Phew, what to even say about this game besides that it is amazing.

The art, the gameplay, the music. It all works together to create this concise but beautiful journey as you play through the original levels. Learning and mastering the game’s fundamental mechanics and the gameplay principle before inevitably showing up at the final level. (The game does a fairly good job of teaching you of this without any tutorials besides basic controls but this also mean that some people won’t pick up on certain things. It may be enough to ruin some people’s ride overall just cause the levels get too difficult for them. No there isn’t much to learn, it’s just the fact that

! the object’s position in lanes is correlated to their movement or positioning. This is taught in the Forest Region and used even more on the Plains Region. )

Real player with 1169.5 hrs in game

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So I’ve been playing this game for a while now. Around 200 hours by the time I’m writing this review. Here are my thoughts

This is a casual rhythm game. If you’re a hardcore rhythm gamer like osu! Don’t expect this game to be hard as you think. Although you can make it hard as you wish.

The most common complaint I’ve heard is the obscured notes. And I actually see this as a good thing. It’s a rhythm game from a new perspective. Which the reason why it’s a casual rhythm game in the first place. It’s on the music, Not completely on the visuals. You have to have combine your sense of rhythm WITH visuals. Which most rhythm games often doesn’t do. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Real player with 269.3 hrs in game

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