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Build a Game Universe

Build a Game Universe (Linux, MAC, PC)

Build a Game Universe is your spot to build, play, share and sell your 2D games and game content. Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, our intuitively designed tools create a fun and exciting environment to bring your imagination to life!

What can you do with it?


Fun, easy, and advanced editing modes make Build a Game the perfect spot for creating your next 2D game idea. We removed the roadblocks and redundant steps to keep the focus on building your games and making it fun!


Enjoy playing 2D games of all types, designed by everyone from seasoned professionals and independents to hobbyists and kids. Come check out the Market Center and experience the force behind our ever expanding Universe.

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Time to get your 2D games into Market Center! Build a Game Market Center empowers users (developers/players) with the ability to buy and sell games to the community for gold coins.

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Equipped with a robust editor, cloud storage, a market center and thousands of properties just waiting for you, Build a Game Universe is ready, are you?

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Build a Game Universe on Steam

RPG World - Action RPG Maker

RPG World - Action RPG Maker

Where to begin? Diablo meets Disney, Never Winter Nights meets Legoland. This game is great on so may levels.

Whether you like playing action RPG’s or you like to craft worlds/scenarios for your friends to enjoy, Single player, multiplayer, PVP, World editor.

I can honestly say I’ve not found a game that appealed so much in a long, long time. Mostly it is FUN. Fun to build, fun to play. Challenging if you’re a serious mayhem seeker, entertaining if you just like to explore.

Since I wrote the above the game has received a steady stream of upgrades in terms of new buildings,props, collectables, choosable theme music, new npcs and enemies, a brilliant character creator so you can build your own npc’s and enemies from a huge range of body parts and AI’s, upgrades to questing making it much easier to control the flow of play. The dev’s have been seemingly tireless in their dedication to fulfilling the game’s early promise.

Real player with 1783.3 hrs in game

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NOTE: This review is written while the game was in Early Access at 25th of april.

You know, I’ve always been a person who likes to build stuff. That’s why I LOVED to play with LEGO. I used to build all kinds of stuff. Cars, buildings…whatever I preferred, as long as I knew how the pieces connected to eachother. Because how hard is it to build a tower when you don’t know how your tools and bricks work? That would be a mighty challenge even for master builders…

The hobby of building things kind of continued when I started playing video games, so I bought a game like MyWorlds before called Fight the Dragon. That game had an amazing level editor with lots of tools to play with, including a lot of ‘‘invisible’’ mechanisms like triggers and such. Unfortunately that game is suffering a slow and silent death due to lack of players, which brought me back to the quest of finding a game where I could express my fountain of imagination.

Real player with 228.8 hrs in game

RPG World - Action RPG Maker on Steam

Leadwerks Game Engine

Leadwerks Game Engine

Leadwerks is a semi easy-to-use and very powerful game engine written in OpenGL 4 with a deferred renderer. The engine is crossplatform between Windows & Linux, frequently updated, and has a very friendly and active community. With Leadwerks, you can create any game you want, be it an FPS game, 3rd person shooter, a puzzle game, or something super wacky, you can make it in the Leadwerks engine.

Some Of The Great Features

The deferred renderer is the pride and joy in this engine, giving you the ability to easily add dynamic lights and/or static lights with realistic shadows instantly, no lightmap baking needed. CSG level editing (like Source Engine’s Hammer editor) is fun and fast in the Leadwerks editor, allowing you to map out and create a level to test out pretty quickly. The engine is built upon OpenGL 4, making the engine crossplatform between Windows and Linux. A Mac version is currently in the works and should be out sometime in the near future.

Real player with 1535.7 hrs in game

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If you read this before the end of the 2nd December 2014, and you are wanting to be be able to write a 3D game, get this now. Its incredible value at 50% off. If you have and use visual studio and write code in C++, and want to use it to write a game, splash out and get the Standard version too. I bought mine in a previous sale, with -25% off, and have invested many hours in using this latest version during the beta testing of 3.3.

There are lots of video tutorials on you-tube, which are really useful for a beginner to understand how to start to use Leadwerks. The Forum is a great community resource, which is always worth a visit when your stuck, answers to many of your questions can be found by searching in here. If its not already answered you can ask the community, and there are some really great people who have been using Leadwerks for years, including Josh (Leadwerks CEO) who respond with knowlegeable answers.

Real player with 979.8 hrs in game

Leadwerks Game Engine on Steam

Game Dev Studio

Game Dev Studio

**_So, about those mods…

No, don’t buy GDS for the mods. It’s been three months and there’s still nothing notable. The most interesting mods are still the absurdly edgy example mods that the developer put out._**

This is about the third time I’ve written this review, and for good reason: the developer, who is really awesome and dedicated to their project, keeps on adding stuff. While the original release of this game could have had a little more content, the frequent updates put out by him has not only fixed this, but has impressively improved upon some of the games faults at launch. While some people will buy games on instinct if they know just how dedicated the devs are to community feedback, I know not everybody will. So, why is Game Dev Studio worth 10 bucks?

Real player with 291.0 hrs in game

Editing review after 11 hours of play

*Edit Review after 90 hours..



After 90 hours, I definately got my monies worth. I could not be happier, updates have been consistent and dev actually listens to community. Not bad for a 1 person team. Support this one get more great games from responsible dev’s!

Buy it, its worth it.

My views:

I patiently waited for this game and had it on my wishlist followed for 3 months prior to its release. I agree that the game seems early access as other reviewers have mentioned. However; what other reviewers are not talking about is the insane speed patches come after a bug is reported in the forums. The developer is ontop of the game, more so than I have seen in other early access/released games. Multiple updates a day! I have over 600+ games in my library, few are indie titles, and some early access. Out of all of my games I see updates for this one most often and it just came out! That says something, I have had pre-orders on almost all of my games (yes im that guy who pre-orders everything) and have never seen the speed of response shown by this developer before!

Real player with 98.8 hrs in game

Game Dev Studio on Steam

Mad Games Tycoon

Mad Games Tycoon

TL;DR: At it’s core, this is a more fleshed out Game Dev Tycoon. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small annoyances born from sloppy design that before long start to add up. Unless you have a lot of patience, it isn’t worthwhile in its present state. Only recommended if it’s on sale, or if a patch cleans things up.

I’m writing this review because, honestly, I like this game. At the same time, though, I can’t really recommend it, because of a lot of small issues that add up to a few big ones.

Real player with 339.7 hrs in game

This game is fascinatingly full of flaws and mistakes, but I still find it fun and satisfying, so I play around them.

One of the big ones: You can build rooms like a staff room and a bathroom. Makes sense - let your employees relieve stress and perform basic bodily functions.

But no. Don’t do that. If you do, they’ll occasionally walk all the way over there (brutal in a larger office) and burn a real amount of time (in a time-condensed game.) Got a one week deadline for that game release? Too bad, your employee spent the entire week in the bathroom.

Real player with 164.3 hrs in game

Mad Games Tycoon on Steam

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up

Note that I was a pre-release tester, however aside from the free key I was not paid for my time or under any obligation to play the game.

First thing to say is the art style is fantastic. If you like the screenshots then you won’t be disappointed! Occasionally things can be a bit hard to see due to the isometric viewpoint, however you can rotate the map 4 ways and view each level of your station individually if required.

In its current start of early access state I find the game really fun to play. You design your station as with any other sim type game but then you’ve also got to deal with the running of it. Staff can be equipped with tools and they will deal with problems (litter / crime / repairs etc.) within their area (perception), but if they don’t have the right tool or if the incident is too far away from them you’ll need to get involved. Some people get round this by having lots of staff with varying tools posted around, I personally like to micromanage a bit more and have less staff with better speed stats who I can use to react to problems as they come up. You also have to keep your staff rested so they don’t become useless!

Real player with 65.6 hrs in game

The short version: this is a great simulation game and it’s definitely worth the price, even as an Early Access game.

Good stuff

  • The art is amazing and makes me wish I were back in London. (Would be wonderful to have art variations for certain assets, like billboards and coffee shops.)

  • The spatial aspects are satisfying to solve in the long-term — e.g., planning how to connect different subway lines that are perpendicular to one another and separated by three levels, while also incorporating an additional station entrance somewhere in the middle.

Real player with 32.6 hrs in game

Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up on Steam

Echo of the Wilds

Echo of the Wilds

This review is based on v6 of the game.

Echo of the Wilds is a great little pixel art puzzle/survival game with a very involved developer.

I beat the game my first time in about 17 hours and completed all achievements after about 36 hours. I would say that there isn’t much replayability after getting all of the achievements and most people would be satisfied with just beating the game once (you could get all achievements in one playthrough, but it took me multiple playthroughs to figure out optional puzzles and to really get the mechanics of the game). It was definitely a worthwhile game for me and I did enjoy almost every minute of playing.

Real player with 37.3 hrs in game

Exceeded my anticipation

I bought Echo of the Wilds on the morning of the 9th and “completed” it on the 11th, early evening (approx. 20 hours). I took only 3 breaks from the game, and two of them were against my will. I’m telling you this to give you an idea of how much I really enjoyed this game. Survival-puzzle game sums up EotW tidily, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever played before. There’s quite a bit going on - with three quarters resting solely in the player’s hands and the other quarter left to randomness and the seasons. Some players may feel overwhelmed in the beginning and give up. Just stick with it, it pays off.

Real player with 26.8 hrs in game

Echo of the Wilds on Steam

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is one of those games that may look sort of boring from an outside perspective (Unless you decide to be a complete memelord on a Let’s Play or Livestream) but playing the game is a really satisfying and simple affair that is both equal parts trial and error, and also thought as to what does well.

You’ll need to think about what focus you put on each game, trying to think about what sort of aspect works well for what game, for the topic and genre it is. You do it right, and you get the satisfaction of watching those money and fan counters go up. But it’s not completely up to you to figure it out, as you play and as you create game reports in game, Game Dev Tycoon will keep notes on what works and what hasn’t worked meaning if you have the capital to try again, you can at least make another attempt at it.

Real player with 70.0 hrs in game

Fun for a good while. The actual system for designing games seems frustratingly inaccurate and arbitrary at times, mostly the “how much effort should we focus on area X and area Y of making the game”, but it does have a lot of fun moments in spite of that. If the devs were still working on it, a lot of these issues could likely be fixed with some quality of life improvements, but they’re gone now. With the game as it is, solid 7.5/10 from me.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

Game Dev Tycoon on Steam

AppGameKit Classic: Easy Game Development

AppGameKit Classic: Easy Game Development

A little background:

I’m a professional developer schooled in C### and Java. I am however not schooled to create games, but I know how the mechanics work. 3D game development is more of a hobby/side-project. Please read my review as such, if you’re completely new to programming, my feeling about this product can greatly differ from your perspective. Most of my pros and cons are subjective. But true in my opinion. Also: I use this product only for 3D development, I have no interest in the 2D side.

Real player with 1305.3 hrs in game

I’ve changed my review. I thought about deleting it and posting a whole new review, but then I decided to keep it so TGC’s intentions to make AGK functional on Linux would be documented in the comments. If you would like to see the old review, so you’ll have some context if you read the comments, click here .

Okay, I’ve got better things to do with my time now that AGK on Linux has notably improved, and 2 lengthy reviews is 2 too many, so let’s get down to brass tacks.

Real player with 1279.9 hrs in game

AppGameKit Classic: Easy Game Development on Steam

Perfectly Balanced

Perfectly Balanced

Although very simple, the game’s proposal is very solid “Distribute the weights in the remaining blocks”. It was a longer game play than I expected, but it was a plus for me as the game has a window mode so I just played casually while doing other things.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

A interesting game with a clean art and good sound, the concept of this reaaly caught my attention

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Perfectly Balanced on Steam