Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense

Rock ‘N’ Roll Defense is tower defense game. The concept is simple: build your towers and protect your kingdom. In this game the towers are speakers and the kingdom is a stage with a rock band playing a concert. You must protect them of pop, country, and etc fans. The idea is interesting but some points of the game annoy you too much.

To pass some levels you need luck, not ability, not the right towers, you need LUCK, it pissed me off. There are a few kind of enemies in each world (the game has 4 worlds), some of the enemies moves fast than others, so the obvious would be the fastest ones coming first than others, right? Not in this game.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

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Ok this game’s awesome.

I mean, everything’s completely old and we’ve seen all of this tons of times.. but can we speak about the idea?!

Basically this is the most classic tower defense you’ll play - enemies come in waves, they have a pre-drawn route and if they reach the core you get hit on your health; hence you have to put towers in fixed places, you can upgrade them and they’re all different for what concerns firing speed, type and so on.

But the whole setting isn’t the usual fantasy or medieval thing, but it’s hard rock. Yeah, you have to defend a hard rock stage and your towers are actually different types of sound amplifiers and speakers.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Rock 'N' Roll Defense on Steam

Box Kid Adventures

Box Kid Adventures

One of the greats.

Real player with 118.5 hrs in game

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Pleasant graphics and well-designed puzzles make this a great addition to your Steam library. You can also create and share your puzzles with Steam Workshop.

For fans of “Chip’s Challenge”.

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

Box Kid Adventures on Steam

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is one of those games that may look sort of boring from an outside perspective (Unless you decide to be a complete memelord on a Let’s Play or Livestream) but playing the game is a really satisfying and simple affair that is both equal parts trial and error, and also thought as to what does well.

You’ll need to think about what focus you put on each game, trying to think about what sort of aspect works well for what game, for the topic and genre it is. You do it right, and you get the satisfaction of watching those money and fan counters go up. But it’s not completely up to you to figure it out, as you play and as you create game reports in game, Game Dev Tycoon will keep notes on what works and what hasn’t worked meaning if you have the capital to try again, you can at least make another attempt at it.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

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Fun for a good while. The actual system for designing games seems frustratingly inaccurate and arbitrary at times, mostly the “how much effort should we focus on area X and area Y of making the game”, but it does have a lot of fun moments in spite of that. If the devs were still working on it, a lot of these issues could likely be fixed with some quality of life improvements, but they’re gone now. With the game as it is, solid 7.5/10 from me.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

Game Dev Tycoon on Steam

Neon Warp

Neon Warp

A simple, yet surprisingly mind-boggling puzzle game. Simplicity may be perceived as a negative connotation when it comes to games for many people, but Neon Warp’s simplicity actually works in it’s favor in the best way possible and becomes one of it’s strength. The game has the kind of content that speaks for itself while still managing to be entertaining and being challenging enough to make you think, and it’s simplicity allows players - experienced and new - to get into the game easily without much hassle.

Real player with 30.1 hrs in game

Interesting puzzle game. Only have 3 colors to work with, but it gets tricky on exactly how to manipulate them to what you want them to be. Most levels aren’t that hard to solve, but getting 3 stars on every level can be a bit of a challenge given you often have to complete boards in the fewest moves possible. Pretty satisfying to get to the end of the levels.

Time trial is perhaps a bit too hard to get the achievements on, especially given the boards are random. Maybe lighten the requirements a bit or not having random boards on each run.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Neon Warp on Steam