Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Update january 7th 2020:

youre welcome to read the full review, but let me say that after 130h clocked in this game, playing god knows how many relic hunts on chaos 3-5 with max modifiers, ive yet to achieve more than 3-4 greens on a char, out of 10 possible wearables.

this game is straight up just boring. i am a huge warhammer nerd, and ive had so much hope for this game, it had the potential, might still have. but its so much reusing the same stuff, main story is basically the same story and progression four times. were talking with so little difference you hardly see it.

Real player with 149.9 hrs in game

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ACHIEVEMENTS : 43 / 43 (100%)

SCORE : 6/10

This game is if Diablo 3 had no expansion, was the first game of the studio and just threw a fine and well Warhammer coat of paint on it. This is by all means a good Warhammer RPG game, but this is no true Hardcore RPG experince alikes to POE or GD

… why should I even get this?

If you’re REALLY having a diablo itch and nothings doing it for ya, this will probably be a very good time for you. This is not a hard game with really not a whole lot of setting up to do with builds or complications with how things really work. This is a great introduction to the Diablo-Like Top Down RPGS for a basic, repetitive but overall fun experience

Real player with 127.0 hrs in game

Warhammer: Chaosbane on Steam

Talisman: Digital Edition

Talisman: Digital Edition

Digital edition of classic fantasy RPG board game, Talisman. If you know the board game and like it, think no more, you need this.

..what if you don’t know Talisman? I still recommend it!

Heed this, though: old school board games tend to have different sensibilities than modern digital games and it may be bit too random for your taste. If you can’t stomach being on top of the world only for your game to be turned into ashes in your mouth because of no fault of your own or genius of your opponents, but rather pure chance of bad dice rolls… This may not be for you.

Real player with 157.2 hrs in game

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TL;DR: Ignore the meta-critic score; ignorant reviewers shouldn’t be allowed to review games.


Talisman: Digital Edition is an amazing adaptation of the original boardgame. I could write several pages about why this game is enjoyable to play, but there are a million reviews that can give you that. Instead, let me explain why all of the negative reveiwers are wrong:

1 - Most of the negative reviewers can’t read. I don’t know how to put this politely, but it seems that 9/10 of the negative reviews I see about this game come down to the fact that the reviewer didn’t understand how a certain card or area worked. For example, they’ll say things like, “I couldn’t use my Psionic Blast card in the middle of combat????”" … when the card clearly states when you can use it. I’m sorry, but if you can’t even read, you shouldn’t be reviewing games.

Real player with 147.9 hrs in game

Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam

Dark Quest 2

Dark Quest 2

Greetings jung lad. Come and take a seat. I will tell you from a time of darkness…

It all took place in a world, similar to one we know, but different enough to be worth another story.

Were a handful of heroes gathered to defeat the evil sorcerer Zantor. For ages he dwelled in the darkness, raising his foul minions unter his iront fist, and one after the other, free lands fall before him.

Mighty castles turned into lairs of terror, swarmed by his minions, til a few remaining heroes gathered:

The wild barbarian, the wise wizard, the studdy dwarf, the mysterious dark monk, the swift archer and the honorable knight. Together, under the leadership of the barbarian warrior, they march towards the darkest of all places in the world: Zantors Keep.

Real player with 75.3 hrs in game

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Dark Quest 2 is a dungeon exploring game with very simple mechanics. Almost everything can be done with a click of the left mouse button. However, it’s not an easy game.

You start the game as a Barbarian, but are later able to change or add additional heroes to your party. There are a total of 28 quests. Each quest has its own maze of a map to explore, complete with gold, gems, magic pots, traps, and monsters. The gold and gems are used to buy potions, craft items, obtain temporary bonus stats, heal heroes, and resurrect them if they have fallen. Everything is expensive, and money can be quite scarce. The magic pots are used to upgrade abilities and skills. These are also relatively scarce. Traps can only be detected by a skill or by the use of a crafted item, and some traps are unavoidable.

Real player with 28.5 hrs in game

Dark Quest 2 on Steam