High Dimension

High Dimension

High Dimension is a roguelike where you explore in search of the High Dimension puzzle of events involving science and magic.

Take on the role of Leinad, an intelligent medieval nobleman, or Carol, a strong fighter who doesn’t bow to anyone, explore environments in pixel art procedures.

It happens in a realm so far away. There was an event called High Dimension that merged our dimensions in relation to time and space. The king called two young men to find out what was going on. The world is upside down, always forming new realities, your mission is to discover the cause of all this. Upgrade equipment, swords, use items strategically, with action combat.

Main Resources

No instructions. No help. No hand holding. Start without exploring, learning, perfecting your moves and killing enemies.

Pixel Art Visuals:

2D characters.

New randomly generated dimensions:

Want a new dimension? Smoothly! At any time, you can generate a new seed from the living dimensional world that hates you and wants you to die.

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High Dimension on Steam

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future: Blood Red States


Overall, it’s a decent game with great visuals and works well as a “play for a couple hours at a sitting” arcade game. If you pay attention to the developing story, it gets a lot more interesting. Take the time to read everything; it’s worth it, and begs you to stick around for the next chapter. Some of the mission types are a little ugly and grinding, some are great, but in general it’s more fun than not.

Full Review:

I have about 28 hours of playtime during the Beta weekend in addition to the hours playing the release version, so this review takes some of that into account as well.

Real player with 59.8 hrs in game

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Based on a board game from the 80s, Dark Future: Blood Red States is a tactical car combat strategy game set in the near future in an American wasteland ruled by a number of warring factions with armoured cars with big guns. The game consists of multiple seasons, with each season seeing you assume a new role fighting for or against these factions. With each season, you have a choice of missions to undertake, be it Escort missions, where you have to escort a vehicle a certain distance, or to just kill as many opponents as you can.

Real player with 53.6 hrs in game

Dark Future: Blood Red States on Steam