My Work Is Not Yet Done

My Work Is Not Yet Done

My Work Is Not Yet Done is a pilgrimage simulator following the final days of the inquisitor Avery, the last remaining survivor of the Empire’s doomed excursionary efforts into the remote and unaccountable Reach. Tasked with tracking down the source of an inscrutable signal, she must navigate, survey and survive an eerie, ever-shifting landscape reclaimed by nature — and perhaps something stranger.

My Work Is Not Yet Done seeks to provide a unique and innovative take on the survival genre aimed at accurately reproducing the physical and psychological experience of being alone in the wilderness, resituating the player’s role within nature as an interloper rather than conquistador. The game is set in an expansive open world environment that eschews the genre tropes of cold weather survival for a dense, oppressively rainy and humid forest, seamlessly blending procedural generation with a variety of handcrafted locations to ensure a sense of constant disorientation even across repeat playthroughs.

It is part of an ongoing series of works within a larger shared universe dedicated to examining questions of theological and cosmic horror: issues such as faith, weakness, devotion and loneliness — and the concomitant suffering contingent to such experiences.


  • Combat-less exploration and survival gameplay, based on authentic bushcraft and land navigation techniques

  • Deep, systemically-reactive survival simulation mechanics, focusing on both physical and psychic conditions

  • A beautiful and expansive open world featuring real-time weather, atmospheric conditions, and day/night progression

  • Dynamic environments that react to the player’s condition and behaviour

  • Stark, striking 1-bit visuals, with an immersive HUD (and no hunger/thirst meters)

  • A free-form unscripted narrative experience built around emergent gameplay and ambient lore

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My Work Is Not Yet Done on Steam

Zombie Slayers

Zombie Slayers


Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

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Don’t judge the simplistic 2D graphics and overlook this indie gem! Furious action and super responsive controls as well as a mass ton of weapons and upgrades to acquire make “Zombie Slayer” a sheer joy to play!

I love this game and the high challenge level that it offers, but also everything it rewards you with for succeeding and progressing.. more guns, more upgrades, etc.

Easy RECOMMEND and my score is an astonishing 9.5 out of 10. The bang for your dollar value is HIGH in this one!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Zombie Slayers on Steam

Echo of the Wilds

Echo of the Wilds

This review is based on v6 of the game.

Echo of the Wilds is a great little pixel art puzzle/survival game with a very involved developer.

I beat the game my first time in about 17 hours and completed all achievements after about 36 hours. I would say that there isn’t much replayability after getting all of the achievements and most people would be satisfied with just beating the game once (you could get all achievements in one playthrough, but it took me multiple playthroughs to figure out optional puzzles and to really get the mechanics of the game). It was definitely a worthwhile game for me and I did enjoy almost every minute of playing.

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

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Exceeded my anticipation

I bought Echo of the Wilds on the morning of the 9th and “completed” it on the 11th, early evening (approx. 20 hours). I took only 3 breaks from the game, and two of them were against my will. I’m telling you this to give you an idea of how much I really enjoyed this game. Survival-puzzle game sums up EotW tidily, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. There’s quite a bit going on - with three quarters resting solely in the player’s hands and the other quarter left to randomness and the seasons. Some players may feel overwhelmed in the beginning and give up. Just stick with it, it pays off.

Real player with 26.8 hrs in game

Echo of the Wilds on Steam



Classic 2d arcade. Leapen is short and easy game with pixel graphics and 8bit music. There are 8 levels that are almost the same. This game trains your reaction, but there are other games that do it better.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

A cool game to pass the time. I remembered Geometry dash in terms of the fact that only jumps can be controlled. The game is made in a pixel style, you need to collect all the apples for the door to the next level to appear. There are even very amusing levels in which you need to catch good timing. Quite good

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Leaper on Steam

Terminal squad: Swarmites

Terminal squad: Swarmites

I’ve never played games of this genre. This is amazing! The levels are slowly becoming more difficult, which does not allow me to relax and even more draws me into the game. This game deserves more

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

I like old-style games, so I decided to buy this game, as it reminded me of the games of my childhood, well, let’s start with the pros of the game:

  • You need to think through your steps to be successful in this game

  • Intuitive interface, looks good

Disadvantages of the game:

I don’t really like the graphics, I think it looks too old, I’ve seen a few old-style games, but they used the new game development technologies, they looked very good and enticing

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Terminal squad: Swarmites on Steam



I LOVE this game, it has a great artstyle, awesome weapons and enemies, and is it has an amazing replayability value.

I originally bought this game because my friend and I were bored and needed something to do, not knowing what I had gotten myself into. The game starts you out looking at a group of animals sitting on a couch together, but as soon as you get into the game you think to yourself, “Huh, this game looks pretty empty.” Then, five rounds later your like, “This game is too easy, give me a challenge.” and then the next round you are just killing some robots and then BAM you get kidnapped by a demon snowman that takes you into a corner and repeatedly beats the everliving shiz out of you. I have only played the game a little while now but holy crap this game is entertaining as heck and I still don’t understand why it isn’t more popular. Overall, I give it a 9/10, the only thing they could’ve done to make it better is to add some more gamemodes.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

I stumbled across this game late one evening. I threw it on my wishlist and waited for it to release. I saw it came out a few days ago and decided “what the heck”. Man, am I glad I did. I absolutely adore Neighborhorde. I have to say, the looks, design, and overall aesthetic is fantastic. The cheery fun visuals and the 90’s toybox theme is wonderful. For 4.99 there is tons of content/replayability. Unlockable “hats” and levels as well as the “roguelike” in-run upgrade system have made it a staple already with my roomates. After we had played it for around an hour we already had the theme stuck in our heads. the controls are super tight too! I purposely go out of my way to buy couch coop games. I have a cooler master scout 2 case with a gtx 1070 that is perfect to take to parties. I have 4 wireless xbox one controllers and 4 wireless 360s. Steam couch coop games are always hits. For 4.99 this game is a total steal and totally worthy of being in my collection.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Neighborhorde on Steam

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up

Note that I was a pre-release tester, however aside from the free key I was not paid for my time or under any obligation to play the game.

First thing to say is the art style is fantastic. If you like the screenshots then you won’t be disappointed! Occasionally things can be a bit hard to see due to the isometric viewpoint, however you can rotate the map 4 ways and view each level of your station individually if required.

In its current start of early access state I find the game really fun to play. You design your station as with any other sim type game but then you’ve also got to deal with the running of it. Staff can be equipped with tools and they will deal with problems (litter / crime / repairs etc.) within their area (perception), but if they don’t have the right tool or if the incident is too far away from them you’ll need to get involved. Some people get round this by having lots of staff with varying tools posted around, I personally like to micromanage a bit more and have less staff with better speed stats who I can use to react to problems as they come up. You also have to keep your staff rested so they don’t become useless!

Real player with 65.6 hrs in game

The short version: this is a great simulation game and it’s definitely worth the price, even as an Early Access game.

Good stuff

  • The art is amazing and makes me wish I were back in London. (Would be wonderful to have art variations for certain assets, like billboards and coffee shops.)

  • The spatial aspects are satisfying to solve in the long-term — e.g., planning how to connect different subway lines that are perpendicular to one another and separated by three levels, while also incorporating an additional station entrance somewhere in the middle.

Real player with 32.6 hrs in game

Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up on Steam

Castle of no Escape

Castle of no Escape

I bought this game to support the dev because I thought CoNE2 was really great, and the developer was active and continues to fix bugs and upgrade the game.

I know what the developer was trying to achieve in this game. I never played Leygreff’s Castle but the developer has elsewhere said his design choices were based around honoring that game. What I have played a lot of in my youth, and as recently as two weeks ago is a game called Telengard. And this game bears many resemblances to Telengard and games of that era.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game


Explore the mysterious castle full of monsters and secrets in a quest to collect all the treasures (that will also protect you from the curses on your way) and crush the main boss. The game won’t let you exit the castle, no matter how you try. Technically you can win, but there is no end.


Press Enter to start the game

Press 1, 2 or 3 to select a hero

Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity at the hero selection screen are the maximal values which that hero can get. Strength is both for life and attack power, intelligence is both for mana and spell power. Dexterity affects your attack and defence accuracy.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Castle of no Escape on Steam