even feels and looks a bit like the original south park in 3rd person! Proper little diamond in the rough and i look forward to spending more time on the game and for future developments!!!

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

To be up front I received the game from the developer for free.

I played the game for about an hour and the bare bones for an open world RPG has been laid out. Everything else still needs to be fleshed out. I think the developer would really benefit from making a free demo available so they could get a lot of feed back. I think this would be beneficial because the developer seems interested in the game being a success.

Keep in mind this game is in early alpha testing. The complete game could be great but in its currents state I don’t think it’s worth buying. I’m going to write out a review below but you can see my gameplay on my YouTube channel, linked below:

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Dark Dealings on Steam

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

Cybernetic Meme Machine

Ok, this game is a one for the history books. A full fledged Meta-meme game at this point. So I’m starting with :

Troubleshooting: I didn’t had any problems when I played the game under Windows, several years back. Nor, any problems with the compatibility tool Proton 6.3-8, these days. Under Manjaro (it is an Arch distro btw), I didn’t need any additional launch options, either.

Artificial Ingredients: The game has achievements. And a bit annoying one, too. Beside the story, the class and the weapon related one, there are a lot of random achievements. And I’m still grinding these random achievements up to this day. Maybe, that’s why I stop buying games with achievements.

Real player with 109.3 hrs in game

One of the most esoteric and dense games out there. But one of the most fun due to just how much you can do, and how you can complete the game in any way you want. The community (or the only people that even play this anymore) is pretty based too tbh

Real player with 66.0 hrs in game

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy on Steam

Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt

An open world stealth game with a whole city of secrets at your fingertips!

Shadows of Doubt is set in an alternate reality hyper-industrialized 1980s, where the government outsources police work to private corporations and contractors. You’re a private intelligence investigator, making money by finding and selling information.

The capture of the rampant serial killer carries a hefty bounty, but who knows what secrets you’ll find along the way: Play through the main story thread, or take on side missions to earn extra cash.

Total freedom

Explore anywhere in the city! Every nook of every trashy bar, every shady casino, every seedy hotel room. This dystopia is your oyster. Break into apartments, rifle through secret documents and hack security systems. It’s your call detective.

The world lives on with or without you

The entire world is fully simulated. Each citizen has an apartment, a job, a daily routine, favorite things to do, places to go, and people to interact with. They’ll live out their lives independently, and the world moves on with or without you— uncover this knowledge and use it to your advantage!


  • Every room in every building is able to be explored. Lose yourself in an incredibly detailed sci-fi/noir world.

  • Open-ended gameplay: How you achieve your objective is up to you. Choose where to go and who to pursue.

  • A Powerful blend of procedural generation and hand-crafted design will mean your city, it’s buildings, addresses and citizens can be completely unique to your game experience —but not feel random.

  • Follow the main story to hunt down a serial killer. It could be anyone, hiding anywhere…

  • Take on side missions for extra cash.

  • Dig into the lives of hundreds of simulated citizens to earn extra cash. Secrets are valuable, and everyone has them.

  • Lock-picking, hacking, sneaking, climbing. Level up your skills and become a master of stealth.

  • Earn enough to upgrade your own apartment and home office, or even purchase a new one.

  • Incredible film-noir soundtrack.

Shadows of Doubt on Steam